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  1. As I recall, you can only take the Schematic result once per crafting roll. I don't think it says you can only take it once per template, but I don't have my books to hand at the moment so I stand ready to be corrected.
  2. Agreed. My first instinct was to combine Gunslinger and Martial Artist, but Assassin would be a great enhancement to either (or both).
  3. I believe there's one ship module with 28 possible mods.
  4. Did you have to pay for it? As I understand it, they licencing issue covers selling electronic games, it doesn't say anything about giving them away. That's why FFG can give away pdf adventures, like the follow-ups to the beginner games.
  5. In my game, my players like to actually ship some cargo while flying around, just as a cover. I just say their trading covers their living expenses plus fuel and docking fees for the ship, and have done.
  6. Playing Devil's advocate here, I can kind of see where the GM in this case is coming from. It gets quite easy to abuse the crafting system if you've got a good mechanic and plenty of time and money. When I was playing my Outlaw Tech/Gadgeteer I had Intellect 5, Mechanics 5, several ranks of Inventor and some custom tools, and my teammates had me spending most of my downtime building weapons just as practice. The idea was to keep making things, and making the rolls, with the intention of getting double Triumphs so I could take the Schematic result and reduce the difficulty of making such weapons in the future. Pretty soon I was rolling YYYYY and three or four Boost dice against no negative dice at all when making blaster pistols and rifles.
  7. Personally, I would tend to agree. If everyone leaves the table having had a fun session, no one should care about the minutiae of Page 237, paragraph 6.
  8. Oddly enough, one of my Facebook "memories" today was a post called the Three Laws of the GM (modelled after Asimov's Laws of Robotics): 1) You shall create fun or, through inaction, allow fun to be had. 2) You shall always obey the dice and the rulebook, except where such results would conflict with the First Law. 3) You shall protect and nurture the narative and the simulation of your shared gaming experience, so long as such protection does not conflict with either the First or Second Law.
  9. Gadgeteer is definitely a good one. I was playing a Technician/Slicer/Fringer (high XP game I joined after they'd been playing quite a while) and I was feeling like a liability in a fight. I took Gadgeteer and suddenly I was a lot more useful when the blaster bolts started flying. Then I took Sharpshooter and built my own custom rifle with auto-fire...
  10. Exactly. You can easily leave your half-finished blaster rifle clamped to your workbench while you're off saving the galaxy.
  11. I agree that the system isn't perfect (I've never found an RPG system that is). Using a similar example to yours, the Padawan with FR1 who only uses Light Side pips can only lift the small rock 41.7% of the time. The Padawan who is willing to use the Dark Side can always lift it.
  12. Okay, because I'm supremely bored at work, I've crunched some numbers and I reckon this is the most XP-efficient route to Force Rating `10. Start as a Seeker, take Hermit as your initial specialisation. You have FR1. There are, as WolfRider pointed out, two Force Rating talents in that tree; getting to them will cost you 145XP as you'll have to buy two extra 25 XP talents to unlock them. After that, you want Navigator, Pathfinder, Sage, Seer and Force-Sensitive Emergent. That's three career specs, as Emergent is Universal, and two non-career, which costs 20+30+40+50+60=200XP, plus another 20 for the non-career premium for a total of 220. Navigator has one Force Rating talent, which only costs 50 XP to get to as it's only on the furth row and there's a straight run down the tree to it. Pathfinder will cost 70 to get to Force Rating, it's on the fourth row again but you have to sidestep along that row. Sage will cost 135 to get to both Force Rating talents. Seer will cost 140 to get to both FR talents. Emergent is a straight run down to row 5, so it costs 75. 145+220+50+70+135+140+75=835. So, you can get to Force Rating 10 in 835 XP. As long as you don't buy any skills. Or Force powers to use your 10 Force dice on.
  13. The way I look at it is that the Light Side requires more patience, more effort, more training, i.e. a higher Force Rating. It's not that the Light Side failed you - you failed the Light Side. The Dark Side feels more powerful because it's easier to make it work when you're inexperienced; "Look, I do this thing that the other Padawans can't, only the fully-trained Knights and Masters!" It's the quick and easy path, why spend years honing your concentration and inner harmony when anger and hate can get you there right now?
  14. Ah, I hadn't noticed that... Looking at Hermit, it'll take 145XP to get both Force Rating talents. You've also got to take into account that all three specs with 2 Force Rating talents are in different careers, so al least two of them will cost an extra 10 XP to buy in the first place.
  15. Which specs give you +2FR? The three universals start with FR1 and have Force Rating, but I always read that as you get Force Rating 1 when you take them, if you don't have it already, not that you get +1 just for taking it. If you can then that seems like a bit of an exploit - just take the spec for the Force point, rather than having to work your way down to the Force Rating talent. Edit: I think the terminology is important. As I remember, the universal specs say "Gain Force Rating 1", not "Increase Force Rating by 1". It's a bit like Defence - Gain means you get it at the stated value, unless you already have it at a higher value, while Increase means you add to what you've got. This makes sense, these three specs are aimed more at EoE and AoR characters who want to be Force-sensitive than at F&D characters.
  16. I think it works quite nicely to represent the temptation of the Dark Side. Especially when a character's low-level, with a Force Rating of 1 or 2, it's quite likely they'll roll their dice and only get Dark Side pips (58% at FR1, 34% at FR2). If you need two Light Side pips, or you've got FR2 and committed one dice, your odds are even worse. Never mind the character, the player will constantly be thinking "I need to make this roll. I can use a Dark Side pip. It's just this once. It won't matter in the long run..."
  17. I wish the dice app could handle the signature abilities that let you change dice results. You can change the result you got, but you can't limit it to the eligible faces of the dice, and if you're changing a boost or setback you can't even limit it yourself because you can't see the other faces.
  18. Oh, that's not going to end with everyone getting ripped apart by a horrible gribbly thing, not at all...
  19. Are you saying Ewoks have small Wookiee syndrome?
  20. The biggest group kill was a Star Forge (same as the one from Kotor 1). My biggest solo kill was an AT-AT - landed on top of it using a jet pack and decapitated it with a demolition charge. Good times...
  21. That should be the rule for any disagreement involving signature abilities, talents or force powers. The text in the flow charts are there purely as an aide memoire to remind you what the ability does. I know there may be issues with cost and availability, but when I was playing the game I found the specialisation decks really helpful for exactly this reason.
  22. I'd suggest that the ship never lands. The freighter detaches the containers in orbit, and small tugs come in, clamp onto the top of the container and carry it to the surface.
  23. To clarify one point; a Triumph does not equal a success. A Triumph gives you a success as well, but it exists separately from the Triumph effect. Similarly, a Despair gives you a failure into the bargain. The success/failure element can be cancelled, but the Triumph/Despair cannot. So, in your example, the failure cancels the success from the triumph, and the threat cancels one of the advantages. The attack fails, so there won't be any damage or crits done. However, the attacker still has a Triumph effect and three advantages to use. The attacker could, for example, upgrade the next allied character's skill check (with the Triumph) and add a boost die to it (with an advantage), while taking an extra maneuver themselves (2 advantage). This could represent flushing the target out of position, making it easier for an ally to attack them, while also buying time for the attacker to reposition.
  24. Fair points, though my issue was more the suggestion that Modiphius should print in the US (as opposed to a "hostile country") as a patriotic act, and the implicit assumption that they must be a US company. Not everything is about Uncle Sam, you know.
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