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  1. It kinda makes sens, considering that the main weapons are either near the cockpit or at the end of the center wing. The s-foils only carry the ion-cannons.
  2. I like the flavor of the card. It pushes the B-Wing more into the rolle of a bomber/heavy-weapons-platform it always seamed to be in the lore, rather than the tankey dog-fighter it is currently in-game. It is a pure upgrade and it's most powerful effect requires build-around, so Zero Points seams unlikely.
  3. Pretty sure FFG just didn't want the hassel of having to balance a hard to kill arc-dodger, that is also a platform for powerful imperial support crew or Vader. I think it is a good change. Alternatively they would have had to raise the cost of the phantom drastically. Yes, it is hurting for options right now, but that can change in the future.
  4. Tha Auzituk was a all about reinforce, so what it needs is offensive dice modes while still being able to use it's signature ability. But all rebel options (Saw and Magva) are hopelessly overcosted, so bringing back Wookiee Comandos (possibly as a two-slot-gunner?) could help a lot.
  5. I don't know why people keep banging on about hyperspace and point balancing as if they were related. HYPERSPACE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BALANCING THE POWER OF INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS, THAT'S WHAT POINT UPDATES ARE FOR. It is about giving all factions a comparable amount of options, so that the new factions will see tournament play and making it more accessible for new players.
  6. If you instantly bought a new Falcon at the mere insinuation of the possibility that you might be able to field 3 of them at some point in the future it is not so much that FFG tricked you, and more that you might have a problem.
  7. Considering the price of the mining guild Tie, that might actually happen. While the Guild Sentry costs more then the Academy Pilot, the Guild Surveyor is cheaper than the Black Squadron Ace. Granted, the Ace has one extra ini, but I get the impression, the FFG came to the conclusion that high ini on 2 dice peashooters isn't as relevant without an impactful ability. Just compare Green Squadron Expert to Talli on the RZ-2.
  8. meanwhile in Europe... https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/286852-polish-sos-top1632-lists/
  9. Eh, I disagree. While every faction can do most thing in some way, what it comes down to is how thy do it, how well they do it, how much it costs them and how much option they have. Want to fly a super maneuverable high initiative stand alone ace? In Empire, you get a catalog, in Rebels you get more or less nat-flex Luke or bust. And about Rebel synergy: There is one thing that, at lest on paper, sets it apart form all other factions, namely the "synergy" part. All your examples are essentially "have one powerful ability and built your entire list around it". These have two mayor downsides: They are extremely restrictive for list-building and your linchpin-ship comes with a big fat kick-me sign on it's back. Rebel synergy is supposed about a multiple smaller ability that are supposed to work in tandem with each other, so that when you lose one your list gets weaker, but does not completely fall apart. I'm not saying this works perfectly, or that it is a highly competitive strategy, but it is something that sets rebels apart from the other factions.
  10. Two problems with that: A: the game it called "X-Wing" B: a lot of people hate the clown wars.
  11. This is by far the most interesting idea for purple actions I have seen in this thread so far, as it allows you to do force shenanigans and still have a force token for dice modes if you did the right action. We still don't know what Sheev dose, but I am going to make an educated guess and say it will involve spending force (like every other force-user-crew in the game) and if that happens before the perform action step it would be quite useful to get a force beak for performing a coordinate.
  12. Many players can't even keep track of there abilities with the cards, let alone there opponents. I don't want to imagine how it would be if everybody had to constantly cheek there phone for all triggers, especially not on tournaments, when everybody's battery dies during game 3.
  13. I don't understand why people keep making this comparison. In the game of X-Wing, the A-Wing has never, nor will it ever be a counterpart to the interceptor.
  14. First they tried to fix it by "reinterpreting" the agro-mech, destroying it's original intention as an enabler for blaster turrets in the process. After that didn't work they had to resort to hard errata for the first time. They nerfed Manaroo's range and made dead-eye small ships only. But non of the band-aid solutions helped, so they had to finally take away the torpedo slots.
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