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  1. Rather than Hired Gun/Heavy, I'd go with Soldier. That way you can get Heavy and Sharpshooter in the same career. Sharpshooter is fantastic for long-range damage, and gives you multiple ranks of both True Aim and Deadly Accuracy, not to mention Sniper Shot.
  2. Depends on the slave. There are entire species, Wookiees for example, that have been designated as slave species by the Empire and are used for their technical abilities.
  3. I think the Padawan Survivor is aimed more at EoE and AoR careers. The F&D careers seem more like people who are currently Jedi, presumably in training by a Jedi who survived Order 66. The Padawan Survivor feels like someone who was a Padawan at the time, escaped the purge and has since been in hiding - a character like that probably has a career from EoE or AoR. However, if you do take it as a spec for a F&D career, I think the benefits of the Secrets Of The Jedi talents will make up for the lack of additional career skills.
  4. I couldn't help noticing that Allies & Adversaries has moved to On The Boat - on April Fool's Day. I feel like we're being trolled...
  5. If it's going to the shipyards, then it could be carrying spare parts for the shipyards themselves, not just materials and equipment for the ships under construction. Precision machine tools, fabrication equipment and spares for that kind of tech would be worth their weight in glitterstim to the Rebellion.
  6. Who does the ship belong to? Is it an Imperial military transport, or a commercial vessel? Are all the containers bound for the same destination? A military ship could be carrying uniforms, spare parts, enough ration packs to feed a stormtrooper legion for a month, a Moff's personal collection of nude Rodian sculptures, dozens of crated-up TIEs. Witha civilian ship, the sky's the limit. Mineral water, black-market weapons, a thousand Twi'lek slaves being transported to a "pleasure resort" on the edge of Hutt space (possibly frozen in carbonite), spice, pollution processing machinery, refugees who stowed away in a container (maybe without enough food, water, heat and air), the Museum of Alderaan's collection of Jedi artifacts which was smuggled off the planet when the Empire came to power and has been roaming the galaxy ever since.
  7. I just looked on Amazon to see if there was any information. Amazon UK aren't even listing it, but Amazon US has shown as available from two marketplace retailers. One says it'll be released April 24th, the other says that it's due in stock April 30th. I know we can't treat this as gospel, but maybe cause to be cautiously optimistic?
  8. Otherwise known as the argument to moderation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_to_moderation
  9. Well, the accelerated maturation rate engineered into the clones suggests that the Kaminoans were able to manipulate growth hormones to a signifcant degree, I think they'd have to be able to manipulate other hormonal factors as well to keep the clones developing correctly.
  10. I haven't seen any of the Clone Wars series aside from some clips on Youtube, but from what was seen in Attack of the Clones, I would be very surprised if the clones weren't engineered to be sterile. They were bred and conditioned for obedience and loyalty, their sole function was a soldiers. Part of that would be removing any tendency toward a focus of loyalty other than the Republic, such as a family, or even a romantic attachment. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if the clones were engineered not to have any kind of sex drive at all - they might not even have genitalia, beyond what's necessary for waste excretion.
  11. You mean the measurements we've never stopped using?
  12. That's because teh DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle prop was built using an MG34 machine gun.
  13. Incorrect. Even an attack that pierces the armour gets slowed down by it, reducing the injury inflicted.
  14. The issue isn't just minions, auto-fire and jury-rigged can let you slaughter rivals and nemeses ridiculously easily as well.
  15. And when you combine that with a high agility and ranged combat skill, things can get rather out of hand...
  16. That's a really good example, I'll have to remember that one.
  17. These are fantastic! Next time I'm in the GM chair I'll be giving a copy to all my players.
  18. This is something I fundamentally disagree with, though I suspect that it will depend on the group. Some groups only care about their own characters, or their own character and the other PCs. For them, the idea that without death there are no stakes would be valid. However, I wouldn't want to play with, or GM for, that kind of group. Unless the PCs are all sociopaths, there are things out there that they care about. You can get all the stakes you need putting those in jeopardy. Which hurts more - losing a character, however treasured, when you can immediately put together a new one and get right back into the game? Or having your character see that village they promised to protect in flames, knowing that it's retribution for their own actions, that every death is because of their own failure? Kick your players in the feels, not the character sheet.
  19. That's certainly how I'd run it, I wouldn't allow a conga line of surgeons in my game.
  20. Correct use of Setbacks is one of the things I find hardest to do. My GM brain tends to think in terms of adjusting difficulty, adding purples and reds, rather than using Setbacks.
  21. This is it. The idea that death is but a dice roll away just doesn't fit with a Star Wars game, if you ask me. This is a setting in which Padawan jumps out of an airspeeder hundreds, if not thousands, of feet up with the intention of landing on another vehicle, and not only does he succeed, but his master's reaction isn't horror, just an exasperated "I hate it when he does that..." A setting where it's considered perfectly reasonable to infiltrate an enemy facility by deliberately getting yourself captured. This system gives so many options other than "You failed your Athletics roll, you fall to your death." What about "The airspeeder you were trying to jump across to lurches to one side, you pull up and skid to a halt at the edge of the roof. Oh wait, is that a double Despair? You were too late to stop yourself entirely and you stumble over the edge, now you're left clinging to an antenna with one hand while your legs kick helplessly in thin air. Oh, and you dropped your blaster as you scrabbled for a handhold, so that's gone into the abyss." To me, if you're trying to evoke the spirit of the movies, you want to encourage your players to take the risk, make the leap, stop thinking and act. It's hard going in the group I periodically GM Star Wars for. We've played a lot of very "dangerous" games in the past, including a lot of Call of Cthulhu and a long-running Pendragon campaign where there were plenty of Saxons around who could split you in half with one swing of an axe. We've become very cautious as a result, trying to plan everything ahead of time wherever possible. It's been hard trying to get them to understand that they're not risking death every time they take a chance.
  22. You don't even need to be using Unmatched Devastation to find it useful. By the time the campaign ended, my Outlaw Tech/Gadgeteer/Sharpshooter was wearing Mandalorian armour with integrated holsters modded for maximum capacity and quick draw, carrying two blaster pistols, a stun pistol, an auto-fire rifle and a sniper rifle (the last two were custom-crafted with reduced encumbrance, so they could fit in the holsters - I envisioned them as Mass-Effect style collapsible weapons).
  23. Exactly. Besides, if a single Despair means death, what do you do when a player rolls two of them?
  24. As I recall, you can only take the Schematic result once per crafting roll. I don't think it says you can only take it once per template, but I don't have my books to hand at the moment so I stand ready to be corrected.
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