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  1. Also no word at all about deluxe boxes. No Clan boxes that stay evergreen. All six will rotate out and we don'r know what the plans are for deluxe boxes I love the idea of building the card base quickly but 6 packs in 6 weeks, during the holidays is something I was not planing on. Mt wallet is already complaining.
  2. Go7Gaming has insert for the old and new LCG boxes. Great service, fast shipping, Excellent product.
  3. what is the best Star Wars movie? The Search for Spock of course.
  4. Check with Team Covenant. They're based in Tulsa and you can meet up at their store. https://teamcovenant.com
  5. Tekwych


    I would pay for a well done ePub or better still an enhanced ePub with all that that technology can now offer.
  6. And the forth deluxe for AGoTv2 just got announced the week after the third pack of the third cycle drops. If you consider that the first deluxe used to come after cycle 1 completes then we have twice the number that would have been available by the end of the year under the old system. If they are designing in large blocks we could see as many as 4 deluxe boxes in the first 12 months. Thats one a quarter and should be a balance between cost and number of cards entering the play space.
  7. New deluxe policy came out in October when they dropped Deluxe 2 between cycle 2.3 and 2.4 of AGoTv2. Ir was stated in one of the news articles that making people wait 4 years to flesh out a faction did not seam fair so deletes would no longer be in-between cycles but instead drop as the 'card sets' dictated. Deluxe 3 then dropped between 3.1 and 3.2 and we could get deluxe 4 before the end of cycle 3. Arkham Horror is a very different beast but we got both Curse of the Rougarou and Carnevale of Horrors before the first cycle, The Dunwich Legacy, had finished. As to 2 clans per deluxe that was peer of my speculation of FFG speeding things up (Could, if). Nothing from FFG to support that yet. Sorry if I was not clear.
  8. Somthing no one has pointed out yet is the new deluxe policy of letting them drop as soon as the product is ready and not waiting until the end of a cycle. We could see three deluxes of two clans each within 6 months of the core launch and stretching the first cycle to 9 months instead of 6 if FFG wants to push the meta that fast. In AGoT the first deluxe was at the end of cycle one bit the second dropped in the middle of cycle 2 and the third just 2 packs into Cycle 3.
  9. Hasbro (WoTC) is magnitudes larger than FFG and can afford to consolidate and send numerous containers to several locations every month. With FFG now part of Asmodee and ANA now owning its own distribution in the EU and Canada I think will see slow improvements as they use these new resources to better control their logistics.
  10. I know this is sacrilege here but in AGoTv2 I play three banners so I can find something in most Chapter Packs. If you are willing to look actively at more than on Clan you will find playable cards almost every month. [Why are you piling kindle at my feet and where did that stake come from?]
  11. Yes Asmodee Canada will be taking control but not right away and it may not be exclusive of Lion Rampart. I do expect all OP to move away from LR very quickly. Distribution to web retailers is separate and does not effect B&M availability in any way.
  12. As nungunz said. Also every data pack has an insert with fluff and backstory. I dint know if anyone has brought it all together buy look for the incepts in those data packs. also: The Identity Trilogy by Mel Odom -Golem, Book one -Mimic, Book Two -Rebel, Book Three Android: Free Fall by William H. Keith Android: Monster Slayer by Daniel Lovat Clark (co-creator of the Android universe) Android: Exodus, Lisa Farrell Android: Monitor, Leigh Alexander Available at DriveThroughRPG, iTunes and in Dead Tree.
  13. I personally would have preferred that ANA cut back to two distributers rather than one but: Big Box Retail - B&N, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. are part of a different distribution channel. Any product they order is part of a different system and does not effect quantity or availability of hobby store product. Diamond - Alliance is under contact with ANA and Diamond does not (currently) comply with that contact. NO ANA product sales through Diamond allowed at this time. Web Sales - Companies that sell on line, from MM and CSI to a FLGS with a web cart, are part of a different distribution channel. Any product they order is part of a different system and does not effect quantity or availability of hobby store product. Web + B&M - A company with web and B&M sales must keep inventories separate. MM can buy product for their storefront from Alliance. If that product gets sold online it is a breach of contract and ANA could take action. Constrained Orders - The percentage of orders shorted from one warhorse will always be smaller than the percentage of orders shorted from two or more (five) warehouses for several reasons: - One store can no longer order from three or four places expecting to get shorted and try to sell through. - Better location or resources. taking 2 cases from an order of twenty to two additional orders of 1 case each is much easier then working out which account at which distributer can be adjusted to best support as many stores as possible. - Dead stock, returns, and clearance sales should be lower as stores will not double order from multiple distributers. Accountability - With one supply chain (for hobby sales) to watch over ANA can act on issues reported to them. If stores work with ANA then, most likely, there will be better availability at preorder and restock. Direct Sales - As ANA now sells FFG, Asmodee, Days of Wonder, Cantan, F2Z, Plaid Hat and more it is much easier to buy direct if the store can not het good terms with Alliance. There are enough studios there that a store can make it worth while to have that additional time and shipment cost for a separate direct account. There is more to this story that will be told at the end of the month. Asmodee North America Goes Exclusive With Alliance Asmodee North America to Go Exclusive with Alliance Game Distributors Asmodee-Alliance Deal Follow-Up
  14. This game has a release date of October. not July. Gen Con is not the release of the game, it is a celebration of a new game done for the PR that Gen Con creates. It is a way to get Limited product into a few hands to build word of mouth for the Actual release and Launch that will take place later. All of Gen Con is a PR stunt and having only 350 copies would have been enough to pull nit off. Every additional sale at the booth is unneeded and logistically a loss. L5R will be available to the general public on its release date in October.
  15. What I have found so far EU: Gamemat EU Has US web store as well Deep Cut Studio Urban Matz US: Mats By Mars Front Line Gaming Game Matz Table War (The F.A.T. Mat) Has EU and AUS web stores as well If there are others you know of please post so I can add to the list.
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