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  1. If you want to run the Life Support approach to the SSD, then perhaps Repair crews on the gozanti instead, dropping the comms nee and the SSD's LS? Maybe use the last 2pts for Wessex or Cmdr Gherant? Maybe even make Piett your Admiral to give you more options for token use (including extra yaw)? Loving seeing the new ideas coming for the SSD and it's upgarde cards, esp now they're starting to appear on fleet builders.
  2. I too enjoy the MSU listbuilding, especially Imperial. Although the burden of execution is high, when the threat is spread evenly across the entire fleet, such as a few Raiders with OE&Xrax or Vader and one or two GSDs with ET,OE&APT/ACM, it really presents a dilemma for your opponent on what to chase, what to focus on, and what to shoot first. Many times I have 'Demolished' large ships with ol' Screed Demo triple-tap, leaving a look of complete horror on their faces as I steam through the wreckage towards their cowardly 'lifeboat'. So, Now I really want to run the absolutely Punishing high-bid Screed/Ozzel 3x GSD2 - ET,OE,APT/ACM, Demo/Insidious and 2x Raider2 - Vader, OE,xrax..... Truck yeah
  3. I am by no means a Rebel expert, being only a new defector... However, can I add to the above that maybe there's enough defensive upgrades there, including Walex, maybe you could switch out the Exodus title for Defiance (5) on the 80A for some more punch? Keep Eng Techs though - it makes an MC80A just a little bit more unpredictable when bringing that broadside to bear. Also, if the idea is to get the 75A up close and personal and already has Xrax, so perhaps add Aspiration (3) to it for two extra facing arc shields? I really like Bail Organa as well... it can really catch your opponent off-guard with a sneaky First shot when you're second player which, with the right timing, could be potentially devastating. As you'll likely be 2nd player, your chosen objectives are solid too, especially Adv Gunnery. Just need to think through the execution of each of them to maximise your advantage.
  4. Ok, thanks all. So, I rolled into my first Regionals (and last of the Aus season) and pulled up 4th out of 13 players (Woo! Dice!) with this mob: The Rule of Two (385/400) GSD1 - Screed, OE, ET, ACM (101)GSD1 - Intelo, OE, ET, ACM, Demolisher (92)Raider1 - OE, X-Racks (51)Raider1 - OE, X-Racks (51) Gozanti - (23)Gozanti - (23) Boba Fett (26) Firespray-31 (18) Obj - MW, PIC, SC Agree, the Decimators wouldn’t have been right for the job, went with Boba and his mate. Didn’t really end up doing much at all as we had a majority Rebel MSU meta on the day, but prob still did better than VT-49s would have. I already had Demo in there, as I am (as always have been) an epic fanboi since he first arrived on the scene. He was definitely MVP on the day, taking out both an MC-80A and -80L alone with the triple-tap in consecutive games. My 15pt bid was maybe overkill, but ensured I had 1st player and my driving/double-arc game for all ships was straight 100. Won against a Mon Mothma MSU and Raddus Lib-Bomb. Lost against Cracken Aces for W2/L1/TP20/MoV374 overall. What would I change to really strengthen this Imp MSU? Swap in APT for ACM on Demolisher. Add Brunson and Insidious to Screed GSD. Drop Firesprays and a Gozanti, add a third OE/Xrax Raider1 OR a Vader Raider Add Slicers and Suppressor back on the Jerk-Gozanti. Now, after 4 years of playing Imps, it’s time to defect to the Rebels lol.
  5. I have to say I'm loving all this Imp MSU love! Fully agree with the above from @The Jabbawookie. Eng Techs for positioning is key for the GSD and also helps them be that little bit more unpredictable. Six activations is still excellent and the extra points will leave room for some more goodies. Let us know how you go with the list and running the Arq! I've been wondering about how I'd go dropping one into my list too, just to change it up a bit tactically from just a pure brawler rage cage of black dice.
