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  1. Well you know of one more canon appearance than I do - of the canon sources I've only seen the movies and the first couple of seasons of Rebels, and I don't recall a pirate gang like that anywhere, though I may well be wrong. That being the case, however, it just reinforces the idea that fighters aren't a good choice for pirates. I think a Star Wars pirate ship would want the same characteristics as a real-world pirate: It should be fast, to chase down merchantmen and outrun warships Heavy armament is not necessary unless going after well-armed targets, just enough to intimidate and merchant ship into surrender. The only reason to have a large ship is if you intend to remove cargo from your victim. Ideally you want to take the ship as a whole, to carry off the cargo and hostages for ransom/sale as slaves. You generally don't want a large crew, as it means the take is split more ways.
  2. There are good, logical reasons why pirates wouldn't use fighters. Increased maintenance requirements, the need for skilled pilots as opposed to thugs with blasters, and as SEApocalypse said there's the risk of one well-placed shot blowing up your expensive fighter. The main reason, in my view, for using them is that it's thematically appropriate - this is Star Wars, people use fighters in space combat. As for which fighter to use... It needs to be cheap, reliable, with easily-acquired spare parts. Ion cannons would definitely be preferable, though ideally you'd want to take the prize without frying the controls.
  3. As easy to find, if you're looking in a place that would sell that sort of thing.
  4. Dafydd

    is a wash a success?

    Think of it this way. If you shoot someone and get one success, your shot landed just close enough to harm the target. The more successes, the more significant your hit. On the other hand, a miss is a miss is a miss, no matter how many net failures you rolled.
  5. Dafydd

    Do you adjust the difficulty of force powers?

    I haven't read the Force power rules so I can't speak to what RAW says, but if I was running the game I'd make a Heal roll on an PC either a Simple check like initiative, or give it a standard difficulty of 1 or 2 purples. Logically, Discipline should only be used when the target is actually trying to resist.
  6. Dafydd

    Buying books in UK

    I've used Gameslore almost exclusively (apart from anything else, their prices are usually better than Amazon) and I've ordered everything as soon as it becomes available. I'm just waiting for the F&D beginner set reprint to come up for pre-order (assuming it makes it to the UK). What I'd really like to find in the UK is the adversary decks.
  7. Dafydd

    VCX-100 Light Freighter

    There is no HWK-2000. The HWK-1000 is in Fly Casual and the HWK-290 is in Far Horizons.
  8. Dafydd

    AoR - Where do you set your game?

    My idea at the moment is to have the PCs as part of a cell operating out of the base on Arda 1. Rather than being tied precisely to the Gordian Reach, their area would be the Back Reach and parts of the sectors eastward (Spadja, Belderone etc), so they wouldn't be treading on the toes of the main base on Yavin - which they probably didn't even know about until the battle there. I'm thinking of starting off by running an adaptation of the old WEG Starfall module, with the start point being a few weeks after the Death Star was destroyed. Brushfire uprisings have broken out all over the Outer Rim and the Arda cell sent a high-level advisor to support one of them. When the Empire sent large forces to crush it, the PCs were sent in to extract the advisor, but both they and the advisor were captured and are being transported to an ISB base aboard a Victory for interrogation, setting up the module. The advisor is a former Republic and Empire naval officer who served on Victories, so they can serve as a guide through the ship in place of Walex Blissex. Once they escape, they return to Arda 1 with the advisor in time for the Onslaught at Arda 1 module, and are then tasked with looking for a new permanent base for the cell. This will ultimately lead to a re-positioned version of the Defiant Core base from Strongholds of Resistance. Along the way they'll start picking up intel about an Imperial bio-weapon project, which turns out to be an attempt to produce a plague specifically tailored to Mon Calamari DNA, to be released on Dac. In the process of stopping this, the PCs move up from Sector Forces to working directly to Alliance Command. My only concern is the proximity to Yavin at the start. I like the Gordian Reach as an area; there are two major hyperlanes nearby and you've got the Sith world, Mandalorian space, the Corporate Sector and the Tion Cluster within easy reach. I'm just not sure if they'll be too close to the Yavin fallout. As an alternative I've thought of starting them somewhere like the Arkanis sector, so they'll be close by when I want to run Friends Like these. Onslaught at Arda 1 can easily be moved, but if I follow my initial idea of having the bio-weapon being based on Sith research then it really needs to be happening fairly close to the Stygian Caldera.
  9. Dafydd

    Multiple minion massacre

    3 minions will die. If the wound threshold is 10, then one minion dies on the 11th point of damage and another every 10 points after that. If the gunslinger does 20 damage then one of the minions is one point away from death. The gunslinger can also kill two more minions with crits, provided there are enough advantages to trigger a crit on each of the two pistols. You can only score one crit per weapon, so if the gunslinger got 6 advantages and had weapons with crit ratings of 3 and 4, then only one of the weapons could have a crit triggered.
  10. Dafydd

    is a wash a success?

