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  1. Hey All, X-Wing Miniatures Tournament. We have prize kits and entry fee is $10.00 per player. Everyone attending will receive a special, full art promotional elite pilot talent card "Push the Limits". The tournament will start at 1:00PM, with registration between 12:30 and 1:00PM Standard 100 point dogfight matches, with swiss rounds. MOV Rules will be in effect. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through email at PKreoss@outlook.com, on Facebook, just look up Scott Taylor from Webb City, and you can also contact Changing Hands Book Shoppe with any questions you may have for the store. I look forward to awarding a top gun medal on Saturday and having a blast meeting new players and seeing new players take off in their first tournament. In addition to our first tournament, we also have regular game times on Friday evenings from 7pm to "late". The store owner is very easy going with late gaming on Fridays and should be no problem to stay as late as we want within reason. Please come by and celebrate our growing community and our first tournament!
  2. someone said it before, but no money and random prizes is DEFINETELY the way to go, and i totally love the idea of a 100 point random list build using one of the online list creators. that way people can sign in, hit random, and print the list, and thats whay they get. sounds pretty good to me.
  3. i am not as skilled as many of you who have won big tournaments in this game, so i wont pretend to understand your level of play. You're very likely miles ahead of me in game play and ability, and i have no problems admitting that. And i think that might be where the disconnect is. I have noticed that almost everyone saying that turrets are no big deal have also at one point or another spoken about winning this or that, or top 8 in this big tournament. Maybe they aren't hard to beat because you're that much better than the average player, so its much easier for you and comes across as not a problem. However, game balance, to my limited knowledge, should always balance to the average player. if turrets are stripping the fun out of the game, or damaging its tournament results in terms of participation and game balance, then they should look at it. If i can draw the comparison, think of Jace: The Mind Sculptor from magic the gathering. He was banned from standard tournament play because a combination of cards became present that made the game unfun. For those that know, this was known as Caw-Blade and it was a terrible time to play magic in standard, not because of the tactics involved, but because EVERY deck you ran into was Caw-Blade. Sure there were outliers, like Birthing Pod, and some super aggressive builds, but in the end, it was Caw-Blade that consistently won. if you want to go back a bit, you could point to affinity in the mirroden block and get the same outcome. you can fast forward and point to affinity again in modern. Now, I'm not and cant draw a direct conclusion to magic the gathering because the games aren't the same, however, there is one universal rule here i cant help be believe is in effect. Game designers should not rely on gamers to balance their game. A gamers job is to break the game open and give himself the most effective chance at winning. a game designers job is to balance that and prevent that from happening. Now, i understand for the strongest players amongst us, that top 15 or 10% maybe playing turrets isn't a big deal, but tournament results don't lie, and since wave 2 from what i have read, and even further to the point is that if something is winning and is played at such a high percentage of all of these events, it seems to me that it would be better to deal with it and force the game to change than to just allow the same thing to continue happening. I don't know, I'm not a game designer, but tournament results for several years running don't lie.
  4. i wondered about a highlander event, where everything can only be taken once. Let me clarify everything: Only one of any type of ship, like 1 tie fighter, 1 interceptor, 1 yt1300, 1 ig88 that kind of thing. then, all of the upgrades are highlander. for example, you entire list could only include one weapon upgrade, one sensor upgrade, one crew upgrade, one modification, one title, ect ect... I'm not sure it would do anything to shake up the current meta, but i think it would really make people think where they put their, or if they use veteran instincts or C3PO...
  5. I always wondered if you could make a rule that ships firing outside of their firing arc would get one less red die to balance out the turret abilities. that way turrets aren't as powerful going into every matchup and might balance them a little bit. Maybe it would nerf them too much, i dont know, im not a game designer, but i have wondered. I think turrets are beatable, soontir and carnor with auto thrusters, stealth devices and PTL can do the job. i know, i have done it, (although that doesnt account for pilot ability, and i am by no means a wonderful player). I also think they are TOO good for their typical associated value. More interestingly, i think the Heavy laster cannon upgrade and C3PO are also as much to blame as turrets are. Im not sure a 360 field of fire is the only thing that makes those lists crazy good. Just my observation. as it stands, they are what they are. I haven't been here or posted for a while because i decided to see if i could figure a few things out on my own and fly casual with a crowd of newer players and re-discover the game as it were away from the influence of competitive play. Someone said it earlier, there is nothing wrong with playing top tier lists, but several friends and i have been flying casual, with no more than 7 points in upgrades per ship, no more than 50 points on a single model, that kind of thing, and i have to tell you, this game is just as much fun playing Corran Horn + Outrider competitively as it is playing Boba Fett with a couple of Z95's and a star viper with little/no upgrades vs others doing the same. when Han isnt auto-evading 2 hits a turn and rebuilding shields, plus boosting his way across the field, the game is suprisingly fun. but if you want to play competitively, you can't really complain about people playing the top tier stuff. Game balance is (I would imagine) a very hard thing to do, and there will always be a "best".
