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  1. Gameslore.com in the UK has them in stock, £9.58 per pack. Shipping to the US would roughly double that, but the shipping cost per unit drops the more you order.
  2. It's an issue of style, really. Showing the messengers leaving would just bog the movie down - it's not relevant to the plot. In the extended version you see Boromir leaving and it's clear he's in for a long, arduous journey. A movie all about a bunch of guys slogging across the countryside would be bogged down by showing a scene of few more guys doing the same? OK... One bunch of guys is embarked on an epic quest to save the world. The other group of guys are carrying mail. So, yeah.
  3. As I understand it, it's not actually EA's fault. From what I've heard, the Star Wars RPG license is basically unchanged from when West End Games got it in the late 1980's, long before the distribution of tabletop RPGs as PDFs was an option. All electronic gaming was lumped into one licence at around the same time and now resides with EA. It could be changed, but the respective lawyers from EA and the Mouse House would have to come to an agreement, and you can judge for yourself how soon that would happen.
  4. It's an issue of style, really. Showing the messengers leaving would just bog the movie down - it's not relevant to the plot. In the extended version you see Boromir leaving and it's clear he's in for a long, arduous journey.
  5. Now that's a very good point, if there is a separate Army and Stormtrooper Corp, the stormtroopers will be a lot more intimidating - which suggests that the Army might be deployed only on the more loyal worlds, where they'd present a more human (in every sense) face of the Empire to its citizenry.
  6. *facepalm* D'oh. Wobani was all mud, wasn't it? I think my point would stand, though, it would be hard (impossible, really) to keep your armour spotless in that environment.
  7. Dirty armour I could accept, Jedha's a dusty, dirty place so if the troops have been outdoors for any length of time they'll get grubby fast. Just imagine taking a white-painted car through Jedha City's back streets. The sloppiness of the guards' attitudes is harder to forgive, thought even the best troops can get lazy if they're not challenged enough.
  8. Dafydd

    Another space combat question

    The examples I cited are extreme, certainly, but deliberately so. The problem exists even when a character has been deliberately created as a pilot - their skill is still hardly relevant, only their talents. With the same talent build, shouldn't a pilot with Agility 4, Piloting 4 have the edge over one with Agility 3, Piloting 2? I don't see how they will in the rules as written. I am not sure what you are reading in the rules to suggest that the stronger pilot has no edge over the weaker pilot in this example. The stronger pilot will succeed more often on piloting and gunnery skill checks than the weaker pilot (presuming of course the same logic is followed in your example with regards to ranks in Gunnery). This does not mean the stronger pilot will win **every** encounter with the weaker pilot, and that is how it should be. I'm not saying that the "stronger" pilot has no edge, I'm saying that "stronger" means talents, not skill. There aren't many Piloting rolls required unless you run all your space combats in tight terrain, so unless you've got one of the chosen few specialisations that give you the right talents then you're largely helpless.
  9. Dafydd

    Another space combat question

    The examples I cited are extreme, certainly, but deliberately so. The problem exists even when a character has been deliberately created as a pilot - their skill is still hardly relevant, only their talents. With the same talent build, shouldn't a pilot with Agility 4, Piloting 4 have the edge over one with Agility 3, Piloting 2? I don't see how they will in the rules as written.
  10. Dafydd

    Another space combat question

    You could just as well say that if the YT-1300 comes up against an Imperial Star Destroyer there's nothing it can do to destroy it - the YT-1300's only options are a hyperspace jump (if possible), surrender, death, or floating off with the trash... We're not talking about a YT-1300 getting obliterated by the massed batteries of capital ship here. We're talking about the fact the the YT-1300 pilot, no matter how skillful they are, can't even try to shake the TIEs off their tail.
  11. Dafydd