  11. With regards to mapping, the best site I know of is http://www.swgalaxymap.com/ However, that doesn’t have a HyperDrive calculator, and the only site I’ve seen that does have a HyperDrive calculator uses formulas that do not agree with the results from FFG. I’m not aware of anyone that has produced any site that calculates HyperDrive travel times that are consistent with what FFG does. EDIT: I will say that the print version of “Star Wars: The Essential Atlas” has a lot of great mapping details of different regions, different time periods, and much more. The Essential Atlas is great, but you've got to be careful. A lot of the information in it has been superseded by new canon since publication - the entire story about the construction of the Death Star and the Rebels acquiring the plans, for instance.
  12. Dafydd

    How to handle PCs vs. vehicles combat?

    Armoured vehicles in general don't do so well against infantry in built-up areas. Even modern tanks have been forced to retreat by irregular forces using ambush tactics, IEDs and RPGs. For examples of how infantry can deal with armour, read up on the trouble Soviet tanks had in Budapest during the Hungarian uprising in 1956. Alternatively, watch the final battle in Saving Private Ryan.
  13. Dafydd

    Naming Star Destroyers

    Is there anything in canon about the Imperial propaganda justification for destroying Alderaan? Did they deny responsibility? Claim that Alderaan was harbouring Rebel terrorists? If the Empire did confirm that the Death Star was responsible then Silence of Alderaan is a great name - though I wouldn't waste it on a mere ISD, I'd give it to a dreadnaught.
  14. Dafydd

    Cybernetics cap

    I thought there was a rule that increases to Brawn from cybernetics specifically didn't increase your cybernetics cap?
  15. This is the key point. Being able to carry a container full of X-Wings is one thing. Being able to operate those X-Wings as a strike force is something else entirely. You need large airtight doors (if your hangar's going to operate like an airlock) or specialist shield (if it's going to act more like the standard hangars we see) for your fighters to get in and out. You need fuel stores for the fighters, and the equipment to get that fuel into the fighters. You need secure magazines for proton torpedoes. You need maintenance bays to keep the fighters flying. You need storage for spare parts. You need bunk space for the pilots and ground crews. A container full of X-Wings isn't an air group, it's cargo.
  16. Dafydd

    Naming Star Destroyers

    This. Everything about the Imperial military boils down to intimidation. Legions of faceless stormtroopers. Phalanxes of AT-ATs slowly and inexorably advancing, the ground shaking under every step. Colossal grey warships hovering over restless cities. The name of every ship, especially Star Destroyers, should convey menace, the more overblown the better. Annihilator Eviscerator Deathbringer Terror Intimidator Ravager Exterminator
  17. Dafydd

    No Distintegrations

    Has something happened to the boat? No Disintegrations has been flagged as "On The Boat" for at least seven weeks now. Perhaps there's a gang of Somali pirates looking at their haul of splatbooks and scratching their heads?
  18. Dafydd

