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  1. I transposed the Geonosian section of the adventure to Xorrn, from Friends Like These. The two dukes were rulers of small rival hives in what's left of the CIS factories on the planet, and had formed a tenuous alliance with the Son-Tuul Pride when the Pride started salvaging wrecked starships in the debris field around the planet.
  2. Doesn't that make the Sniper Shot talent worthless?
  3. If the character is going to be the tank commander, then driver and gunner aren't what you want. Commander, driver and gunner really need to be separate roles in a tank, designs that try to get one person doing two of those jobs have tended to be less successful. Most modern tanks have a crew of 3 or 4 for this reason - the fourth being the loader, who can be dispensed with in tanks with autoloader systems, and wouldn't really be relevant in a tank armed with an energy-based main gun.
  4. If you can find it, the Creatures of the Galaxy adversary deck should help.
  5. Yup. If it makes you feel any better, carrying all the books too and from game sessions has done my back no favours whatsoever.
  6. Yeah, that looks like a fairly standard roll in early-generation Shadowrun...
  7. I suspect it's to give each of the careers a form specialisation that fits in some way with that career, and fit with the 'six specialisations per career' pattern established in EoE and AoR. Consulars are the least combat-focused career, so they get Niman. Guardians are about defence, so they get Soresu. Warriors are both the most primal and the most aggressive, so they get Shii-Cho and Juyo/Vapaad. Etc, etc, etc. I also don't agree with your characterisation of the out-of-career additional XP cost as an 'arbitrary tax'. It's an attitude I've heard from my own players more than once and it's very frustrating to me. The additional cost is hardly crippling, all it does is to give your character an area of focus. When I was playing I certainly never had any issue with getting out-of-career skills and specialisations.
  8. I thought about double-stacking the bunks, but in the Haynes book the YT-1300 sleeping quarters are clearly depicted as three-bunk rooms with storage above the beds - and, frankly, the idea of six people bunking in a space that small sounds like a special kind of **** (especially when one of the PCs is a female Aqualish with a fondness for frilly blouses). You're right about the bunks on the Ghost being double-stacked, but IIRC there are only two bunks in each room.
  9. It's a question of the player and GM working together. I'd sit down with the player at the outset of the game and discuss it, we'd discuss how the the progression from Padawan to Knight would work and once they'd got the Force Rating increase to meet the Knight eligibility requirements we'd play out the final trials to attain Knighthood. It should be more than just spending some XP and printing off a new specialisation sheet.
  10. If I was running the game, I'd say a player can't take the Knight spec until they become a Knight.
  11. Order 65 is Legends-only, so far as I know, the idea being that there were a whole slew of standing orders for the GAR, one of which was the removal of the Jedi if they became a threat to the Republic (Order 66), and a similar order for the removal of the Chancellor (Order 65). In Canon, Order 66 was specifically encoded into the behaviour control bio-chips embedded in the clones' brains; it changed the Jedi Purge from being a case of the clones following orders to them receiving an irresistible compulsion (unless they'd removed their chips, as a few had, e.g. Rex). To my mind, the new Canon explanation makes more sense, for two reasons. Firstly, the Legends explanation relied on the clones conditioning to obey orders; if a clone, especially a senior one like Cody, developed a sense of loyalty to the Jedi he served with, then he might ignore Order 66. Secondly, if Order 65 existed, then the Jedi were morons not to order the clones to execute it when they moved against Palpatine.
  12. Given that KotOR is now firmly in Legends territory, I doubt we'll ever see anything official for it.
  13. I'm going into a bit more detail on the ship than simply the stats in the rulebook, which present a very generic YT-1300. I've got the Haynes manual (yeah, I know), so I'm looking at the different 'stock' variants of the YT-1300; I reckon the Fang as described in Escape from Mos Schuuta is closest to a YT-1300fp, but based on the map provided she's had the 6-person escape pod removed - I imagine that, if he had to abandon ship, Trex wasn't worried about getting prisoners out with him, so the five single-person pods under the deck plates would be more than enough, and taing the big pod out frees up some extra volume. The YT-1300fp has bunk space for three people, so that's what they've got.
