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    The example you give could be a combined use of Lightsaber and Brawl, but it could also be a straight Lightsaber attack with the kick as a narrative description.
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    Minions and soak

    When attacking a minion group, does the group as a whole get one soak value, or does each member soak individually? For example, one of my PCs is a Mon Cal sharpshooter.He opens fire on a group of stormtroopers with his trusty blaster rifle and gets two net successes. Added to the base damage of 9, that makes 11 damage, plus another 4 from his Deadly Accuracy talent for having Ranged (Heavy) 4, for a total of 15. Stormtroopers have soak 5 and wound threshold 5. The soak removes 5 damage, leaving 10. The next 5 damage eliminate one stormie. What happens to the last 5? Does another plastic soldier go down, or is it stopped by the second trooper's soak?
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    Minions and soak

    Aha! Much obliged.
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    Onderon Looks different?

    Maybe the leaves of Onderonian trees turn purple in the autumn?
  5. I can't remember which book it's it, but there are stats for a gaffi stick somewhere. That should serve as a baseline for a non-powered melee weapon.
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    Starship House Rules

    The thing that really bugs me about the space combat rules as written is that pilot skill has virtually no bearing on how the fight goes. In fact, if the ship you're flying is too slow to use GtA (such, for example, most of the light freighters unless their engines are upgraded), then pilot skill will only be a factor if you're flying in confined terrain like an asteroid field. The sensor ranges also wind me up, and have done since the WEG days. I don't like the idea that a Star Destroyer can open fire on an X-Wing and the X-Wing pilot won't even realise the SD's there until streams of green nastiness (hopefully) go flying past the cockpit.
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    Earning Credits

    There are limits to what the Alliance has on hand at any given moment, and for things like ammunition and medical supplies there are always going to be units that have a higher priority than the PCs. As has been mentioned above, it's always better to steal something from the Empire than to pay for it out of a very limited pool of credits.
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    Who Does Starship Names?

    My PCs are flying around in the Jade Whisper (YT-2000).
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    Vehicle scale

