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  1. I've found an apparent glitch with the Galven Pattern Resequencing attachment. The attachment generates an automatic 2 Threat when used, but these aren't being factored into the dice pools shown on the character sheet. For example, if a weapon is fitted with Galven Pattern Resequencing (2 automatic threat), Superior weapon customisation (1 automatic advantage) and a laser sight (1 automatic advantage), the dice pool should show no advantages or threats as they cancel each other out, but it shows 2 automatic advantages.
  2. My players' next job is going to be hijacking a cargo ship full of Imperial military hardware. The Empire has just crushed an uprising on a planet, shortly after Yavin, and now forces and equipment are being pulled out and redeployed elsewhere. In the middle of all of this, a certain Imperial supply officer is taken advantage of the large movements of materiel to feather his own nest by tagging perfectly good equipment as 'damaged, for disposal' and then re-routing the disposal shipment to a contact in the black market. My players have acquired a cache of spaceport records recently and will find evidence of this buried in it, giving them a chance to hijack a ship full of 'damaged' hardware before it reaches the black market. I'm trying to think of things that could be on board that a supply officer could 'disappear' relatively easily and which would be useful to the Alliance. So far, I have: - Small arms (rifles, pistols) - Infantry heavy weapons (E-Webs, missile tubes, flame projectors, light repeaters) - Munitions (missiles, grenades, blaster gas) - Medical supplies (med kits, stimpacs, bacta) - Probe droids - Security droids Any suggestions for other things that could be on board?
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    Fell off the back of a Star Destroyer...

    Thanks for the input, everyone. I started running this scenario at the weekend, and it's been modified a bit. Rather than a corrupt quartermaster feathering their own nest, this has morphed into an under-the-table payoff to a gang of pirates and slavers who are supplying slaves and equipment from a Hutt cartel to a covert Imperial project. I've gone with a Gozanti freighter loaded with small arms, grenades, light and heavy repeaters, a couple of bacta tanks and a dozen or so probe droids - things that pirates would want and will also be very handy for a Rebel sector force. Hopefully, the PCs will also be adding the Gozanti, the slave transport and a pirate shuttle to the sector fleet as well.
  4. In my current game, I plan to give my players a long-abandoned Republic meteorological research station on a deserted planet.
  5. Cheers @OggDude , I'll do that
  6. Hi @OggDude I just installed the latest version (thanks for all the hard work ) and I'm putting my group's characters in, but I've hit a snag. One of the is a Human Explorer/Archaeologist who took Streetwise as one of her two free non-career skill ranks, but Streetwise doesn't seem to be in the list. I've done some checking and I think that Archaeologist may be flagging the wrong skills as Career skills in the human free skills selector - of the four extra career skills you get for Archaeologist, three of them (Athletics, Discipline and Knowledge Education) appear as available non-career skills in the Species tab, while the fourth (Lore) is already a career skill from Explorer. There are three skills that aren't available as free non-career skills and which aren't covered by Explorer: Coordination, Negotiation and Streetwise. Add in Astrogation (already a career skill from Explorer) and you have the career skill set from Fringer, so I think Archaeologist may be using that list when producing the human free skills in the generator.
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    Skimming Nar Shaddaa

  8. Dafydd

    Skimming Nar Shaddaa

    Of course, the TIE fighter will be getting Boost dice from its superior Handling, while the big freighter is likely to be getting more Setbacks due to having negative Handling.
  9. Dafydd

    Skimming Nar Shaddaa

    Taking your chances with the TIEs at high altitude might be safer than risking a high-speed collision with a building from a purely practical standpoint, but a fast, turning chase through a maze of towers is definitely more in the Star Wars idiom. "Sir, the chances of successfully navigating this district are approximately-" "I SAID NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS!"
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    Custom Map: The Tion Cluster & Surrounding Sectors

    Particularly something spanning the gap between the Tion Cluster and the Gordian Reach...
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    No Disintegrations UK