    Number on Snowtroopers on an Imperial planet

    As I understand it, "snowtrooper" is more of a nickname than an official designation. They're stormtroopers with specialist training and equipment for operating in very cold environments. In the old WEG system, regular stormtrooper armour could keep the trooper alive in quite a wide range of temperatures. Snowtrooper armour could handle much colder temperatures but in warmer climates it would overheat long before the standard armour. Similarly, sandtrooper armour could handle much higher temperatures but would freeze much more quickly. And for the record, Antarctica is considered a desert, because there's virtually no precipitation (rain/snowfall). When a blizzard happens in Antarctica there's very little fresh snow falling from the sky, what you're seeing is old snow being whipped up off the ground by high winds and blown about. That's why Antarctica can be so hard to move around in. The snow crystals have been blown around so much that they've been smashed to pieces, so they look more like grains than the usual snowflake. That means they don't lock together when you step on them (which is why snow normally becomes firmer as you step on it). Most Antarctic snow behaves more like loose, dry sand than the snow we're used to.
  19. Ever since I played the old WEG Star Wars RPG, I've always been in the camp that was happy with the idea of a separate Imperial Army and Stormtrooper Corps. The idea of a large regular army and a smaller, better-equipped and more politically reliable force made sense in the context of the Empire, analagous to the regular army and the Waffen-SS in Nazi Germany. Nothing in the original trilogy seemed to contradict this, as every situation in which we saw Imperial ground troops was one where it made sense to use the 'elite' rather than the grunts. In A New Hope, of course Vader would use the best troops available when boarding the Tantive IV and when searching for the droids on Tatooine. SImilarly, it makes sense that the force responding to a security breach on the Death Star would be the best available (rather than Army or Navy troops). In Empire, the strike force attacking Echo Base would obviously be the best cold-weather assault troops under Vader's command, and he'd deploy the best he had to capture Han and Leia on Bespin, and to lay his trap for Luke. Finally, in Jedi, if you're going to deploy a large force to guard the shield generator on Endor, why wouldn't you use the best you had? So, while there's nothing in the original trilogy that shows an army separate from the stormtroopers, there's nothing that contradicts it. However, Rebels and Rogue One (particularly the latter) cause a problem for this view. Other than officers and cadets, the only Imperial ground troops we see in Rebels (at least up to the end of season 2, which is as far as I've seen) have been stormtroopers. Now, you could argue that most of the time the Spectres are in places that are high-value, and that Lothal seems to be more important to the Empire than appearances would suggest, so perhaps it has a better-quality garrison than most planets, so maybe Rebels isn't an issue. Rogue One, however, is. IIRC, we see stormtroopers (of various types) in six situations. Five of them are no problem for the Army/Stormtrooper split theory: 1) Capturing Galen Erso at the start of the film - he's a high-value asset, Krennic would use the best troops available to take him 2) Guarding the khyber crystal recovery operation on Jedha - the operation is critical to the Death Star project, you'd guard it with the best you had 3) Guarding the research base where Galen dies (can't remember the planet) - again, it's involved in the Death Star project 4) Guarding the base on Scarif - again, a site critical to the Death Star project 5) Boarding the Rebel command ship - critical information about the Death Star has been taken, you'd use the best troops to get it back. However, the sixth occurence of stormtroopers poses a problem. If stormtroopers are an elite force, why are they patrolling the market on the trading post where Andor meets his source and finds out about the Imperial defector? Now, perhaps they've been deployed because there's been word of a leak, but Andor gives no indication that a stormtrooper patrol is unexpected, and there's no sign that the trading post is a high-value place that would warrant inn elite garrison. So, in the light of all this, where do you stand? Do you say there's a regular army apart from the Stormtrooper Corps or not?
  20. They were only seen aboard the Death Stars in the original trilogy, but we never saw any combat aboard other Navy vessels so it's been extrapolated that they're representative of security and boarding troops found on most Navy ships. Negative, they are also seen pulling security on the Executor in ESB. You see a pair of them haul off Needa's carcass. I forgot about that, good catch.
  21. They were only seen aboard the Death Stars in the original trilogy, but we never saw any combat aboard other Navy vessels so it's been extrapolated that they're representative of security and boarding troops found on most Navy ships.
  22. I'm not sure Battle Meditation could be used to plot a hyperspace jump. However, it's entirely possible Vader is capable of navigating hyperspace using the Force - I've heard it suggested that Luke's reference to 'keeping it on manual for a while' after escaping from Hoth refers to him doing this. However, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Vader knew Battle Meditation. Anakin Skywalker was a highly successful Jedi General during the Clone Wars and then spent years studying under Palpatine; it's been suggested in the old EU (the original Thrawn Trilogy, I think) that Palpatine was using it at Endor to guide the Imperial fleet without their knowledge, and when he was killed the fleet became disoriented which allowed the Rebels to finish the victory.
  23. The green helmets? Thought those were the black helmets, but I'll go look it up. You've got two different types of black-helmets on the left - the ones whose faces you can see are the Navy combat troops, the others are gunners. The green-helmets on the right are the same as the ones who piloted the AT-STs on Endor. That uniform and helmet has been suggested as the standard Army kit, based on General Veers wearing something similar on during the attack on Echo Base, although the crew of his AT-AT we wearing something that looked a lot like TIE pilot gear but in white and grey.
  24. The app is good, but there's something about putting together the dice pool for that critical roll, shaking them and letting the dice fall where they may.
  25. Of course, if you want to be ridiculously practical, you can buy them straight off FFG's own website, $14.95 a pack.