  14. Hi everyone, I need some advice... So, my players in my new campaign are coming to the end of Long Arm of the Hutt (finally, Jesus Hermione Christ these people can procrastinate...). They've got the Krayt Fang and will be setting off on their further adventures. However, the Fang isn't a perfect fit for them - there are six of them, and the Fang only has three bunks and the five single-being escape pods under the deck plates. I suspect they're going to want to reconfigure the ship to make it more suitable by adding in a second set of crew quarters and putting a six-being escape pod in. That's obviously fairly major work, CEC modular design notwithstanding, and will require a reasonably decent facility to do. My question is, how much do you think this is going to cost them? I expect they'll want to put some other upgrades on the ship at the same time, so there may be a bulk discount available on the work, but I'll worry about that when it becomes necessary. They'll also need to get the ship's identity changed, but that'll be a whole other story... *evil GM grin*
  15. With Ep 9 coming out we'll definitely be seeing a sequel trilogy book relatively soon. I'd expect something along the lines of Gadgets & Gear for vehicles and starships as well. Beyond that, once the Mandalorian has a couple of seasons under its belt (assuming it's a success), we'll probably see something bridging the gap between Eps 6 and 7.
  16. That's something I need to get a lot better at. I'm running them through Long Arm Of The Hutt at the moment and it's been a bit of a struggle trying to get them to the information they need. They were just drifting through the Geonosian cocktail party not learning anything, because they wouldn't ask questions in case they gave something away.
  17. Does anyone have any artwork for a kitbashed astromech, something cobbled together with parts from multiple droids?
  18. For reference, this is how Spitfires were transported back in the day...
  19. Apologies if this has been asked before, but my search came up empty. If you target a minion group with a weapon that has the Blast quality, how should the Blast take effect? Do the minions count as individual characters, or are they a single target? Say, for example, you throw a frag grenade (Damage 8, Blast 6) at a group of four standard stormtroopers (Soak 5, Wound Threshold 5) and get a final result of three Successes and two Advantages. Which of these would be correct? Option 1 The minion group takes 11 damage (base 8 plus three Successes), minus 5 soak for 6 total. One stormtrooper goes down, Blast has no effect because the group counts as a single target. Option 2 One stormtrooper takes the primary hit, doing 6 damage to the group after soak, then each of the other three takes 9 Blast damage (base 6 plus three Successes). Soak has already been applied, so the group takes 27 blast damage, for a total of 33. The group is wiped out. Option 3 One stormtrooper takes the primary hit, for 6 damage, then the other three take 9 Blast damage each but each applies their own Soak of 5, resulting in a total of 18 damage after Soak (6 base plus 3*4 Blast). Three of the stormtroopers are killed, one survives (just).
  20. Looks like a light gunship or escort of some kind, perhaps a local patrol or customs frigate. I don't think there's enough hull space for a worthwhile cargo load, she could maybe carry a small force of troops. I'd say Silhouette 4 - assuming the visible cockpit is roughly the same size as on a YT-1300, I don't think she's big enough for Sil 5 but I could be wrong. With engines that size on that small a hull, she's going to be fast, at least Speed 4, and I'd think she'd be quiet agile for her size - Handling -1 at worst, quite possibly 0. Defence 1/1, Armour 4, 30 HT, 15 SST. Weaponry looks like three twin turrets - the ventral one can hit all arcs, the side turrets can hit all arcs if she's Sil 4, if she's Sil 5 then they'll be F/P/A and F/S/A. Probable medium lasers, maybe heavies - if she's a patrol or customs ship then I'd say the ventral turret is light ion cannons rather than lasers. Maybe a tractor beam, no sign of torpedo or missile tubes. Crew would be a pilot, co-pilot, engineer and three gunners. Depending on whether she's a local patrol ship or an escort, she may or may not have a hyperdrive.
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