    Another space combat question

    Not a Pilot with Agility 1 and Piloting 0, no. They wouldn’t be able to get enough talents to make up for their extreme deficiencies elsewhere. But they wouldn’t have to raise their Agility and Piloting scores by a great deal in order to be competitive with the Smuggler/Gunslinger with Agility 6 and Piloting 5. And if the Pilot has comparable Agility and Piloting as compared to their opponent, who doesn’t have access to the Pilot talent tree, then absolutely — the talents are really what make you what you are. The attributes and skills are just the baseline that anyone can get. But in combat it's only the talents that matter, apparently. You get to be good at space combat purely by virtue of your choice of Specialisation, not your skill as a pilot. Talents should make you better, I've absolutely no problem with that - an Ace/Pilot should be better in a dogfight than someone who just knows how to fly, but with the rules as written, skill is worthless unless if your ship's not fast enough to use GtA and you're not in tight terrain. I have the same problem with the melee rules - someone with Brawn 6 and Melee 5 is no harder to hit than someone with Brawn 1 and Melee 0, it's all about the talents.
  12. Dafydd

    Another space combat question

    Yes, you are wrong. Somewhat wrong in general (but potentially right in the specific encounter), the YT-1300 has speed 3, but the pilot could have the koiogran turn talent which allows him to negate GtA or the ship could be upgraded with an better Ion turbine to reach speed 4 or initiate a chase and use advantages from the pilot check and the environment to negate GtA or even knock the TIE-Fighters of course or into a collision. Furthermore does the YT-1300 come with a ventral and a dorsal turret on default, meaning that there is no blind spot in the first place, even with GtA at least one turret will be able to fire at you. Still, just one turret is better than both turrets. Now in your scenario this is the perfect moment for the astromech to save the day and repair the turrets … or drop some cargo into the flight path of the casing TIE-Fighters. ;-) Damage control and mechanic is a vulnerable ability in the heat of space combat. So, I went ahead and underlined the really important parts of a good response to your question. In open space, with no terrain or anything, and a 'pilot' with only ranks in Pilot: Space, your particular YT is a sitting duck. Nothing to be done about it, and that's as it should be. But you're a great GM, right? (which is why you're here, that's not snark) Space combat doesn't happen in a vacuum... it happens in confusing, dangerous, and interesting portions of space... Space junkyards filled with rusting hulks and garbage, asteroid fields, epic battles between capital ships (which become terrain), even the traffic around a spaceport or a planet like Correllia... and then the Skills and Talents of your epic pilot really get to shine, the speed of the Tie Fighter actually becomes a liability, and boom... you have a scene out of the movies, which is what this system is supposed to emulate. You want tactical simulation? Play X-Wing. You want epic movie scene, you're in the right place... just read the chase rules until you really get it... that's what it's all about. This is the problem. I simply don't agree that this is as it should be. I'm fine with the idea of a a character with the Pilot or Hotshot specialisations having talents that make them a harder target, but the idea that the Piloting should be irrelevant is utterly ridiculous. Are you seriously suggesting that someone with the Pilot specialisation who has Agility 1 and Piloting 0 should be a harder target than, say, a Smuggler/Gunslinger with Agility 6 and Piloting 5, just because the Pilot has access to a particular talent tree? Because that's where your argument takes us.
  13. Dafydd

    Another space combat question

    This question highlights my big problem with the space combat rules as written. There is absolutely nothing the pilot of the YT-1300 can do to prevent the TIEs getting on their tail in this situation. If the TIES succeed at Gain The Advantage, the only way to shake them off is for the YT-1300 to use Gain The Advantage - except the YT-1300 is so slow it's not allowed to use that action. The pilot, no matter how skilled, can't do anything to make the TIEs roll harder, and once the TIEs have succeeded the pilot can't do anything to prevent them from sitting in the rear arc and blasting them to pieces. The YT-1300's only options are a hyperspace jump (if possible), surrender or death. Or am I wrong?
  14. Dafydd

    Lords of Nal Hutta Upcoming release?

