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  1. As someone who flew Biggs for years, I know exactly how valuable on extra turn is, and the answer is "not nearly as valuable as consistent damage, action-efficiency or PS10 on your ace." Keeping Biggs alive is not a goal, it is a means to an end. Your goal is to get your ace into the end-game against what ever is left of the opponents list, where he can shine. But if your can't kill stuff fast enough or if your ace cant carry the end-game, then the extra time you won for Biggs gains you nothing. Selflessness is a powerful tool, but you want to bring it on an expendable ships, not on your ace. I can see it getting use in rebel swarms, where keeping Biggs alive is actually advantages because he is one of your heavy hitters and one of your more expensive ships, but in your classic 3 small ship builds, I see this more as a way to substitute Biggs, rather then to augment him.
  2. I love how some people seam think this will be OP, or even a good idea, to put it on a regen ship next to Biggs. Yeah, because a one-use upgrade to let Biggs survive one more shot is definitely what I would use the EPT slot on my 40+ point regen ace that is supposed to carry the end-game for.
  3. We only get stealth-releases, if they tie into the new movie, so no.
  4. You forgot the "you can equip an additional title" and the obligatory -3 squad-points. Now people will treat this as an serious suggestion.
  5. The as far as I know, pay-testing is done with placeholders, not the actual product, since said product has jet to be made. So it is not that surprising that they would not catch it at that stage.
  6. Hasn't really changed that much. You get a bit more utility, but overall, all the good upgrades you want to put on them cost 2 points base and therefore will push you over the 20 point mark.
  7. It is a crew carrier. Wait for rebels to get support-crew worth bringing and try again.
  8. The Tie-Interceptor, while being one of the most beloved imperial ships in the game, has mostly vanished from tables. So in light of the current Imperial and with the Scum aces on the horizon, discussions about how to "fix" it have been flaring up again. But from what i have seen most of the suggestions can roughly be summed up as "make it gooder". What I haven't seen thou (it this might be the result of my somewhat limited interest in the subject-matter) where suggestions that tried to address, what I think is main issue that it Interceptor is currently facing. So from what I understand, what killed the Interceptor, aside from the X7's über-efficiency making it obsolete, was the rising popularity of unavoidable auto-damage´, mainly in the form of Sabine bombs. I was thinking, what it need would be something like this: Emergency Thrusters 1 Point, modification, small ships only, only equip if you have the barrel-roll action on your action-bar When you would receive damage or a stress-token, during the activation phase you can discard this card instead. If you do, you can not receive damage or ion-token for the rest of the phase. Now, since I don't play much Empire, so I can't really judge this, but I can say I would probably play this on Corren, who is currently suffering from a very similar problem.
  9. I am pretty sure there is math out there that says otherwise, and considering that not to long ago the meta consisted entirely of Defenders, with and without Palp and varies flavors of jumpmasters while Rebels where deader then Imperials are now the problem is not that Imps where hit to hard, it is that Scum was not hit hard enough.
  10. I have been saying this for a while now: The solution is NOT to give Rebels the same high offensive supper-aces so we can remove Biggs, together with the entire factions identity, NOR is it to nerf everything down to the wave 3 power-level. The solution is to embrace the meat-shield as an essential archetype for Rebels and give them meaningful alternatives to Biggs in the form of other meat-shield ships that serve the same purpose, but do it in a different way. If we do that we can think about changing Biggs. The keyword here is CHANGING not NURFING. If Rebels have alternatives we can consider giving Biggs a completely new ability, that lets him fill the same role, but involves decision making rather then automation.
  11. I remember when FFG tried to give the Empire "some new and fun stuff to play around with just to see how it turns out." It was the only time the game was actually broken.
  12. You know, considering the amounts of salt you have been consuming in the last two over how supposedly OP cards are that are neither out nor tested yet, I really start to worry about your blood pressure.
  13. Drop the cost for the crew mod for B-Wing to 0. Done.
  14. FTFY