  6. Your toes have five kills each? Lethal toes. Fatali-toes? Toe-nados Please stop. These puns are toeture. Toe pun, or not toe pun, that is the question. :-) Sheesh. The poor guy clearly meant to say his TIEs. Now we are all forced to spend an etoenity reading these horrbile puns. You sir, just won the internets...
  7. Here I thought the Battleship lost most of its standing because it could be taken out by relatively cheap air power. As for being out numbered one needs to remember that multiple ships will also bring more power; they may be weaker individually but when taken as a group they can be stronger. The statement makes me think to DnD 3.5 where having a single monster that is significantly more "challenging" than the party should be able to hand either is that challenging because the party has hard time being effective against it or it's strengths may still leave it vulnerable to a party that can do many more things against it than it can respond to. Yup, the thought that jumps to me is the person flying one ship, with no modification to the tournament rules, would mean that the one ship player blows up a z95 or a tie, and spends the rest of the 60 minutes lazily flying to avoid arcs and range. He just wins on points, and that is already somewhat of a problem. i didn't really think about that in my original post, you would have to modify some things like the MoV points values.
  8. Agreed. It was quicker than Starfleet Battles More Simple than Babylon 5 Wars And had a better critical/damage system than just about anything else out there. Wish that system and that game was still supported...
  9. There was a game called Silent Death, from Iron Crown Entertainment, a long time ago that was fighter based space combat. It was a pretty unique game, and although the normal squadron was like 3-4 ships, similar to the scope of X-Wing, but it did have a few bigger ships in the game, like gun boats and destroyers. The gunboats and bigger ships did some cool things, and basically had a crewman and "action" for each station the ship, to make playing it in smaller games still fun and engaging, even with only one ship vs. 3 or 4. While I'm not sure that would directly relate to X-Wing, it was a cool mechanic and fun to play. Hell, i still break that game out sometimes and just play a few games because it was such a fun, quick paced game.
  10. No, I think its powerful, it's definitely a tournament staple in many lists, but i don't think its overpowered. I think in an environment dominated by two ship lists its efficacy goes up significantly. In a swarm list, it will stress normally 25-33% of the rebel list, or even 12.5-15% of a full blown tie swarm, but when the average tournament list i have, and many others I'm guessing, have seen lately is 2 ships, it effectively stressing 50% of the list, and i think that is what makes it seem probably a little more powerful than normal.
  11. So your complaint is the game is selling too well? Especially when comparing to attack wing? Yeah, that premise doesn't really fly very convincingly. It may not be a wonderful premise when simplified, but i do think there are layers to this. When two of the most played upgrades come from ships that are unavailable, and one of those ships has become a significant archetype in the meta that is played very often, I'm concerned that without sufficient availability for players to get ahold of the stuff they want/need (need is a fairly strong word) that players are less inclined to play, especially in organized events. As someone who has a some stuff (I have a falcon, slave 1, one of most stuff, but not all) I couldn't imagine attempting to go to an organized event without at least having access to Veteran Instincts, let alone Engine upgrade, and both of those cards have remained as tournament staples for quite some time. In terms of the Falcon alone, that thing has been a staple for rebel forces for quite some time (although certainly not their only build) and not only is one of the most sought after ships because of just being what it is (i mean, who doesn't love the falcon) but its also very strong and can be built into a powerhouse that asks the question "can you kill me before the clock". So if these ships are so prevalent in the meta (obviously the Falcon, but one maybe could argue the Firespray because of what it comes with, specifically the upgrade Veteran Instincts, but stealth device has seen some play, Expose is seeing more play than it did with the VT-49, Draw their Fire has been played in a few different competitive lists from the Falcon, but by no means a staple), and they are unavailable, and people cant play competitively without these cards (or at least have a significantly reduced chance of winning, i mean, image running Dash without engine upgrade, or so many other ships that see play with that one upgrade, or whisper without VI, or really, many builds without VI) and people cant get them, they just wont play because they feel they have a reduced chance of winning. Going into a game where you do not have parity in chance because your opponent has access to better upgrades than you from a completely arbitrary force that has nothing to do with the game play is frustrating, and i'm sure its probably made a few people more than a little frustrated at the experience. I mean, honestly, Whisper or Echo without VI i'm sure is quite playable, but if i was going to play