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  1. JJ vs Roald ended 246-225 in my favor. Very tight game with lots of carnage. GG!
  2. @JJs Juggernaut vs @rasproteus 1st Player: JJs Juggernaut Objective: Surprise Attack Score: 400-93 Winner: JJs Juggernaut MoV: 307 (10-1)
  3. I submitted a placeholder fleet...so at least I won't miss the deadline like last year!
  4. @JJs Juggernaut vs @itzSteve 1st Player: JJs Juggernaut Objective: Solar Corona Score: 344-24 Winner: JJs Juggernaut MoV: 320 (10-1)
  5. @JJs Juggernaut vs @PT106 First Player: JJ Objective: Solar Corona Winner: JJ Score: 237-223 (6-5)
  6. Fleet submitted! I’ve learned from last years VWC and submitted one early this time!
  7. In! I am trying to get back into checking these forums, but i am much more reachable through the discord. An @ ping there should reach me very quickly. Just a note if anyone is trying to get ahold of me for matches or event coordination. My discord username is the same as it is here.
  8. Do we claim slots here or will that be a different thread down the line?
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