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  1. Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but Star Wars Legion dispenses with the 'stat line' style of gameplay also. So in Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar, for example, a miniature or unit has a 'stat line', which tells you what you need to roll to hit on a D6, or how many hits the unit can take, what it's save throw is on a D6, etc. Legion moves away from this with custom dice reflecting the miniatures stats, rather than the mini itself. I'm very much used to the former style of wargame, so this will take some getting used to, but I can also see the benefits of the style FFG have gone for, making it easier to add things to a unit via upgrade cards, rather than it being set in stone on paper in a stat line or unit entry.
  2. As someone who is used to GWs prices, I'm sitting here thinking 'man, £25 per units is REALLY good value...'. I'll be happy if that is the standard unit cost. Also, you need to add the extra cost of licensing, so Star Wars stuff is going to cost quite a bit more than Rune Wars.
  3. I think there needs to be generic characters. Or at least named generic characters, like Kayn Somos in IA.
  4. Think my board is going to b Scarif themed. I'm certainly going to paint my Rebels in Scarif/Rogue One colours.
  5. Come on FFG, give us some more of that sweet sweet info/teasers/news so we can keep feeding this new found addiction! We NEED more new info!
  6. It has James Earl Jones voice Vader. THAT is all you should need to know to start watching!
  7. Just signed up and started chatting. Needs to be a bit more lively!
  8. You mean 'without' them?
  9. Maybe so, but Rebels isn't solely aimed at children, which was the dismissive point Kappa was making.
  10. Don't make the mistake of thinking the animated series are aimed solely at children. They are far, far more nuanced that that. Just ask Dave Filoni.
  11. Thanks for your recent postings @Kappa Smith. I now know to ignore everything you post on this forum because of your massive ego and overinflated opinion of yourself. Cheers!
  12. Sorry, I don't understand your point? There is no evidence that any of the films or TV series contradict each other? The only contradictions are where the old EU stories butt against the new stuff, which takes precedence. Also, 'drops the microphone'? Really?
  13. I've read a number of your topics now @Kappa Smith, and I have to say, I'm afraid you need to update yourself on the current status of Star Wars lore. Anything published before Disney bought the franchise is essentially now classed as 'Legends', with the exception of the films and the Clone Wars TV series. 'Legends' are now non-cannon and should be disregarded as far as lore and story goes. Its sad, as I was very fond of the extended universe, having read it extensively, but it is the new reality, and we need to live with it and move on. As such, forget everything you knew. Unlearn what you have learned. Now, everything is equally cannon in this new era, whether it be film, tv series, cartoon, comic or miniature game. For example, both the Ghost and Chopper were seen on screen in Rogue One, as well as General Syndulla's name being called over the comm. Evidence that film and cartoon are equally valid.
  14. Ah right, so you've not had them yet! Fair enough. Hopefully they'll be production pieces so we know what we're getting.
  15. When's your next Legion video up Sorastro?