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  1. The SSD cards have all been in the module for a while if I'm not mistaken....The Rebellion in the Rim cards will come in time. Ideally when one of us has the cards to get images of them of the quality we need.
  2. I don’t think we will have it released before the end of the tournament though will we? At least I don’t have my hopes up it’s that soon. I guess I can hope they have some at Adepticon that people can spoil? Would that count?
  3. Man, I wasn’t going to sign up for this because a game a week really is hard to get in for me at the moment, but I just really want some nice casual games and getting to play some different stuff. @BiggsIRL are you sure we can’t use the SSD as is? edit: I am meaning in the context of the non-weird games; because I’m not interested in the brokenness that will entail, but I need an excuse to try the SSD at least once.
  4. It not like my CR90 has been named “Forgot Jaina’s“ all tournament. I knew that one would come back to bite me...
  5. Clon and I are currently working out a time this Saturday the 9th to play our game.
  6. I see. Well my one loss at the FFG regional was one were I maneuvered poorly and got myself gunnery teamed to death. That was more due to lack of practice flying a two ship fleet, and that was complimented by the fact I was second player. I was 3 damage away from a mutual tabling though, several bad rolls took that chance away. Gar Saxon was worthless. I never saw a squadron with relay or intel to trigger his ability, and he missed most of his rolls. Raid was never worth in except in one case were I raided repair which meant a dial (normally repairing 2 shields on a large ship) had to be used to clear the raid (which cost me one damage to trigger). I would have much rather had Bossk, or even a generic Firespray.
  7. I'm not sure what you are saying with the first line there... To answer your question, no I did not play against Yik in the FFG regional (believe it or not I don't think I've played a single tournament game against a raddus fleet). Secondly, I was running a two ship imperial fleet at the FFG regional. I'll put the fleet below if anyone cares to see it. I think it went fairly well for not testing the fleet at all, having not played imperials in a while, and hardly ever flying a two ship fleet. I very rarely play the same fleet for more than one tournament, I got bored flying the same thing over and over. The couple exceptions have been I used last years Vassal world cup at Worlds last year, and I am using my Gen Con fleet from this year in this tournament. Mostly that is due to not having enough time to test out new list ideas. Name: ISDic Faction: Imperial Commander: Admiral Screed Assault: Station Assault Defense: Contested Outpost Navigation: Superior Positions ISD Kuat Refit (112) • Governor Pryce (7) • Darth Vader (3) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) • Leading Shots (4) • Assault Concussion Missiles (7) = 140 Points Interdictor Suppression Refit (90) • Admiral Screed (26) • Captain Brunson (5) • Disposable Capacitors (3) • Targeting Scrambler (5) • Grav Shift Reroute (2) • Heavy Ion Emplacements (9) • Interdictor (3) = 143 Points Squadrons: • Boba Fett (26) • Colonel Jendon (20) • Gar Saxon (23) • Maarek Stele (21) • Morna Kee (27) = 117 Points Total Points: 400
  8. JJ (1st Player) vs Rasproteus Objective: Solar Corona 273-131 (MoV 142) Win for JJs Juggernaut A good game to Rasproteus as he faced this list for the third time in a row in high level tournaments. The matchup was definitely against him, though if things had gone just a little differently it could have been a different story. I was able to kill the MC80L before the turn it had Bail'd, though Rasp was planning to trade that ship for my Raddus CR90 and Admonition. I was barely able to get Raddus out to long range of the Liberty, which saved it. Admo and my Hammerhead did succumb to the ET rams of the CR90s, but I was able to take two of them down with me. At that point Rasp conceded as he would have had to kill my MC-75 to win and that wasn't possible. Logfile: https://www.dropbox.com/s/155ep9ge9wbtgmb/VWC 3 JJ vs Rasproteus.vlog?dl=0
  9. Well....technically I only went to college in ND. I am and always will be a Minnesooootan; yah, sure, you betcha.
  10. JJs Juggernaut (1st Player) vs CaribbeanNinja Objective: Capture the VIP Result: 377-0 10-1 win for JJs Juggernaut Good game to Ninja, its always a pleasure to play. This was a tough matchup for him, and I was able to snipe Mothma early with a good roll. It was all downhill from there as I was able to pick off Ninja's fleet one ship at a time. Vlog: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ek27o79sqbhv39e/VWC 3 JJ vs Ninja.vsav?dl=0
  11. @Mogrok Minimum 1 hour for most tournaments (maybe one or two a year). Optional 3 hour drive as well. Drove 5 hours a couple times. Also like 14 hours to Gen Con, but that wasn't only for Armada.
  12. Thanks! Added to the list to fix in the next update. For now its simple enough to fix them by unflipping them after you spawn it.
  13. Actually you got more than shoulder shrugs. You had several people respond with suggestions and opinions as to what may be happening. As GK suggested, the arc could be a pixel off (we will be verifying if this is the case in our own dev tests). As other suggested (and it looks to me), it looks like the VSD side does have the GSD front. And finally, one other thing. Depending on your zoom level things can appear differently. I had one case were I was clearly in and showed my opponent a screenshot, he showed me one as well as it was clearly out. This was a case of different zoom levels and screen resolutions. That's just the way digital images are.
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