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  1. Here my list from last weekend's store championship at Highlander Games & Comics in Boonton, NJ. Came in 1st from 8 players, with a hard fought final against a twin bantha list. Luke Skywalker, Fenn Signis, Gideon Argus, C3-PO, 2 Echo Base Troopers, an Alliance Smuggler and Rebel High Command. Against All Odds, Burst Fire, Celebration, Deadeye, Element of Surprise, Expose Weakness, Inspiring Speech, 2*Marksman, Reinforcements, Son of Skywalker, Take Initiative, Take it Down, Telekinetic Throw, and Urgency. Keeping 2 troopers close to Fenn means you can potentially throw 15 dice at a target over two activations – 4 on Fenn’s first shot if he’s focused, 3 on his second shot, 3 on each focused shot from the troopers and another 2 from the second shot Fenn allows one of them. That’s a maximum of 35 damage assuming your targets in range to use the troopers Front Line ability (bye-bye bantha with no defense dice!).
  2. I thought the same - it's a lot of points to have kept out of the fight. But Akbar on an MC80 with ECM, and redundant shields, plus two whales with gunnery teams give you a tonne of long range fire power, with Redemption spamming shields where they are most needed from safely behind the conga line. I could squeeze a YT-2400 in instead of the gunnery teams as a one man fighter screen, but I think the gunnery teams are probably more worth while.
  3. I've been trying to build an effective rebel list around a tanky MC80 accompanied by Redemption with Projection Experts. My question: Is the Redemption build below worth the 72 points it comes in at and if so what fleet do you think it would work best in? Nebulon-B Support Frigate - 51 Raymus Antilles - 7 Projection Experts - 6 Redemption - 8 If my understanding is correct, once you get the first repair token you can project 2 shields and restore 2 each round with a repair command (dial gives 3 engineering points, token 2, redemption 1, for a total of 6, 2 shields projected off for 2 and 2 shields restored for the remaining 4). I've looked at a CR90 as a projector, but even with Raymus, you're burning shields quicker than you replace them. I figure Redemption escorting an MC80 with Redundant Shields and you're replacing 3 shields a turn without a repair command on the big boy. That won't counter the damage input that you're likely to see, but it will make you outlast most opponents. Any thoughts?
  4. Ahh yes, see it now, it does clip the front edge.
  5. I'm not sure the shot on D is possible. The RRG states that 'the defending squadron or hull zone must be inside the attacking hull zone's firing arc'. LoS can be drawn to D, but it is well outside of the forward firing arc.
  6. I feel a tremendous loyalty to my LGS, although I'm blessed with a good one that gives a 15% discount on list price. They provide plenty of gaming space and they run events pretty much every week which are free to take part in. Although there isn't prize support for these, the owner does put a lot of effort in - we are currently in the middle of a story campaign and next month will kick off league play. I do feel that it's incredibly rude to show up every week at a store to play when you've bought everything online.
  7. Echo Base Troopers too! Finally some more generic rebels for skirmish.
  8. I have all three FFG Star Wars miniatures games and find it hard to pick a favourite out of them. They all bring something different to that table. I've played a full campaign of IA and a number of skirmish games and love it just as much as X-Wing. The campaign is a blast, although it can be tough getting a group of 4-6 played together regularly to really get the most out of it. Having played a number of other skirmish games (40k, Heroclix etc) the scale and rules of IA are manageable, the timing of activations, positioning of your figures and the use of command cards to give you extra abilities all provide plenty of strategic depth. I'd probably agree with some of the other comments about the balance at the moment, but as more units get released there we will be far more build options. The boxed expansion coming out this month will add two more units for each faction which will help no end. All in all, I'd recommend it, although building a decent collection of all three games (especially when you don't specialise in one faction) can get expensive!
  9. With the last two previews I'm seeing potential for near endless swarms of troopers, particularly on the Imperial side with Weiss. With the Weiss pack we saw Endless Reserves: Action: Choose a defeated friendly Trooper and place it in an empty space adjacent to another figure in its group. Then, shuffle this card back into you command deck. And now with the Rebel Trooper pack we have Reinforcements: Use at the start of a round. Choose 1 of your defeated Troopers that has a reinforcement cost of 3 or less. Place that figure adjacent to any other figure of its group. You can have 2 Reinforcements for 4 points plus the 2 points for Endless Reserves, which is a fair chunk of your command card budget, but the potential for keeping points on the board is awesome. Weiss plus 4 Stormtroopers could be a popular list for attritional wins.
  10. I'm generally happy with the tournament rules. Initially I was all for printed maps but did think the game would lose something with them as the tiles look fantastic. Having sorted my map tiles properly it now quite easy to put the maps together speedily and having everyone play the same mission in each round makes it a lot easier for the TOs. I'm still a little concerned about wear and tear on the tiles, so will be buying a second core set, but I would have done for the figures anyway. All in all, really looking forward to the competitive scene kicking off - roll on the expansions to give us some more build options.
  11. I love the Trandoshan's for exactly this reason and they're only going to get better the more influential the command cards become. I played against a Vader's fist build with two lots of Trandoshan's, a Royal Guard Champ., an Elite e-Web and a Officer the other day. With the four Trandoshan's attacking most rounds I'd burnt through the opponents command deck in no time (helped by him camping a terminal for a few rounds). After that he had no choice but to take the damage. I've not been on the receiving end of Relentless yet, but certainly as we see the command decks improve with new additions it's going to make for some really hard choices. Add in the Merciless card that we'll get from IG-88 and it's going to be a discard frenzy!
  12. There you go Tint. I at least thats a start. I do think the skirmish scene will pickup big when League play starts and maybe even after Regionals and Nationals. I think its going to take a while for players to catch on to the skirmish part maybe I am wrong. Question does Highlander have a copy of its own to run demos? Seems like the game has a good following either way but thats a big reason why both stores I go to have following. Not sure if they have a store copy - but there are at least 6 regulars who have the game. I'll check with the store owner next time I'm in and report back.
  13. We've got several campaign groups running over at Highlander Games & Comics in Boonton and are hoping to get a skirmish scene up and running, although it's likely to be after the expansions and tournament rules come out (and once we've all finished our current campaigns).
  14. +1 I'm looking forward to competitive matches but am concerned about the time to set up maps and the wear and tear on my map tiles. I love the map tiles for the campaign, the quality of them really adds to the campaign and in casual skirmish play they are fine, but I do have concerns about the tournament scene.
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