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  1. Oh boy, has it really been a week already?
  2. Meh, no Unhinged, no Overclocked, no Agromech, so the best option are already of the table. You could go Painbot or do a R4B11 + FCS built or if he turns out to be the best bomb-carrier ever you might even go "Genius". And of course we don't know what is own bot does.
  3. That can actually be effective if you castle.
  4. Well fuck me then.
  5. Why is everyone complaining that Cluster Mines are to experience and only have a 3/8 chance to hit? Has everybody forgotten about the errata? From FAQ, page 2: "Bomb Tokens Reference Cards #4, #6 The Cluster Mines section of these cards should read: • Cluster Mine Token: When one of these bomb tokens detonates, the ship that moved through or overlapped that token rolls 2 attack dice and suffers 1 damage for each hit and crit rolled. Then discard that token"
  6. Oh look, it's a JimbonX is bad at the game and blames FFG episode.
  7. I have been running this with Biggs lately and so fare, it did pretty well. Nerra + Daedeye + Plasma Torps + EM + FCS + Guidance Chip
  8. So, about Targeting Synchronize... 3 Points seems awfully expensive for an ordnance-augment. Are there any broken combos I fail to see?
  9. non. Infinite Crack Shot is pretty hard to top.
  10. R4 was specifically designed to be used with Blaster Turret. That's how they advertised it in the previews of Most Wanted. They didn't just magically realize that it created timing issues and chose to clarify it, they deliberately did it to kill one certain combo.
  11. Well, he is a bit better then that, as long as you have a focus you can use both focus and target look on the same attack (albeit in the wrong order). he is basically a better version of Han Solo crew. But yeah, I liked playing blaster-turret Kavil.
  12. Yup. I would like the black T-70... but another YT? Even though i will like to have pilot Rey. My first idea was to buy it halfsies with a friend... He will get the Falcon mini, and i will get the T70... The problem will be splitting the cards Shouldn't be that hard. There is no overlap in which card belong to which ships besides the EPTs, and you get two of thous. If you don't want the falcon, you don't get Rey.
  13. You can find out today, by READING THIS TREAD!
  14. No we don't. Since the beginning of the game which pilot goes on which base was always organized by the order of there pilot skill. Zeb and Sabine will share one base, Rex and Asoka the other.