    Those buildings are basically adobe, so of course Han's blaster is going to blow holes in them. It's hitting dry mud (likely over some heavier support structure, but the surface is mud). Blowing chunks out of the wall looks impressive, but it's basically cosmetic. The core structure of the building isn't suffering from those hits - he'd have to put dozens of shots into the same place to threaten it. Similarly, putting a blaster rifle bolt into the front plate of an AT-ST will leave a scorch mark and maybe some pitting in the metal, but to penetrate to the crew cabin you'd have to put shot after shot after shot into the same place. That's not something that would happen in combat. In both cases, you're not reducing the Hull Threshold of the target.
  10. I'm planning for my players to get their hands on a YT-2000 in the near future. Has anyone found or made a good deck plan for the ship? I've looked around on Google but can't find one that I like, and the doesn't seem to be an 'official' layout.
  11. Returning to the original question, I received a copy of the Star Wars Essential Guide To Warfare today. It's copyrighted to Lucasfilm and has the Lucas Books mark on the back, so I think it's as close to a canon answer as we'll get, and it refers to an Imperial Army distinct from the Stormtroopers corps.
  12. First of all, an apology. Strictly speaking, this is an AoR question rather than EoE, but there's no GM subforum for AoR, so here goes... My players will soon reaching Contribution Rank 1 and I've suggested that they have a think about what they want as their support element from the Alliance when that happens. As I expected, the leading suggestion at the moment is a ship - they've played the Beginner Game scenario and are currently working through Operation: Shadowpoint, so the only ship they have at the moment is the Lambda-class shuttle they captured with the base. Now, per the rules, if they ask for a ship or vehicle it can have a Rarity of no more than 3 plus their Contribution Rank, which means they can't have anything higher than a Rarity 4. What I'd like to give them is a YT-2000, because I like the ship and it's more interesting than another generic YT-1300. However, the YT-2000 is Rarity 5. Now, of course, I'm the GM so I can give them anything I want to. However, I think it would be more fun to give the ship a sting in the tail to balance out the fact that it's a bit better than what they'd be expecting to get at this point. The idea I have is that the ship they get will have, until recently, belonged to a smuggler who sold out an Alliance base somewhere. He didn't survive the experience and the Alliance grabbed his ship. I was thinking that there could be a concealed smuggling compartment on board that the Alliance never knew about, with Something in it. Any thoughts on what it could be (or alternative ways to mess with them)? It could be something that's dangerous in its own right, or something that will excite their interest and lead them into harm's way. That shouldn't be too difficult, one of my players (who just happens to be the main pilot) has a curiousity level that puts most cats to shame. For example, the PCs have just been on a hunt on Dxun with the Onderon Beast Riders during which they were warned to stay away from a particular area as it houses the tomb of an 'ancient evil' - this player is already planning her Lara Croft outfit. (For those of you who aren't familiar with Onderon and Dxun, the tomb in question is that of Freedon Nadd, a very nasty Sith Lord from the Bad Old Days, who may or may not be entirely gone. Did I mention this PC is Force-sensitive? Bwahaha *polish Evil Overlord hat* bwahahaha.)
  13. The problem I've always had with the idea of stormtroopers being the regular army infantry is that it means that you have non-stormtrooper officers in command of stormtrooper grunts. Now it could be that the officers were in fact stormtroopers but once they reached a certain rank they wore a uniform rather than armour when on duty outside of combat, but why wasn't Veers wearing stormtrooper armour when leading the assault on Echo Base, or the Imperial officers at the bunker on Endor? To me, it makes perfect sense that we don't see regular Army troops in combat during the movies - every situation where we see ground troops in the movies is atypical, where you would expect superior troops to be employed if available: Episode 4: - Boarding the Tantive IV, a Rebel ship carrying absolutely vital intelligence, where the boarding party will face skilled and highly-motivated opposition. Also, that boarding party is drawn from the troops accompanying the Emperor's right-hand man. - Mos Eisley. Again, the troops looking from R2 and 3PO are those who were accompanying Vader, who are unlikely to be random goons. - The Death Star. Other than the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, if there's a facility more likely to be defended by elite troops, I'd like to know what it is. Episode 5: - Echo Base. Any attack on the central HQ of the Rebellion is going to be made with the best troops available. - Cloud City. Again, the troops deployed there are drawn from the contingent accompanying Vader on his Luke-hunt. Episode 6 - Endor. The Emperor specifically refers to the unit defending the shield generator as being a legion of his best troops. - Death Star 2 - same as Death Star 1. We never see the regular Army because we never see the characters we're watching in a situation where the regular Army would be employed. I like the idea of the separation between Army and Stormtroopers, because it's a very simple visual shorthand - if the PCs see white armour, they know Things Just Got Serious.
  14. I was a loyal arguer for the Imperial Army existing for decades. I have several pro-Army arguments up my sleeve. But, the counter reasons I debated against for years finally won me over. We never see the WEG olive drab wearing Imperial Army on the screen, ever, not even for a glimpse, because the Imperial Army is on the screen constantly, in full view, wearing white. That doesn't mean they aren't a cut above local defense forces. They are still obviously elite in training and equipment. The Empire only recruits (or grows, depending on your beliefs) the best for their shock infantry. Yes, they are only shock infantry. Front line charges. The Empire doesn't have much need for occupiers and long-term siegers, as already noted above. Actually, we do see one olive drab-clad Army soldier - General Veers.
  15. That's exactly the way I view it - the Stormtrooper Corps provides a second military force, completely independent of the regular Army hierarchy and logisitical network, that can be used for more difficult operations on the one hand, and deployed against an kind of insurrection among the regular troops on the other. The stormtroopers have better training and better equipment, are fanatically loyal to the New Order and are kept separate from the regulars even when off duty, to avoid any possible conflict of loyalty.
  16. I can't see the point in putting a 'Restricted' tag on the X-Wing. If it's restricted, then it can be bought. X-Wing's can't - they're manufactured exclusively by the Alliance, exclusively for the Alliance. If there's an X-Wing up for sale somewhere, then it's been captured or stolen from the Rebellion at some point.
  17. I ran my group through their first taste of space combat in the last session (the shuttle v shuttle fight from Operation: Shadowpoint) and a couple of questions arose on the subject of slicing enemy systems and the Gain the Advantage action. 1) Since the shuttle had far more weapon mounts than people with the Gunnery skill, the shields on the enemy shuttle were causing a lot of problems for the unskilled gunners. As a result, the team's engineer droid started making slicing attacks the enemy shuttle's systems to reduce its Defence. The way I read the rules, a successful Slice Enemy Systems action would reduce the enemy's Defence in one firing arc by one point, and the effect would last for one round per success - therefore, removing two points of Defence would require two separate successfule Slices. The player suggested that they should be able to spend successes to have a greater effect for a shorter period, e.g. if you get four successes you could remove two points of Defence for two rounds rather than one point for four. Who was right? 2) There were repeated uses of Gain the Advantage by both sides in the fight (with the Imperial punching far above his weight, succeeding on a difficulty 5 roll with only two green dice to his name). As I was running it, the fight started as a turning engagement, with both shuttles coming at each other head-on to bring their four forward weapon mounts and stronger forward shields to bear. Ship 1 succeeded at Gain the Advantage, getting onto the Ship 2's tail, then when Ship 2 made a successful Gain the Advantage the situation returned to a turning fight - one Gain the Advantage cancelling out the other, with Ship 2 needed a second Gain the Advantage to get onto Ship 1's tail. Should Ship 2 have got straight on Ship 1's tail after the first GtA, skipping the balanced phase?
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    A couple of vehicle/ship combat questions

