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  1. After playing vs a few more Poe/ anyone decks I can say just one thing the only bad card is planetary uprising. Simply put I retract my previous opinions about both Poe and Maz and double my hate for planetary uprising.
  2. Yea this subject again. I am not here to yell and scream about how broken Poe/Maz is but rather to offer some balanced ideas about how to fix some of the larger issues with the deck. Planetary uprising- Well I think most of us can agree this card needs a fix and well I have one I think makes the card quite balanced. Make it unique and make it read that you either use the cards ability or the battle fields ability but not both. I think this balances the card nicely and makes the user have to make a decision. Poe- Make his special cost one resource to resolve and his 3 damage side free or make it vehicle dice only. Maz- Make her ability her character/upgrade dice only or that players yellow dice only. So those are my thoughts on this subject I think any of these keeps Poe/Maz as a top tier deck but makes it more skill based rather than auto pilot. On an aside I think something we all have to keep in mind is this is a young game and it is as all games do going to have its growing pains. Comparing it to the other major players in the CCG realm is a bit unfair as those games have had a very long time to work out their issues and in some cases said issues still exist.
  3. Snap shot and opportunist Ship moves has no tokens you snap shot take stress add die.
  4. Kath Tail gunner/Fearlesness Ndru CM/GC/GS/fearlesness Zuckas SOT/FCS/Outlaw tec/dampeners I call it Extra stuff and it hurts things bad when flowen well. N'dru is a small nuke built this way. Kath is also very nasty at R1
  5. I play Brobots not a fan of flying turrets I leave that to my kids. I am not at all mad about 1/2 point MOV rule I'm annoyed that it is not universal for all ships.(1/2 pts for all ships at half health)
  6. Because lets remove any large ship build that gives up half points from the game. Yea horrid idea.
  7. Fly better Brobots if you know what you know what your doing. Vader crew. ​Bug zappers Intel agent bumper boats works vs Fel and other action reliant aces.
  8. sewing needles and a tiny bit of green stuff will replace the Z95s guns and make some pew pew action if you paint well.
  9. I fly Brobots and i for one do not think palp aces is broken nor do i think it is unbeatable.(I have beaten it quite a few times). ​Aces take skill to fly effectivly and at the end of the day beating it comes down to your own skill lv and proper target priority. Simple advice if your shooting at Fel 1st your doing it wrong your end game should always come down to chasing Fel. Kill the non Fel ace first then shuttle then Fel. If not a Fel variant like say Whisper Inquisitor Or Wampa, Omega, Inquisitor. Kill the Inquisitor first.
  10. 2 points Modification Restriction- can't have boost or barrel roll Double sided(like adapdability) Side one- At the end of your activation you may preform a barrel roll then receive one stress token and flip this card. Side two-At the end of your activation you may preform a Boost then receive one stress token and flip this card. ​Thoughts?
  11. I have been flying brobots since they came out exclusively so i have become very good at flying them. 1st round store championship im matched with a guy flying a PTL brobots build without 88B I ask how long he has been playing he says a few weeks and this is his second time flying the bots. Im already feeling bad then he deploys his IGs apart from each other i set together after the first round the game was over He shot at C took one shield i shot back at his C with both B and C and took him to 2H remaining. At this point im feeling pretty dirty. After the game i gave him some pointers I won 100-0 he never got another shot on me.
  12. My issue is that it makes no sense for it to be an EPT. It is a piece of tech not some natural skill so it should be illicit.
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