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  1. Collins

    Jungle Terrain Tutorial

    check out this project for my take on a Yavin IV Legion board CLICK HERE
  2. Collins

    Fluff Bunny Complaint: Snowtroopers/Eweb

    you realise that the eweb engineer is just a scout trooper right? and so effectively its still the same problem, also, I prefer to think of snow troopers as assault troopers, they just happened to be deployed in a snowy environment in the film. it helps me deal with the fluff bunny niggle.
  3. Collins

    Is anyone concerned about generic officers?

    ah right, I'm with you on that one!
  4. Collins

    Is anyone concerned about generic officers?

    Sorry, yes, I was being sarcastic. as people have said that they cannot stand to see named characters etc which of course is ridiculous in my view. surely thats not true. Every character in an RPG has a name.... just not Luke, Leia, Han or Daddy Dark Helmet
  5. Collins


    If you pick a tight fitting uniform then of course the curves will be shown off... The males wear the same style of tight fitting uniform.
  6. Collins

    Is anyone concerned about generic officers?

    because history has taught us that war doesn't have named heroes
  7. Collins

    Chewie is Next

    I have never seen 3P0 be anything other than a hinderance lol
  8. Collins

    Fleet Troopers - how have they fared for you?

    They work out great for me right up until they get shot at. I would not recommend anymore than 2 squads. they work best with rapid reinforcement missions where they can get in close for free and get the first shots off at priority targets, veers or Leia for example.
  9. Collins

    Transporting Legion

    Battlefoam are doing a 25% off sale on 11th may! buy buy buy. tis good stuff
  10. I feel like people may not be aware of all the wider material surrounding thrawn or tarkin now. they do get involved in several scraps, infantry based scraps as well as starship based.
  11. im really angry that we have been given two articles! FFG are such a pain! nothing for months and then two whole articles!?!? who do they think they are? a bus service!? outrageous! in other news, I am very happy with this....I hate you FFG... but I also love you...
  12. surely if the Disney marker is on the box or blister pack it is now considered cannon. AKA yes, IA is cannon.
  13. Collins

    New Article - FFG Game mats

    with regards to cost of the mats. they are roughly the same prices as other neoprene mats http://www.deepcutstudio.com/product/wargames-terrain-mat-wild-west/ for example is €64 for a 6x3 current exchange rate according to google 80 US Dollar equals 64.70 Euro
  14. bleed....when will FFG realise they've forgotten bleed tokens!
  15. hoth and bespin have been surpassed in the skirmish game. still great campaign content but not so relevant for skirmish anymore I'm afraid.