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  1. Well, it would be necessary to word them (and possibly re-word Biggs) so that they are either mutually exclusive or do not impact each other to massively (like Rex+Biggs is good, but not game-breaking). Or make them to expansive to bring multiple.
  2. The thing with Biggs is, he is not the problem, he is a symptom. The real problem is Rebel design philosophy vs the way offensive has changed in the game in general. Since the beginning of the game, the basic consensuses has always been, that Imperials are hard hit, Rebels are hard to kill. Imps have high agility and maneuverability, but a single good shot can take them out. Meanwhile Rebels are easy to hit, but have the HP and occasionally regen to take it. And for a time it worked. Remember, back in the day, the B-Wing was a solid meta choice, because back then, 8 HP where a lot to chew trough. And back then, Biggs saw very little use, because other Rebel ships could function on there own. But then offensive started to increase in the game, and suddenly the 2-3 extra HP that Rebels had became less and less relevant and unlike Imperials or scum, Rebels don't have cheap, self-sufficient ships. Due to regen being such a powerful ability, every Rebel ship, that is individually good, cost 40+ points. So while an Imperial list might be: -"Best Available Ace A" -"Best Available Ace B" -"Best Affordable Ace C" or "Support Piece" Rebels can't afford such built, so most of there small ships list are: -"Regen Ace" -"Control piece" -"Meat-Shield" And rebels need that Meat-Shield, because, without it, there Ace, that has to carry the game will be alphaed of the table instantly. So what should FFG do? Imho they should embrace this dynamic. We should not remove Biggs, so we can give Rebels low cost aces, instead we should give Rebles meaningful alternatives to Biggs in form of other Meatshild ships. FFG has already sort of started down this path, with stuff like Rex and Thanen Kyrell but we are not quite there jet.
  3. Nah, Torp-Boots become dominant in the meta long before Biggs was nerfed by the new timing rules. What makes them good is the ability to put out reliable early damage to burn down key pieces in the enemy list quickly. Nobody ever builds a list to deal with Biggs, at best they would build lists to deal with whatever Biggs is protecting and Rebels are rarely so dominant that dealing with them is your primary concern.
  4. Doesn't really help, since the list to beat is the one that won worlds, which as two PS9s. Just use Stress-Wes.
  5. Well, here we go again.
  6. Wrong. The only thing Biggs limits in "Rebel design space" is what you can do to the X-Wing. However losing Biggs would make most of those Ag 1-2 small ships nearly unplayable. All that Rebels would be left with are turrets. lots and lots of turrets.
  7. Oh boy, has it really been a week already?
  8. Meh, no Unhinged, no Overclocked, no Agromech, so the best option are already of the table. You could go Painbot or do a R4B11 + FCS built or if he turns out to be the best bomb-carrier ever you might even go "Genius". And of course we don't know what is own bot does.
  9. That can actually be effective if you castle.
  10. Well fuck me then.
  11. Why is everyone complaining that Cluster Mines are to experience and only have a 3/8 chance to hit? Has everybody forgotten about the errata? From FAQ, page 2: "Bomb Tokens Reference Cards #4, #6 The Cluster Mines section of these cards should read: • Cluster Mine Token: When one of these bomb tokens detonates, the ship that moved through or overlapped that token rolls 2 attack dice and suffers 1 damage for each hit and crit rolled. Then discard that token"
  12. Oh look, it's a JimbonX is bad at the game and blames FFG episode.
  13. I have been running this with Biggs lately and so fare, it did pretty well. Nerra + Daedeye + Plasma Torps + EM + FCS + Guidance Chip
  14. So, about Targeting Synchronize... 3 Points seems awfully expensive for an ordnance-augment. Are there any broken combos I fail to see?