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  1. Duskwalker

    What's going on around here?!?

    This is actually a pretty good summation of what is new: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8Ilk4HYO6Q
  2. Duskwalker

    Corran Horn, no force ability????

    Yes and like with most of the marry-sue legends characters that time is when they are not Jedi. ****, the coolest thing Kyle Katarn ever did was choosing to NOT be a Jedi.
  3. Duskwalker

    Luke vs the New Turrets

    I'm not saying it is good thing, but considering how much the terms "game-braking" and "auto-include" are thrown around here, I feel like people are overreacting a tiny bit.
  4. Duskwalker

    Luke vs the New Turrets

    I get the impression people have forgotten what actually made Fat-Han good against arc-dodgers (aside form the maneuverability and the defensive staking). Because it was not that he could shoot at arc-dodgers every turn, it was that he could do so twice! Han relied on classic gunner (or classic Luke) to push damage through because one 3 dice attack dose almost nothing against 3 dice with focus and evade. And even with the limited token-staking in 2.0 pretty much all Imperial aces have access to focus+evade in some form. Vader can take multiple action, defenders and phantoms get it as there ship ability, Somtir has to work for it, but against a large base ship it is not that hard and if classic stealth device still exists he will still roll enough dice.
  5. Duskwalker

    R2-D2 might have a way to get infinite regen in 2nd eddition

    Yes, but those are also limited.
  6. Duskwalker

    Luke vs the New Turrets

    That would only be true if tuning your turret would not be an action at all, but instead something you do in the system phase. But since it is an action there will always be ways to do it in reactivity if you just trough enough points at it. besides, many cards "shatter the fundamental design of the game". But would you pay 12 points for an Intel Agent? Or Stay on Target?
  7. Duskwalker

    Are Focus tokens persistent in 2.0?

    no it's not. They have stated repeatedly, that the shape is shorthand for when to remove a token. You can also tell by color, but it is primarily to distinguish between good and bad tokens. If the color was the determining factor, that would be bad design since many people cant tell red and green apart. This is why we no longer have green maneuvers after all.
  8. Duskwalker

    New APP features

    Yeah, but it is not built into a core component of the game, nor is it exclusively X-Wing. Presentation matter with thous things.
  9. Duskwalker

    Luke vs the New Turrets

    Because expectations are mostly based on past experience. Vader was never a serious problem in the past, so we assume he will not be in the future.
  10. Duskwalker

    Luke vs the New Turrets

    No, I understand what you are trying to say but then thing is: in a healthy game, meta tends sort it self out. If it's not good people will not play it -> if nobody plays it you don't have to worry about it and it is not shutting out anything. And if all else fail, FFG already said they want to introduce rotating ban-lists.
  11. Duskwalker

    Luke vs the New Turrets

    You mean like Assault Missiles hard countered the tie-swarms in the early days of 1.0? There will always be counters to certain lists, but in general, if X is strong against Y, but it terrible against every other letter in the alphabet people will not bring it, unless Y is so overpowered and so widespread that you need a counter at any cost. So as long as we don't introduce side-boarding into X-Wing a terrible card will not be played, no matter how good it is against one certain archetype. Also consider this: If Han goes second, most of the time you will have arc anyway, since his ache still covers half the field and effective ache-dodging will be relegated to mostly guesswork, and even if you get out, most of the time as quick bust is enough to get you back in. So for most of the game Luke will be essentially a very expansive calculate token.
  12. Duskwalker

    Luke vs the New Turrets

    And taking Luke might mean your missing out on extra shots or extra damage. There is always a cost.
  13. Duskwalker

    Luke vs the New Turrets

    I't toke me some time, but after thinking about Luke for a while I came to the following conclusion: A Han with a big enough ini-bid offers almost the same advantage while still being able to take a different gunner that actually increases his damage output. As long as his point-costs are high enough to say "training-weals", i'm not to worried. If you have to spend 2/3 of your squad-points to get one turret that always gets to fire, that's fine (as long as it is not also a un-killable point-fortunes like old fat Han). The reals trouble starts if you can spam it, or stick it on any ship.
  14. Duskwalker

    New APP features

    I'd say probably not. They still want to encourage the use of physical components, and having virtual dice in the official app would signal that it would be fine to use them, even in tournaments. And then you suddenly would have to worry about people manipulating it for better results and such non-sens, which is a headache FFG probably doesn't want.
  15. Duskwalker

    Reload and Bomblet Generator

    No, they said bombs can be reloaded, mines can't.