  6. Ah! A fellow member of the most distinguished Order of Imp MSUs!! After playing the all the big/medium Imperial fellas against Rebel MSUs since Armada released, I also figured it was time for the rise of the Imp MSU. I have been running my TF Inferno (see other post) for a few weeks now and have had a lot of fun, not to mention a lot of success against a broad range of different lists. I'm taking it to a regionals this weekend to see see how it runs in a more serious fight (and when my brain is fried from playing a bunch of games in a row). Here a some considerations based on my observations so far: Ozzel is a great option for an MSU Commander, another option is Screed, to guarantee those crits. Although, OE rerolls should improve your black crit odds enough without him. What I've found is that GSDs have the punch to destroy anything together, the key is usually being 1st player so you can leverage the Demo last-first as well as managing to double-arc your target. Unless you hyperspace him in of course, as you say. Insidious takes some planning, but is undeniably brutal when you pull off the double-arced shots at the rear hull zone. I prefer ACMs over APTs on GSDs and External Racks (xrax) on Raiders., However, APTs can apply that critical that cripples the ship. Armada crits are butal at times and the double-damage card isnt always the best one. On the other hand, ACMs strip those shields quickly, limiting the use of redirect tokens and, where there's no shields left, adding up to 2 bonus damage cards. Xrax can help you punch a lot harder, but only at close range, so it's a high risk/high reward that relies heavily on timing so they dont pop before getting their shot off. Which leads to the next point... Activations - Five activations may limit your options for positioning your ship at close range effectively, without endangering them under the guns of unactivated enemy ships. The combination of activations/ships and 1st player allows this set up. Then again, you've set up your objectives with specific tactics in mind, something I have focussed less on, relying instead on my large bid to secure 1st player. It sounds like your bid would have to be hefty to get that in your local meta though. Anti-squad Raider would work well with a fighter screen. Perhaps Howly and Dengar with lots of TIEs would be more effective? I went without squads and I have had no issues going up against squad/bomber lists, but now I miss flying squads. (My campaign list is now an MSU/Carrier/bomber list). Kallus/Flechettes/OE are fun, maybe add Instigator to keep squads locked down for longer. I like the sound of this 3GSD 6Firespray list you speak of - Sounds like fun too!!
  7. Sure, it's definitely an option. However, after 7 games playing with this list (6W:1L - **** Rieekan) I have come to really appreciate Screed a lot. OE does increase my liklihood of getting those crits on the reroll, but Screed guarantees it. Even with Xrax, if i get blanks, I reroll first and then if another blank comes up, I screed it to change a black to a hit/crit face (the best part about Screed-ing black dice). I work it so it either breaks even with a crit or increases damage by at least 1 with a crit. It works for me anyway. Speed control is also integral to this list; however, planning my run and banking nav tokens at the beginning gives me the edge I need to be flexible on my approach. BUT putting damage on targets and triggering ALL the crits has definitely not been my problem with this list (strong GSD double-arcing skills help). All that being said - Ozzel could give me more pts to play with to help fix some issues The two main problems I've come across are: (a) Getting Instigator into squads to do his work, as they avoid me like the plague; and (b) focussing too many of the ships on one target, therefore creating a converging friendly collision risk. Firstly, (b) is largely fixed now that I have the confidence in which of my ships must be committed and at what speed