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  1. This. Dip is an oil base so you need the Dulcoat to build a new base for the next layer. Dulcoat before any difficult layer can also help you step back if needed. It is easier to strip down to a Dulcoat layer.
  2. Craft paints will work, especially when speed painting but the larger pigment size will hide smaller details quickly. U will use it on large scenery but no longer use it on figures. I came to dislike the way the paint covers the model and went back and striped most of figures with credit pants and re-painted them. To each their own.
  3. gamemat.eu has many great options at 6x4. Fallout Zone, Mayhem Square, Forgotten Realm, Meadows of War, Wastelands, Winter Realm, Highlands in War, Battleground, Sands of Time, Fallen Earth, Tales of Mars, Kingdom of Heaven should all work well.
  4. With Quickshade paints always after. With Quickshade dip you could go wither way as the dip will stay in the recesses but shake off the rest of the model. I use the paints because it is easier for me but the dip is a great solution as well.
  5. To confirm that I keep the same polarity on all my models I use a D68PC-RB. The Red/Black coating makes picking up the magnets and inserting them with the correct polarity very easy. You can also just paint a single magnet and keep it at the end of a stack. Ues the stack to align each magnet as you use them.
  6. As I am. IMO, too late to start LoTR and not interested in the Arkham IP that another co-op LCG would, at least, get my attention. What I would like is more Melee play like in AGoT. A melee mode in L5R might work.
  7. With modern plastics you don't have to but it is a requirement when you get into metal or resin. Best to get into the habit with everything. It gives you a chance to inspect for mold lines, miss-nolds, bends, and other defects that need to be addressed.
  8. Make sure to write down what brands and colors you use on your models. Use a database, a spreadsheet, text document, scrapbook, whatever works for you. List the year you bought the paint, Brand, color, stock number, and what you used it for (Primer, Base, Lowlight, Highlight, Shade, Wash), and where you used it (Cloak, Armor, Belts, Buckles, Hair). Then track what models used what recipes so you can return to them and add any nots you think will help. This allows you to come back to a color scheme or theme next year when reinforcements arrive and keep your army looking cohesive. It also makes it easier when you bring a new player into the game and they ask how you did the amazing hair on your elves. Its a lot of work but you will thank yourself in the future.
  9. It does not have to be tedious depending on how you do it. I make a hard pass out of the box (on the sprue if possible) using a small potato brush. this is a hard scrub to get rid of oils and release agents. Then model and build everything. Then a quick rinse with a toothbrush to make sure the surface is ready for paint. Work in patches of 4-8 models. Don't do the entire army at once or it will be tedious.
  10. And there is a shelf life for all glues. I try not to let a bottle stay more than a few months on my shelf. I can't give you actual times for different types of glues but there is some level of breakdown in the chemicals that increase time to set and heighten fragility.
  11. I would start with the pined topic at the top of this forum
  12. They have said deluxe boxes will not wait for cycles and instead drop as soon as they are play tested and ready rather than wait till the end of a cycle. They don't want to take 8 cycles to get bones for every House.
  13. Remember that most people will be looking at these figures from 3-4 feet away, not 6-8 inches. Paint appropriately for your audience. Don't paint at the level of a Golden Daemon, Crystal Brush, Brush with Death competition unless you are actually entering one.
  14. Mantic games makes water slide transfers for Elis and Dwarfs in their line but I do not know size comparison.
  15. If you do paint first stick something into the post hole and don't paint the post itself. Clean any paint from the surfaces to be glued so that you are always gluing plastic to plastic. Paint in the join makes a very weak join.