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  1. @Ginkapo I was going to run an SSD fleet anyway for the VWC anyhow. @BiggsIRL go ahead and play in the left out pod.
  2. Or you know, I'll just see you all at Worlds....Probably bring something dumb again, haha!
  3. ****. Thought I had till the 16th. Was busy all weekend at a Legion Tournament. Lol.
  4. Well, lets see how this goes with my last armada games being the last Vassal World Cup/worlds 2019.... 😆
  5. Hello All, I'm sorry for the delay in communication. After considerations with our schedules and commitment we can offer to the module, the Vassal Dev team of @CaribbeanNinja @Visovics @Ardaedhel @GiledPallaeon and myself have decided to step down to make room for others to upkeep the module. Giled Pallaeon has stated he is willing to help out those who take over if he can. @Rocco79 currently has the latest update to the module which he is free to publish. If anyone who picks up the torch has any development related questions feel free to ask us and we'll do our best to help you get started. Thank you.
  6. We have not had physical copies of the obstacles to scan images of until late this week. So "quite some time" we have not. If people are impatient and want to do it themselves they had best go through to proper channels. Otherwise to people who have been doing to work may not decide to do the work anymore.
  7. Also. We've gone over this before. We have a vassal development group already. We are working on getting things in. Please do not encourage other people to just jump in to working on the module on their own. It would only create confusion in the development process.
  8. I would play but I'm gone in Germany for two weeks. One week per round is not much time.
  9. Trying to go back a couple weeks in a discord can be like venturing into the bowels of Nar Shadda...you might not make it back, and if you do you probably won't be the same...
  10. The SSD cards have all been in the module for a while if I'm not mistaken....The Rebellion in the Rim cards will come in time. Ideally when one of us has the cards to get images of them of the quality we need.
  11. I don’t think we will have it released before the end of the tournament though will we? At least I don’t have my hopes up it’s that soon. I guess I can hope they have some at Adepticon that people can spoil? Would that count?
  12. Man, I wasn’t going to sign up for this because a game a week really is hard to get in for me at the moment, but I just really want some nice casual games and getting to play some different stuff. @BiggsIRL are you sure we can’t use the SSD as is? edit: I am meaning in the context of the non-weird games; because I’m not interested in the brokenness that will entail, but I need an excuse to try the SSD at least once.
  13. It not like my CR90 has been named “Forgot Jaina’s“ all tournament. I knew that one would come back to bite me...
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