to ensure destruction of various targets, from Mc80As, Ls, 75s, down to Peltas, Nebs, etc. (a) Needs work. Maybe I'm trying too hard to chase the squads down and just need to focus on the escort role instead. Station Instigator on the quarter of one of the GSDs as the Squad defence goalkeeper unit? Could also mop up the GSDs target if it fails? OR as suggested above, make it a Vader-Raider and delete that critical upgrade right before the GSD pain-train arrives. I like this idea too... but then I have more points to play with - prob for Monty/Brunson on some of the others? Maybe just do away with the Anti-Sqn Raider completely and add a Goz and two VT49s? This would keep the 6 activations, but also provide some anti-ship capable squad cover - but theyre heavy, so no engagement. Pointless? Jerry is a fav still and does give amazing control of manoeuvres, but I dont think I need it for this one. The raiders are pretty strong (at sp2) and eng techs gives me what i need for the GSDs. Aside from that, I couldnt afford to take that damage (unles I land on the station), as I usually escape with 1 hull remaining on at least half of the ships during a lot of these games. SO, I'm going to take one of the following to Regionals this weekend: TF Inferno - Mustafar Division (386/400): GSD1 - Screed, Brunson, OE, ET, ACM (106)GSD1 - Intelo, OE, ET, ACM, Demo (92)Raider1 - OE, X-Racks (51)Raider1 - OE, X-Racks (51)Raider1 - Montferrat, Vader (BP), X-Racks (55)Slightly-less-jerky Gozanti - Hondo, Comms, Suppressor (31)Obj - MW, PIC, SC OR The Rule of Two (387/400) GSD1 - Screed, OE, ET, ACM (101)GSD1 - Intelo, OE, ET, ACM, Demo (92)Raider1 - OE, X-Racks (51)Raider1 - OE, X-Racks (51)Gozanti - (23)Gozanti - Comms (25) 2x VT-49 Decimator (44) Obj - MW, PIC, SC
  8. Ok this list is growing on me - I'll put a BATREP on the other forum should I get a chance, but too be short: It did very well. Deploying Raiders on one flank (Instigator on the inside) and GSDs on the other, Goz in the centre against a Farkin Tarkin VSD Carrier/Demo/BCC Goz/Rhymer Ball list. Instigator did its job, didn't get a shot off, but kept the Rhymer Ball from closing the hitters long enough for them to form a pincer on each while all the opposing ships dived into the centre. It is for this reason, I'll the small changes as follows: TF Inferno (387/400): GSD1 - Screed, OE, ET, ACM (101)GSD1 - Intelo, OE, ET, ACM, Demo (92)Raider1 - OE, X-Racks (51)Raider1 - OE, X-Racks (51)Raider1 - Kallus, OE, Flechettes, QLT, Instigator (63) - Anti-SqnSlightly-less-jerky Gozanti - Comms, Suppressor (29)Obj - MW, PIC, SC I even managed to drive them all without driving them all into each other. I do have my moments. Not many, but I do have them.
  9. I'm inclined to agree actually. The bid is certainly more important here and, after my game tonight with my own Imp MSU (TF Inferno), I've decided to trade ST for Comms and QLT for the Anti-Sqn Raider. Here, the bids rarely go below 15pts (385/400), so a meta call is needed, as always. Then again, the Jerk Gozanti can make a good decoy as a feint on the flank to draw squads or even a ship away from the main force in the first few 2-3 rounds.
  10. Indeed sir! Especially with Screed = Options. Also, my edit didn't save earlier, but to perhaps assist the anti-squad mission set you could also consider eating into the bid to add Slicer Tools on the Gozanti in an effort to hurt those pesky squad lists.
  11. I really like the Screed/FCT/HIE/ACM mix here, as well as the use of the Chimaera title (which so very under-rated, IMO). As it stands, it is worth a run against a most other standard net lists, apart from maybe a Raddus list (man, I hate that guy). The bid/5 activations/SA should help get one or two rounds of strong last/first double-taps in for Chimaera/Demo. My only concern would be anti-squad capability - perhaps with the other two heavy hitters bringing the pain, maybe re-roll the Raider to Raider1/Kallus/OE/Flechette/instigator for 2 pts less?
