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  1. I've just recently started with this system, but I think that I agree that there needs to be some sort of fix to the alignment system. For now, my plan is to keep the rules in the book, but I'll add the caveat that any roleplay which exemplifies the service of one of the gods (not "swinging an axe at something" for Khorne, but something more like charging multiple opponents and calling a shot to the head of the most powerful, then taking the time to collect the removed head), will result in the character gaining one alignment point with the appropriate god. If I feel the need to further adjust it, I will, but this seems good enough for now.
  2. Honestly I think that if you're looking for a way to become a psyker without being aligned with Tzeentch (or worshipping Chaos Undivided maybe), and without starting that way, without a really good explanation of why you're doing it, you're pretty much just power-gaming, and not really immersed in the fluff. And even then, I'd make it cost a lot of XP and work for the character to get it, because being a psyker is really powerful once you sink XP into it. And if you get it later, then you didn't even have to wade through the part of the game where the psyker was actually kind of weak, on account of not having much else to do. In DH, getting the psyker mutation was not going to benefit your character. Here, it's a huge benefit, so it should at least cost.
  3. I just happened upon this thread. I'm just imagining BrotharTearer being Justice Scalia sitting down to rule on the obvious and clear meanings that only he can find in vague, poorly edited rules.
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