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  1. My group is playing Star Wars Saga Edition. The first dog fight I got into was with a tie fighter. We both failed our piloting rolls by a lot resulting in a mid air space collision. Tie was destroyed and my paint was scratched. That moment I decided that this will be my pilot's preferred method for dealing with any future encounters. 😎 Well, for small ships anyway.
  2. That's what I'd like to know. Considering Shapeways has all kinds of ships I've never heard of, I don't see why it wouldn't be possible for this one to be available in some form somewhere.
  3. The famous one was known as "The Grinning Liar", if that helps. Searching for that hasn't helped me so far either.
  4. Anyone seen a model/toy/figure/kit for the YX-1980 in or around the same scale as X-Wing? Google has failed me and this seemed like the best place to turn next.
  5. I suppose I really am too much of a completest. I guess it comes from generally being the buyer/supplier of my game group. I'll still need to pick up one of each though, I get board of a faction quick. Makes all minis games rather expensive. ? As the old saying goes, I've got OCD and ADD so everything has to be perfect, but not for very long. While your point may be valid, your supporting arguments are weak. We'll have to agreeeeeeeee to disagreeeeeee. Sorry, I don't hit this forum very often anymore so I haven't seen similar threads to add too. Admittedly, I only checked the first page as in my experience in other places, that's the only one worth checking.
  6. So they went with only 2 of most small ships in the conversion kits. Great, I bought at least 3 of each. I'm looking at spending at least $300 to get all the conversion kits I need. That's 2 per faction and we don't even know about the epic ships yet. Sucks extra since I wasn't able to get the last few waves so I'll be paying to convert ships I don't even have yet too. I feel like the game just got way too expensive for as often as I get to play it and yet my collection has little no resale value now so bailing on it completely isn't really a good option either. I guess I got some nice display pieces at least? I suppose just sticking with v1 is an option too, but I'm liking what I'm seeing of v2. I can't fault FFG for this. the game needs an update and it is nice that they didn't just make everyone go out and buy all new minis to play it. Maybe if they had split the large and small ships into two separate conversion kits? An option to buy single ship kits would have been nice too. Even if it was online only and a little more expensive vs buying it one lump sum. Just curious if anyone else is in the same boat and what their plans are. I know I have far from the largest collection here.
  7. So they have re-released the old stuff in new expansions, but they don't always match the conversion kits? That kinda sucks, but I guess I can live with it. Thanks for the help.
  8. Oh, has some of the old stuff been reintroduced? Haven't really paid attention since my regular group lost interest.
  9. Sorry if this has been brought up before. I did a search but turned up nothing. I've heard that the app doesn't support the stuff in the first edition conversion kit. Is that true? Do we know if there are plans to support it in the future? No one in my group enjoys playing the overlord so this app may be just what we need to get the game back on the table, but it would really suck to have to leave my complete set of first edition stuff collecting dust.
  10. Merely rumors... My B&N has always gotten XWING release on shelves 2-3 weeks late. Wave 8 is no exception. I got everything from the wave with the hounds tooth within a week of release from the local B&N. I have found that I sometimes have to ask specifically for the new stuff. They keep the shelf really full normally and they don't seem to put the new stuff out until it's time to restock the shelf. Luckily, the new game store in the same town appears to be carrying an insane amount of x-wing stuff so I'm not hurting for access. I just really wanted to take advantage of these coupons.
  11. Anyone found wave 8 at Barnes & Noble yet? They got previous waves in my area pretty quickly, but 8 seems to be missing in action. Finally found the ships on their website thanks to the ISBN, but they're all marked as sold out with no option to check stores. If they just didn't have them yet, wouldn't it be pre-order? I got a bunch of coupons and they all expire Sunday. D:
  12. As I see it, the blandness is mostly due to the fact that it's mostly grey, grey and grey, and because of the massive shape in the middle. However, there appear to be some hinges here and there, suggesting there might be lots of surprises inside. I have that problem with a lot of the lego ships. They just don't come off as cool as you'd expect. I'm often tempted to pick up a lego B-wing, but then I see all that grey...
  13. Did Biggs get errata'd into another ship?
  14. They do update them. My copy of Daredevil, for example, says white maneuver. Ah well nevermind then. Good to hear!
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