  12. I like the use of the VSD here to lead the kids into battle, but I think I'm too attached to Demolisher. BUT Maybe I'll give this a try too - because different: VSD2 - Screed,Tua, GT, DipCaps, Spinal, LS, ECM (143) Raider1 - OE, X-Racks (51) Raider1 - OE, X-Racks (51) Raider1 - Kallus, OE, Flechettes, Instigator (58) - Anti-Sqn Jerk Gozanti - ST, Suppressor (34) Non-Jerk Gozanti - Comms (25) Boba Fett (26) Obj - MW, PIC, SC 388/400 EDIT: Option - drop Goz/Boba for another Raider I appreciate everyone trying to give H9s some love... however, as mentioned recently, it is simply outclassed in most situations by other upgrades, whether it be XI7s or, in this case, Spinal. Man, I wish bombers could lay bombs/mines as well in Armada... Imagine the shenanigans
  13. BLUF: I like this MSU list now. It hits hard if time it right and am going to keep running it until driving it around and round timing becomes natural. I gave my Screed MSU its first run this week and it went ok, but the burden of execution was high... very high. I ended up tweaking it a bit afterwards as follows: Task Force Inferno 387/400 GSD1 - Screed, OE, ET, ACM (101) GSD1 - Intelo, OE, ET, ACM, Demo (92) Raider1 - OE, X-Racks (51) Raider1 - OE, X-Racks (51) Raider1 - Kallus, OE, Flechettes, Instigator (58) - Anti-Sqn Jerk Gozanti - ST, Suppressor Obj - MW, PIC, SC Aggressive bid helped secure 1st player and opponent hadn't seen an Imp MSU before (heavy two-ship meta around here), so I also out-deployed his 3 ship. Only after bulk training manoeuvring runs/scenarios in Vassal, I managed to get my play book down pat in focussing on one target with Demo leading, Screed in trail, raiders flanking. Instigator engaged his Shara/Tycho and had them sorted. Jerk gozantis just followed Demo causing confusion and delay. I like Screed now too, would be more use if I had torps on the raiders, but then I'd lose my disgusting bid. Good times - Thrawn's Interdoctor list is still my fav though.
  14. Thanks very much guys, and agreed on all points. Particularly the 6th activation. I'm fairly ****-bent on making an Imp MSU work, but the burden of execution becomes the sticking point for the most part. I can do all the manoeuvring training on a table or in Vassal, but one mistake can unravel it all. Focussed firepower on one large target or high value unit like Rieekan/Yavaris is usually the key to picking apart any list with MSU, the trick is bringing it all to bear after making the appropriate sacrifice to the dice gods. As for the big-rigs, double Cymoons would present a real challenge, requiring extreme outflanking and/or high speed hit n run tactics which could potentially be won or lost at deployment. This speed may indeed require Ozzel instead, perhaps using the points for Brunson on one of the GSDs. The idea of swapping in a Vader-Raider for the same cost as the kitted out Raider1s was also floated by a mate, which would be a very annoying, yet fun, inclusion. I'll give this a couple of cracks next casual chance I get and see how it rolls against a Rieekan Aces and Vader Double Cymoon. If it falls flat on its face, I'll go back to my fav Thrawn Interdoctor List again. TF Inferno - 386/400 GSD1: Screed, OE, ET, ACM GSD1: Intel Off, OE, ET, ACM, Demo 3x Raider1: OE, X-Racks Goz Cruisers: Comms Net Mauler Most wanted/HS Assault/Solar corona
  15. Gday All, I enjoy the fast strike capability of the Raiders so I wanted to put together something different than my usual large ship lists. Of course, this needs a plan (I just need some time and some money). Imp MSU lists are not easy, but if the synergy is there with enough flexibility, it’ll work. Name: Task Force Inferno Faction: Imperial Commander: Admiral Screed Most Wanted/Hyperspace Assault/Solar Corona Flagship: GSD1 - Screed, Ord Exp, ACM (OR Arq Lt Cruiser – Screed, Blast Doors, TRC) GSD1 – Intel Off, Ord Exp, ACM, Demo Raider1 - Ord Exp, ACM Raider1 - Ord Exp, ACM Raider1 - Ord Exp, ACM Squads: Ciena, Valen, Mauler Total Points: 390(389)/400 Screed is there purely for the Crit-fest to go with bulk ACMs. Raiders can strike from the flanks of the target and/or assist with squads. GSD is the punchiest, obviously, with the Kitten throwing reds from the back. Questions: 1. Power - Assuming it is flown well, can it put out enough damage on a large target? 2. Ordnance - X-Racks on the Raiders? APTs? 3. Super-size - Ditch squads, add a raider/goz? 4. Commander - Rely on the dice (lol) and use Ozzel instead, for speed control? Or drop all the Ord Exp and use points to add Vader for rerolls? (why not both? *fiesta*) Cheers team, fly casual
  16. Very true. Even then, you'd keep tripping over each other without more speed. At least with 3x ISD you can stagger their speeds to bring all front arcs to bear in a sweeping manoeuvre. I would like to see some newer upgrades that would also allow the VSD more manoeuvrabilty without being stuck with Moffy JJ all the time. Maybe a VSD refit with a Team upgrade slot. Ah well, will roll in with the updated list using your suggested V2 build - see how it goes.