    Hi Ghostofman, Thanks for the info. The way you've described GtA regarding firing arcs was how I originally read the rules - I modified them because I really don't like how they work as written. Unless I'm missing something, pilot skill plays very little part in space combat as written in the rules; the only time you'd roll it is for GtA, and even that only allows you to negate Evasive Action (both for you and the target, which you may well not want to do in a dogfight) and pick which firing arc you hit so you can bypass shields, which is completely pointless if you're up against TIEs because they don't have any. There's no sense of jockeying for position in a dogfight and no way a skilled pilot can manouevre to deny an enemy a firing position, which to me just isn't in the Star Wars idiom. PC in an X-Wing can't dive into a squadron of TIE Fighters and simply outfly them, avoiding their fire while lining up their own shots. All they can do is plunge into the fight and hope that their superior Gunnery Skill and their ship's greater Defence, Armour and Hull Threshold allow them to kill the TIEs before the TIEs whittle their ship to pieces. I have the same problem with the melee combat rules as written - superior skill should make you harder to hit, and it doesn't.
  19. Hi everyone, I'm going to be starting up a Star Wars campaign for my game group and I'm interested in the FFG system rather than one of the older rules sets. I'd like to have a mix of character types from Age of Rebellion and Edge of Empire. Do I need to get both core rule books to cover everything, or would getting the Edge of Empire beginner's set cover everything that's not in the Age of Rebellion core book?
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    Star Wars games

    The 1998 update of TIE Fighter requires a joystick, apparently
  21. Dafydd

    A stolen Lambda

    The problem with a Lambda-class shuttle is that it's basically impossible to disguise as anything else, and the only people with an legitimate reason to have one are Imperial VIPs or the Imperial military. Therefore, unless you can successfully masquerade as Imperials, taking it to any spaceport with an Imperial presence, or indeed any planet with Imperial ships in orbit is going to be... interesting. It may well be useful for your PCs to have when they want to get through Imperial security, but unless they've got somewhere safe to hide it between times, it's probably more of a burden than a benefit to them.
  22. Dafydd

    Star Wars games

    They did. http://www.gog.com/game/star_wars_rebellion Must have. To the interwebs!
  23. Is it three or five? I think we can all agree that there's one aft-facing weapon, but up front is it two each of the twin blasters and twin lasers? That seems to be what the stat block says, but it seems way OTT for a shuttle, not to mention that I can't see four weapon mounts on the thing.
  24. I'm likely to be starting my new Star Wars game on Sunday (assuming our group's current GM finishes his Laundry campaign on schedule - with the way our group likes to faff about, this is by no means certain...) and I'm kicking off with the Whisper Base scenario to introduce the new system to the team. Whisper Base is on Onderon. Onderon is in the Inner Rim. This got me thinking. At the moment, the only Knowledge skills covering geographical areas are Knowledge (Core Worlds) and Knowledge (Outer Rim). On a strict interpretation, that means that there are no skills covering the Colonies, the Inner Rim, the Expansion Region and the Mid-Rim. This, frankly, sucks. I can see two ways to deal with the problem: 1) Introduce a bunch of new Knowledge skills to cover the missing areas. This has the downside of adding several new XP sinks for players who want to know things. 2) Expand the reach of the existing skills so that, say, Core Worlds covers everything out to the Inner Rim and Outer Rim covered the Expansion Region outward. Any thoughts on which would be better?