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  1. Wormhole Research question

    This is NOT an oversight. Most races have agendas that can utterly kneecap them (I don't know if it is still in the game, but in TI3 there was a law that said you could only have 2 ships of every type per fleet, including fighters. Good luck playing Naalu like that), as well as those that ONLY help that race. Laws are supposed to hurt occasionally and you have to be willing to pay if you want to prevent them.
  2. Holly Cow! Fenn Rau makes R3 viable!

    Think about it: He is cheap(!), has a native PS9(!!) with an elite slot(!!!) , will almost always have a shot thanks to an auxiliary-firing-arc(!!!!), doesn't care about doing damage himself(!!!!!) and will never have a focus anyway since he will most likely pass of his action(!!!!!!). FFG managed to create a ship that somehow clears all the requirements to make this most useless of all astromechs work. (Yes I know FAA and Chopper are still better on him, shut up!) Now if we can only find a way to get rid of his first stress token we could putt Baze Malbus on there and then we would have broken all the rules.
  3. Why do people compare him to Omega Leader? Is everybody just reading him wrong? He doesn't weaken green dice and he doesn't shut down all modification but most importantly HE WILL NOT KILL ANYTHING ON HIS OWN. What he actually is, is Rex and Asoka rolled into one.
  4. Predictions for the meta post FAQ

    -Dangar without unhinged -Nym without genius We will probably see more Dash/Miranda.
  5. Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Biggs?

    I'm fine with the "once per game" thing. He still works for three ship rebel builds that only need him for the first approach but kills list that constantly take abuse him like Kanen-Biggs. However I feel like if they make it a once per game ability they should also roll back his last Nerf, so you cant bypass him with ordnance.
  6. Jol-Nar Research Agreement

    It is also nearly impossible. There are 25 standard technologies in the game, the Jol-Nar usually can only get 2 a rounds and the game ends after the 9th round.
  7. Winnu balance and cruiser II

    If you have a wormhole on your starting hand you will probably still be fine since other players tend to dump there's next to MR. If that doesn't work, you will have to rush Gate Folding.
  8. Winnu balance and cruiser II

    Considering there ability is basically "you can easily get victory points", They should be weaker in most other aspects. There main problem is that they are very much a "feast or famine" race. If you can take MR by turn 2 and if you are able to hold it, you can realistically expect it to net you 2-3 VP over the course of a game and between this and your home world, you will likely dominate the agenda phase. In addition, you can turn MR in a great production-planet with your race tech. All of these should makes up for there other shortcomings. Your problems really start if you can't get or hold MR, since now pretty much all your ability are useless. I think they can be strong, if you play them right, but I fear they might be a bit boring to play.
  9. The Races - what we know so far

    Okay, I fixed it.
  10. The Races - what we know so far

    Okay, the list should be complete now.
  11. The Races - what we know so far

    There is an unboxing video up, that spoils most of the stuff in the box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMQz538ictE
  12. Look, I'm not saying the ability to buy an additional destroyer or a couple of extra fighters far away from your space docs now and then isn't neat, but if I have to chose between this and self-repairing War Suns or the ability to win every invasion combat automatically, I know where my science-money goes.
  13. Because, unless you are Jol Nar, every planet on the board will be taken by the time you get to it, especially those with high resource vale. Nano-Technology in TI3 gave you planets exhausted, and that one was always consider situational, and most of thous situations where about making your dreadnoughts immune against direct hits. In addition, two of the races can basically already do this by other means, making this tech mostly worthless to them (or at lest for the Saar, Aborek might get some mileage out of it). I just don't think occasionally being able to get a few extra fighters on the front line for there normal price justifies several round of research to get it.
  14. pretty sure it is, otherwise it would be fairly underwhelming for a lvl 4 technology
  15. The Races - what we know so far

    Okay, I added all the sheet's information. Now we only need someone to scan the race-techs and home-world tiles and we are golden.