  17. Good point... Thanks! hmm...How about I replace Vader with Screed to get that blue crit for OP (or HIEs)? It would ensure I exhaust those Defence Tokens (or strip shields) ready for the ISD to finish it off. That would leave me at 391(392)pts for a decent bid or Tua/ECM on the ISD or other toys. Then again, I'm not over attached to the whole Needa/TRC thing either, and I see the ruthless logic too. So, the suggested V2 w. GT/Dcaps/QBT/OP(or HIE) would punch pretty hard into two targets, ready for the ISD to come in and, if co-ord well, maybe even finish off the same two in the one round! Cost being with Vader 398 and Screed 388 (or 395 with IntelO on V2). Man... Now I want to try run Screed with 3x V2 w. GT/Dcaps/QBT/OP(or HIE) - it'd punch hard at 2 targets if lined up right, but it'll be slooooow... Reminds me of Deadpool: "HA! You're about to be killed by a Zamboni!!"?
  18. G'Day armchair Admirals and couch Captains, During a friendly speed-campaign played during the Anzac Cup weekend in Canberra last month, we were discussing how the VSD could make a comeback into competitive post-Wave VII lists. One of the suggestions was beefing up the VSD with a biiig nose punch strung together with one or two strong finishers. I had a think and came up with the following, of which I am currently running a variant of in a Campaign. With all three focussed in on a couple of MC's... it was brutal. So, out to you brains-trust - thoughts...? Name: DemoVenger & the TRCVSD Author: DrJonesJnr Faction: Imperial Commander: Darth Vader Assault: Advanced Gunnery Defense: Contested Outpost Navigation: Solar Corona Total Points: 394 ISD Cymoon 1 Refit (112) • Darth Vader (36) • Gunnery Team (7) • Spinal Armament (9) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Avenger (5) = 175 Points Victory II (85) • Captain Needa (2) • Disposable Capacitors (3) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) • Overload Pulse (8) = 105 Points Gladiator I (56) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Demolisher (10) = 75 Points Squadrons: • Ciena Ree (17) • Valen Rudor (13) • Black Squadron (9) = 39 Points
  19. GDay Commanders, While hanging out in Canberra temporarily for a few months, I managed to run into a few X-wing/Armada fans at Jolt Games for a few matches, which ended up in getting a CCC going. Thought I'd drop a few BATREPs (if the moderators let the new guy in =D). Players are varying experience levels from first timer to Comp Veteran - Much like @Astech's CCC. ROUND 0 Starting Fleets GALACTIC EMPIRE REBEL ALLIANCE Name: Dorito Sqn Commander: Darth Vader @DrJonesJnr Assault: Advanced Gunnery Defence: Contested Outpost Navigation: Solar Corona ISD Cymoon 1 Refit (112) • Darth Vader (36) • Gunnery Team (7) = 155 Points Victory II (85) • Gunnery Team (7) = 92 Points Gladiator II (62) • Demolisher (10) = 72 Points Squadrons: • Dengar (20) • Black Squadron (9) • Valen Rudor (13) • Ciena Ree (17) • 2 x TIE Interceptor (22) = 81 Points Total Points: 400 Name: Midway Fleet Commander: Admiral Sloane @Supernatural Assault: Most wanted Defence: Hyperspace assault Navigation: Minefields Quasar Fire II (61) • Admiral Sloane (24) • Rapid Launch Bays (6) = 91 Points Quasar Fire II (61) • Rapid Launch Bays (6) = 67 Points Quasar Fire II (61) • Rapid Launch Bays (6) = 67 Points Gladiator I (56) • Ordnance Experts (4) = 60 Points Squadrons: • 4 x TIE Fighter (32) • 4 x TIE Bomber (36) • 4 x TIE Interceptor (44) = 112 Points Total Points: 397 Name: Hot Pickle Commander: General Dodonna @Aj81 Assault: Targeting beacons Defence: Fire lanes Navigation: Solar corona MC75 Armoured Cruiser (104) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) = 111 Points MC80 Assault Cruiser (114) • General Dodonna (20) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) = 141 Points CR90 Corvette A (44) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) = 51 