    I was wondering about this myself. It's shown as a Reprint but the status is "In Development". I hope it's not a new edition, I don't want to have to buy it a third time (first copy had to be replaced due to water damage).
  15. Dafydd

    Dealing With Obligations

    If his programming is "broken", then his self-repair systems are likely to be trying to recompile it. Memories or commands could re-surface at any time.
  16. Dafydd

    Thoughts on Triumph use on a weapon with Crit 1

    Apologies for misunderstanding. In this case, I'd say there's a simple solution. I'd just remind you that you can use Triumphs as well. Think about things you can do with them that will really ruin your players' day. Show them what they're missing.
  17. Dafydd

    Thoughts on Triumph use on a weapon with Crit 1

    I'm assuming you didn't hold a gun to their heads and order them to mod their 'sabres to Crit 1? If not, then they've got no room for complaint. One of the effects of a Triumph is to activate a crit, regardless of the Crit rating of the weapon. If they've opted to build weapons that can activate a crit on a single Advantage and can't be bothered using Triumphs for anything more interesting than that, then it's their own bloody fault. Tell them to put on their big Jedi panties and grow and imagination.
  18. Dafydd

    Buying the same specialization a second time?

    There isn't much point in buying the same spec more than once. Most of the talents aren't ranked, so you'll never get a bigger bonus from them, and the ones that are are available elsewhere.
  19. I'm sorry, has Endless Vigil hit the shops already? It's still showing as Shipping on the upcoming products page, and I can't find it for sale in the UK.
  20. Dafydd

    Hyperspace question

    It just occurred to me. Forget Death Stars and whatever the hell Starkiller was. Just take a cheap, disposable Capitol Ship - a corvette should do nicely. Crew it with nothing but droids, disable the safety interlocks and hyperdrive it into a planet. I've not crunched the numbers, but I'm pretty sure you'll get the same Planet Busting results from a four million metric ton chunk of metal slamming into Alderaan at the speed of light. In a hard sci-fi setting, absolutely. Star Wars is science fantasy/space opera, however, so it's perfectly possible for an Imperial-class Star Destroyer massing OMG-million tons to crash on a planetary surface without turning the planet into a ball of plasma.
  21. Remember, the Alliance is short of everything. The fact that a piece of equipment would be useful on an operation, or even essential, doesn't mean that the Alliance has one, or can spare one if they do: "Yes, I'm sure you will need a slicer module to break into the Imperial database. Unfortunately we've only got one, it's on the other side of the sector and the operative who's using it isn't due back for three weeks. I'm afraid you'll just have to acquire one from another source; there's probably one at the Imperial comm station in the Plothook system, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you borrowed it." Also, Alliance personnel are paid in Alliance credits, which can only be spent at Alliance worlds and facilities. Generally speaking, unless the PCs are part of a regular military unit like SpecForces or the Starfighter Corps,they should be encouraged to be as self-sufficient as possible.
  22. Dafydd

    Imperial Army?

    But if you read all the official material, it makes a big deal about how the Stormtrooper Corps is totally separate from and not accountable to the Imperial Army. I get a very "SS" and "Wehrmacht" kind of vibe from it, if I'm understanding my history right. This. This is how I've always viewed it (and how I run it in my game) - the Stormtrooper Corps is a separate entity that's far more heavily indoctrinated than the regular Army and has better training and equipment. It can handle the tougher jobs, and simultaneously be used against regular Army units that prove disloyal.
  23. Dafydd

    Two lightsaber

    Personally, I'd say that a saberstaff or saber pike is a two-handed weapon anyway, so I wouldn't allow them to be dual-wielded. As has been said before, you need to be quite skilled to dual-wield effectively (quite right two, coordinating two melee weapons is a lot harder than people think), but if you're good enough to deal with the +1 difficulty and generate a few net advantages as well then you can do a hell of a lot of damage.
  24. Dafydd

    Initiative takes too long

    I made exactly the same mistake when I started running my game. Combat got a lot more streamlined when I re-read the combat rules and spotted my error.
  25. Dafydd

    Character question

    In my group of Rebels, out of five players two are straight EoE (Explorer/Fringer and Hired Gun/Bodyguard with a secondary specialisation of Gunslinger), two are straight Aor (Engineer/Saboteur and Soldier/Sharpshooter with a secondary specialisation of Medic) and one mixed (Ace/Pilot from Aor with a secondary specialisation of Force Sensitive Exile from EoE). No compatibility issues at all. Everyone has a Duty as they're members of the Alliance, and any who wanted extra XP or cash at character gen could use either the reduced Duty rules from AoR or the increased Obligation rules from EoE.