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  1. I have one of the Jango Fett Slave I's and it is pretty close. I will see if I can dig up some photos.
  2. Correct, all of the above. Also you can often cannibalize a model kit for multiple pieces. I have some ships that I use that aren't wrecked but they are Hasbro toys not model kits.
  3. Thanks! I did most of it with a soldering iron.
  4. It is an older Hasbro model that I got from a friend. Not sure which one exactly because there was no box and it was incomplete. The scale is really good though.
  5. And a crashed X-Wing. Not super thrilled with my flocking on this one but it turned out pretty well otherwise.
  6. It's a 3.75" Hasbro figure pinned on a piece of slate. I primed him black and then did an over brush (heavy dry brush) of the bronze metallic paint. The verdigris is Nihilakh Oxide applied selectively to the crevices and then I dry brushed the slate to finish it all off.
  7. Hey all. I have been building terrain since before Legion came out and figured I should finally get around to posting some of it. I will be uploading stuff over the next few weeks as I get photos taken. Starting with a Darth Maul statue. If you have questions on techniques or materials feel free to ask.
  8. Nice work! The only thing more epic than your tables is the guy with the lasers hair. Are those ruins printed as well? The detail looks really sharp on them.
  9. Resin is a lot more brittle and generally more fragile and tougher to work with than plastic. It is often used for limited run stuff because you can just make a simple mold from the master and cast liquid resin into it. Anybody can do this with simple easy to get a hold of supplies. You should use super glue with resin but that isn't a big deal since Legion models don't really work with plastic glue anyway.
  10. I have found them to be pretty effective. Rebels have limited access to range 4 so the 1.4D really helps with board control. It can be tough for your opponent to get rid of if you place it in cover. The generators are interesting from the standpoint that after the first shot, as long as you don't have to pivot you are usually faced with the decision between recovering or aiming. In a lot of cases aiming is better from a pure damage standpoint unless you really need/want to add the generator keyword to the attack pool. It would be great if there was an efficient way to get and aim from another unit or upgrade. As other people have said there are ways for your opponent to play around it but similar to the explosive charges it is hard to put a value on something that makes your opponent change the way they would have played the game.
  11. I have a Slave I (cannon length 21.5 meters) model we use for terrain sometimes that is very close to proper scale (within 10%) and it is enormous on the mat. I can't see them releasing vehicles this big only because they will take up %50+ of your list to feel right on the table compared to what is out there right now.
  12. Hey you brought up the Snow Troopers. My original point was that the tank will have line of sight issues compared to the heavies we currently have in the game and that point stands. I like to play rebels too and I win with them as well. Against Imperials. What data do you have to show that imperials are more powerful than rebels? If Scouts are more powerful than Commandos then aren't Fleet Trooper more powerful than Snow Troopers? You keep talking about how hard the tank is to kill and sure it is. But it can't score most objectives and also isn't that scary from an armament perspective. I would be more worried about a unit of bikes than this thing if it is empty. If it is carrying a unit than you double dip on wounds you deal which makes it worth shooting at.
  13. This is pretty apples and oranges. Snow troopers don't have a range 4 fixed front weapon and they will tend to benefit from cover. The AT-ST can easily see over most terrain that isn't multistory building sized. Plus it doesn't have a big tail hanging out there getting shot. I don't know what rebel unit you are comparing the tank to but a similarly costed 2 AT-RTs with laser cannons will have their way with this thing.
  14. Not strictly true. You don't have to move the full length of the template on a move action but you cannot use a lower speed template. Ryder will let you make tighter turns with the smaller templates, not just reduce the distance that you fly. That said I also think he will let you change compulsory moves otherwise I am not sure he is worth the points.
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