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  1. If a player passes before revealing a mission does the unresolved/un-attempted mission get discarded or does it go back into the players hand?
  2. Just tried this out with a buddy. We might be a little too new to the game but it felt like keeping track of two races and their tech, strat cards, action cards, etc made it bog down. I was really liking the idea of this variant because it changes core game very little but we just didn't have much fun and ended up calling it after two rounds.
  3. In a recent 3 player game a buddy played both of these action cards in the same strategy phase (or rather he tried to) we ruled that he could not per the language of the cards. Can't find an official ruling from FFG. Anyone else had this come up? Thoughts? FFG?
  4. Same exact situation here. My unpainted Imperial Assault minis are sitting on a shelf next to the painted ones making the hate flow through me. Here I am fantasizing about painting yet another SW boardgame. I'm thinking I might just compromise and give the pieces a light wash or two to make them pop (Grey/black for imps. Sepia/brown for rebels.) and call it a day.
  5. Too rich for my blood. lol. I have three campaigns going including all of the first wave packs. Thanks a lot guys!
  6. So I printed out a handful of campaign logs but they fall a little short when it comes to running multiple campaigns concurrently. Has anyone else had any issues with this? What are your solutions. Regarding Gideon's special> "Command" ability: does this work through walls?
  7. Thanks all. I kind of figured but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. They do? I thought the rule book dictated two heroes for the Rebel player in a two player campaign. I'm away from my rulebook ATM and I can't remember where I thought I read that.
  8. Is there any reason you shouldn't play a campaign with one Rebel player controlling four heroes?
  9. IDK. Some? Yes. Just as much? Hmmrmmm...
  10. That's about how I feel. I'm shocked that there is this much desire for prequel themed expansions. I thought everyone hated on the prequels/special editions.
  11. I will definitely be painting these. I might just use craft store acrylics and apply a wood stain for the ink/shade effects.
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