Points Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) = 36 Points Squadrons: • 3 x YT-2400 (48) • X-wing (13) = 61 Points Total Points: 400 Name: Pickle Mix Commander: Admiral Raddus @Mr B4RRY Assault: Targeting beacons Defence: Superior positions Navigation: Fighter ambush MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100) • Admiral Raddus (26) = 126 Points MC80 Star Cruiser (96) • Liberty (3) = 99 Points MC80 Command Cruiser (106) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) = 113 Points Squadrons: • 2 x X-wing (26) • 2 x A-wing (22) • YT-1300 (13) = 61 Points Total Points: 399 The Rebel Alliance snagged a spynet, skilled spacers, repair yard and 95 starting resource pts. Empire grabbed 3 shipyards and 127 starting resource pts. ROUND 1 As seems to be the standard arrangement, it was agreed that no base or special assaults would be declared at Round 1. Rebels chose to attempt a liberation of Duro, while the Empire focussed on Corfai. The Battle of Corfai: Vader v. Raddus (obj: Targeting beacons) @DrJonesJnr / @Mr B4RRY On arrival at Corfai, Vader discovered an MC75 and MC80A in line astern and, overconfident in the raw firepower of the Angry triangles, drove both his ship and the VSD directly at the MC75 in the lead, while Demolisher flanked to the right around the station to get behind the Rebel fleet. Liberty dropped out of hyperspace mid-way through the battle at high speed - directly in front of Demolisher, leaving her with nowhere no go and was quickly snared in a single salvo of focussed ion fire after a pitiful snapshot that was partially obscured by the station. As he watched the small destroyer helplessly drift out of the Liberty's way, Vader incredulously realised that he had been lured into a trap! Nevertheless... and as expected, he pressed the attack, losing the VSD under the sustained fire from 3 Mon Calamari capital ships, but ensured the rebel fighter wing was quickly dispatched by the veteran Imperial fighter squadrons. Vader fought to the bitter end, incredibly holding his own ship together with his sheer unbridled rage. Having sprung their trap, the Rebels disengaged with some heavily damaged, but quite intact, capital ships. Those Rebel Scum will pay for this. Soon. Bad deployment choice for the Empire with some truly terrible dice rolls, all of which were exploited heavily by @Mr B4RRY. Also - Radish bombs suck. Did not expect the Liberty to drop in front of the Demo either. (Pics attached for Rounds 3-5. Disregard VSD in R5 pic) Duel at Duro: Dodonna v. Sloane (obj: Minefields) @Aj81 / @Supernatural Stay tuned...
  20. I'm living in Brissie at the moment (haven't been there long enough to get a game in yet, or even know where to play), but I have been in Canberra temporarily since March and a mate and I have managed to reignite a bit of an Armada community at Jolt Games in Mitchell. A few of us have been getting a game or two in each week and we have even got a 4 person campaign going. We had interest from 6-8 players, but we had some newer players in our inner circle, so wanted to keep it in house for now to get them up to speed. The ADFWGA's ANZAC Cup last month saw a 6 player rapid campaign too, but that was run by one of the regulars from Games Cube in Parramatta, NSW. As mentioned above, the Facebook page for Canberra Armada is your best bet for getting a game sorted. I'm confident there will be enough players to get player packs for events at Jolt too - Just need to mention it to the store TO to drop a FB post on the Jolt/Canberra Armada FB Page and it'll likely happen - maybe even in August! In a similar vein - where's the best spot for the Armada Community in Brisbane? I'm sure I'll be at home for a week or two at some stage this year... maybe. I'd be keen for that thing in Melbourne too though... would that be for PAX? Or standalone event?
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