    I had a similar response to a Facebook message I sent Esdevium, they said No Disintegrations should be releasing next week. Time will tell, but I'm not going to cancel my pre-order with Gameslore at this point - it's not their fault it's taking this long for stock to materialise.
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    Lessons from Rogue One

    Except that we know the Death Star wasn't at Alderaan when Episode 4 begins. Tarkin orders it to Alderaan after Vader reports that Leia is resisting interrogation.
  13. This is aimed more at AoR GMs than EoE or F&D, but feel free to pitch in... Where do you set your game? Do you use a defined area such as sector, or roam galaxywide? I'm planning my next game and I'm thinking of focusing on a particular area, either a single sector or a group of sectors, and having the PCs be part of the Sector Force. My thinking is that they'll have an area they can become familiar with and can see real effects of what they're doing. Later on, as their contribution rank increases, they could be transferred to the control of Alliance High Command and operate on a galactic scale.
  14. Dafydd

    Lessons from Rogue One

    Rogue 1's plan was more: 1) Infiltrate Scarif 2) Diversion 3) Get the plans 4) Transmit the plans to anyone who can receive 5) Die I don't think anyone on that mission had any illusions about the chances they'd survive.
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    What do you use to lug your books around?

    Not at all, in fact I like the way you think. Unfortunately my group is composed of veteran gamers who would laugh me out of court if I even suggested the idea, and our table is rather full for a new player ( and I do mean literally, there have been weeks where we have to eat our way through some of the snacks just so there's enough room for character sheets).
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    Adversary Decks in the UK

    Yes, the site really is a steaming pile of suck. Or maybe they were just overwhelmed by desperate players trying to order the adversary decks?
  17. Dafydd

    Adversary Decks in the UK

    I just managed to order three of the decks from them - Citizens of the Galaxy, Imperials & Rebels and Scum & Villainy, all of which are still shown as in stock.
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    This "narrative gameplay" thingy

    If in doubt, get the players to do the work. "Ok, you want to spend two advantages to give player X a boost - how is what you're doing going to accomplish that?" After a while, they'll start providing the description themselves without being asked.
  19. I'd use Piloting (Space) to fly an X-Wing in atmosphere when I'm GMing. It's a spacecraft, it uses Piloting (Space). Real-world, flying in space is completely different, but this is Star Wars. Spacecraft fly like planes, they bank when they turn, they stop if you turn the engines off. Anyone tries bringing real-world physics into my game like that, I flip a destiny point as penalty from breaking the idiom.
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    Super-Fancy Party Shenanigans?

    If you haven't seen Firefly then: 1) What's wrong with you? 2) Get it and watch the episode "Shindig".
  21. Dafydd

    YT-1210 stats

    From those stats and the description of the 1210 having a three engine, it looks like the CEC engineers took the 1200 spaceframe, stripped off some armour and added a third engine (cutting into the cargo space into the process) to produce a faster ship. Which wasn't intended as a smuggler and blockade runner, no Mr Officer Sir, not at all.
  22. My brain rebels at the thought of installing large-scale modifications just to make use of stock hardware.
  23. This is something that really bothered me when I was running the AoR beginner scenario. A Lambda-class shuttle has four separate forward-facing weapon systems. The pilot can't fire them all, so I ended up having all of the crew positions in the cockpit being able to serve as gunnery stations. I can see the logic behind having heavy forward firepower if the Lambda is intended to be able to serve as a assault ship, which would also explain why the shields are stronger at the front by default., but I can't help feeling that the reason there are four sets of guns is purely to make the stats match the visuals. Perhaps it would be better if the all the forward lasers were one system, with Linked 4, and the blasters were another. Alternatively, each of the "twin" mounts could be a single gun in game terms, with the barrels firing alternately, and the two mounts could be a single system with Linked 2.
  24. Devil's advocate - saying that the Mandalorian Wars happened and that the Mandalorians lost to the Jedi isn't the same as saying that the Mandalorians attacked the Republic 4,000 years ago, under manipulation from the Sith Emperor, and were defeated by Republic forces under Revan and Malak who subsequently went dark side and led their own war against the Republic.