in a tournament, i don't know if i would want to try it. It seems like it wouldn't take too many shots from super dash or fat Han to bring him down, but of course i can always be wrong. And while i know there will be plenty of anecdotal evidence as to why you don't need these cards to play competitively, i feel like there is a good reason why Engine Upgrade or Veteran Instincts shows up in every list that isn't tie swarm. So in that regard, i truly feel that a game can outsell itself, especially when there is disparity in how powerful some of the upgrades are vs the others. If there were truly alternates that would replace these cards with good effect, or create as powerful synergies it wouldn't be an issue, but movement is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, and a 2 point boost in piloting skill for a point is pretty insane. No, your fine, being the central gamer in the group is fine, i have done it plenty of times, i just wanted to call out that while you weren't really justifying your decisions, and more pointing to a new perspective, i just wanted to make sure that the people stating how frustrated they are at inventory levels, while it is understood, cant really blame the players or the scalpers, because ultimately, i feel like the leading contributor to the current frustration isn't player controlled. (sorry for the run on sentence)
  12. CAS is a hoot, if you pardon the expression. Many of my friends shoot CAS, with their ruger blackhawks and winchester 30/30, and model 1891 shotguns. there is some cool stuff to see too. One guy, who recently passed away unfortunately, could split single cards on the draw at about 10 yards or so, and could hit golf balls at 15 or so yards on the draw, he was **** fast too. He shot nationally for a while, and got to compete with the best. I dont think i could ever shoot from the hip and hit anything, but i guess he practiced and practiced. Man lived at the range practically all his life. He got into CAS before it was called CAS and I'm telling ya, watching him shoot an exhibition was one of the coolest things i have ever seen. In terms of battlefield, i thankfully don't have to worry about that, and thankfully, the guys at the range aren't giving me too much grief over my last shoot. Now they just "drop" their magazines and call it doing a "Scott". We all get a good chuckle out of it.
  13. You mean something like this: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_upcoming.asp yeah, that would be amazing. However the dates given are all either expired or Q1. so yup, that updated i think would be amazing.
  14. Well, your right, im certainly not as knowledgable as you in regards to meeting CA% and attempting to guess it. I also haven't seen anything remotely close to forecasting, and like you I'm pretty sure YOY growth is something that FFG will keep close to their chest. And I wont even begin to play in your world about the intricacies over overseas shipments and the logistics of moving products back and forth. In a previous life, i did spend a LONG time in PR, i can tell you that keeping your clients in the dark, regardless if whether they have good news or bad news, is typically a terrible idea. It doesn't take much to make clients feel like you have led them by a leash, and given the examples so many have given here, I'm guessing many already do. I deal with a lot of imported products, especially with ammunition, and components, and understand completely how things can get all screwy (especially when the BATFE is involved in ANYTHING) I understand that timelines cannot always be met. I also do understand a little about the process of importing a good (note, little, not lots, not experience, just a little), and i can see where things get bound up. So tell your customers that and give them an idea, even if it is feel good fluff (because we wouldn't know the difference anyway) about "still at sea". Many times, calming customer discontent is more about how committed you are to follow through than it is the substance you are following through with. I can't help but think that even a blurb about progress, even if it i some completely arbitrary percentage to completion would make people feel better. It just surprises me that, and maybe its because of their suppliers and being in china, FFG cannot get any closer to releasing a date other than a fiscal quarter. You're right, i have no where near the knowledge and experience you do, but a 3 month window with no updates (other than spoilers, which are cool, i admit) is the best kind of guesstimate they can do to me doesn't make sense to me, and maybe thats my fault for putting an unrealistic expectation on them, but I'm surprised that smaller companies like Rio Grande or Wiz Kids can produce more accurate time lines than FFG. I know we keep talking about FFG as being a small game company, but really, in terms of board games, they're actually pretty sizable in comparison to their competition. (with that i completely understand that FFG is in no way a global powerhouse shot caller, but they aren't a mom and pops operation either. I mean, they do have the star wars license, that couldn't have been easy to get.) NOTE: there is no saracsm in that post. its meant as an honest and respectful reply
  15. hell, i yell that when i go to the bathroom. It might be why my wife gets so angry at me.
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