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  1. So what about Vicious Blow and DoN? Vicious says during an attack so it works like Dr Milan (+1 dmg)? It resolves in step 6?
  2. Hello fellow investigators! Let's create a new content over here. This is for the hardcore players. The ones who define the horrors of Arkham. The Best of the best! You can show off your achievement points over here and get in the top10 of the best investigators ever lived! The Hall of Fame will be updating monthly. Rules: You need to complete the 29 achievements by playing using the Return sets only. Send me personal message in my profile with your excel and every month i 'll notify the top10 players with the most achievements. Since new Return sets will come in the future the Excel file will updated with the new achievements. The achievement should be considered completed only after completing the whole campaign and not a scenario mode. If you complete the achievements on Easy you get 5 points for each one, 10 points on Standard, 15 points on Hard and 20 points on Expert. Keep it clean and Honest. No need to cheat or lie in order to show off. This game has one of the friendliest communities i saw. Be sincere and contribute to it by telling the truth about your results. Research/poll: When you send me a msg if you like to inform me with these extra informations: 1)Which investigator/group of investigators you complete each achievement 2) Which cards(top5) was the most valuable in your game 3) How many tries did you take in order to complete a spesific achievement 4)In multiplayer games did you play with 2/3/4 players? 5)Which ultimatums you chose for the achievements? 6)The Basic weakness you draw the most? All these information at the of 2019 will create a huge info table about which investigator is the most favorable for solo/multiplayer games, which cards are the most broken in the game, which achievement is the most difficult etc.. Help to grow the community and have some great time playing the game solo or with friends. Cheers! Arkham Achievement List.xlsx
  3. In some countries wholesalers start cancelling their orders in Runewars cause of the low interest. Do you guys think we shall have some interest in BL ?
  4. Assets - Allies Let's clear something. Some upgrades of these cards (like Beat Cop) are way better than their 0xp version but here i mention only 0xp cards. Number 5 - Peter Sylvestre An average cost of 3, 1/2 body and +1 agility. A decent start-up ally for Ashcan when duke is not out, great for Lola. Giving you the opportunity to avoid 1 horror every turn, helps you survive longer and that is crucial for characters with low sanity. Number 4 - Art student Low cost, 1/2 body. Its abilty for an auto-clue is great. After that it's just a body but with the new addition of Calling in Favors that card became even better. In high shroud places using her multiple times especially in hard/expert mode gives you mobility and efficiency. Number 3 - Dr. William T. Maleson For just 1 resourse you get a 2/2 body! His effect doen't cost you an action since it's a reaction. Its ability is great in times of grave danger but it can be the opposite. Sometimes you thing you avoid some nasty treachery then it hits you harder.. Oh the irony! Anyway, this card shines with Roland since it boosts his weapon, helps with his weakness and can be combo with Inquiring minds in 0 clues- shroud places. Great addition to every deck that can utilize him. Number 2 - Dr. Milan Cristopher This is an auto- include for seekers since it's a resourse pool for them. For 4 resources you get a 1/2 body, +1 intellect (Daisy goes to 6 with that card) , makes other cards better like I've got a plan, Mind over Matter. And on top of that he's a chubby Nerd guy <3 Number 1 - Leo De Luca The big downside of this card is its cost. Even with his upgrade 5 resourses are too many for an ally. But his effect will make you not regret this. Having an extra action every turn is game change. While other cards have limitations with Luca you can use that extra action for everything (fight,investigate, play important plays). Great card for "rich" investigators like Jenny. Also a good 2/2 body. Be continued..
  5. Hello fellow investigators! 2017 almost ending and I decide to make a Top5 list in every possible category for 0xp cards. This is my personal list so some of you may disapointed. Also forgive me for my bad english since it's not my main language. There are Six categories i will mention in this topic: 1) Assets ( cards that needs hand(s), weapons,items,spells etc.) 2) Assets (Allies) 3) Assets (Talents) 4)Assets (accesories) 5)Events 6)Skills The criteria i used: 1) Cost of resources 2) Triggered icons 3) Ability/action 4) Test icons 5)the number of investigators that can utilize this card. Let's move onto the 1st category! ¨¨ Assets - Hand(s) required cards Number 5 - Rite of Seeking Its Cost is the highest on my list. 4 resources for 3 charges it's not a good deal. Although the ability to get fast 2 resources is great. The downside of this card can be avoided if you play it as your 3rd action unlike other cards like Shrivelling and Alchemical Transumation that is unavoidable. This is a must card for solo while in multiplayer helps you gather clues fast in low shroud places while the seeker of your team goes for the high shroud. Honorable mention here are Alchemical transumation but it didnt make to my list cause everytime it costs you an action to add resource(s) and in hard/expert mode its more safe to pay an action-take a resource than play this card and a -6 or -8 deal to you damage. Another honorable mention is Archaic Glyphs but i don't like the discard philosophy especially in the early game when you need actions for more important things. Number 4 - FlashLight It costs 2 resources and you get 3 charges. Its usable by every investigator since it's neutral and it gets you -2 shroud while investigating. A must card for solo especially for low intellect characters and a decent card in multiplayer. High shroud places becomes weak and easy to search for Rex and Daisy. Honorable Mention is Lantern but not all investigators can make a use of it so that criteria make me choose Flashlight. Number 3 - Fire Axe It costs you only 1 resource and you get +1 damage while you have no resources. A weapon you must play around and combos well with Dark Horse. In order to "toss" some resources it gives you the ability in a single test to get max+6 strength when other 0xp weapons the most they can give you is +2 or +4 (trench knife in a wild scenario). Great for investigators with low resource card pool. Number 2 - Gravedigger's Shovel Since its appearance everyone makes survivor decks that supporting the Shovel-Resourceful combo. Straight out of the box it gives you +2 combat. The 2nd ability is an auto-clue which can lead you to the next Act of your scenario. This card is destined to be in every Yorick's Deck and in every fighter that needs in the 1st scenario the +2 boost in hard/expert mode. This is so versatile that even seeker investigators can use it. Number 1 - Machete No better weapon than this one. Straight out of the core this is the backbone in every Guardian deck and in every fighter's deck in multiplayer. There is no limitation of its use (like .45Automatic). It costs 3 resource (average cost) and most of times you get the +1 damage since you engage 1 enemy at a time. Strong fighters takes down monsters in 1 round so the bonus damage most of times is up. People love it and there is an obvious reason for that. Don't hesitate to add it if you like hitting enemies hard with this weapon! Be continued...
  6. Calling in favors is a card suited for Lola (ONLY) She utilize this card with best allies in every faction. Also the combo when you used your The Red Gloved Man to pick him back to your hand and then play for free cost another ally is pretty good to pass. Buy 2x Charisma and enjoy your bodyguards.
  7. Elusive makes the combo with dynamite blast viable in every turn. Try having both cards in your hand and enjoy blasting ghouls into pieces. Imagine playing a team game: Play let me handle this --> engaging a monster ---> draw your encounter card -- > engaging another monster ---> use elusive ---> use dynamite blast --> kill every monster with only one action. Also play Carnevale of Horrors without elusive.. You play hard mode on standard mode..
  8. My top 3 from each class: Guardian: 1. Machete -best weapon 2. Let me handle this - great for team compos since you play the role of guardian. 3. Dodge - cancel an attack always helps Seeker: 1. SHortcut - No attacks of opportunity, 0 cost, fast card best card! 2. Inquiring Mind - great skill 3. Old book of Lore - search your deck, avoid weaknesses. Great seeker asset. Rogue: 1. Leo de Luca - best ally in the game 2. Lone Wolf - best resource card for solo games 3. Daring Maneuver - This card is essential for hard mode + Mystic: 1. Delve too deep - campaign xp greed. 2. Hypnotic Gaze - better than dodge. 3. Rite of Seeking Surviror: 1. Lucky! - great overall 2. Dark Horse - boosts you overall tricky card to play aroun though 3. Lantern and/or Gravedigger's Shovel - Oh my the new cards of Carcosa boosts a lot a survivor deck. Neutral: 1.Guts - Most treacheries needs to test this skill so i have it in every investigator deck. 2. Emergency Cashe - more resources 3. Flashligh - great tool for solo games.
  9. While road of Legend is great and gave the game a new boost i wish for something more like a story unfolds in a book like Heirs of Blood. You can even add a new villain figure (lieutenant) to be introduce in every book. Add more depth to the story and give us a reason to remove the dust from OL cards. 2nd Idea is a Skirmish Kit for more pvp action and get this game into organised play. We have more than 70 heroes from expansions and Hero collections. You can even add lieutenants to the skirmish with their own sheets and abilities (even monsters). A gladiator Arena or an objective map etc (lots of ideas). Lots of heroes sitting in the boxes cause are worthless picking. Give them new abilities or passives that combines with other heroes to create pvp strategies/combos and add a new depth to the game. I think everyone wants this game to be in Organised Play. Everyone owns it, everybody plays it.
  10. Hello fellow players. I have seen some topics about people looking for some challenges in the game. Most hardcore players of the game have finished all the cycles and they focus mainly on deckbuilding with some good and fun ideas. Since the game is cooperative and not pvp i suggest some achievement point system official from FFG. Achievements for solo, 2 players or 4 players etc. 10 points for normal and 20 points for nightmare mode. They can add an achievement that you must complete a scenario with a spesific cards in your deck or heroes so will make people build some new deck ideas all around and not playing one or two decks. That will raise the difficulty even more. Also in order for people to complete achievements they will make gather or do events for the 2 players+ achievements. Give me your thoughts about this one.
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