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  1. That's a good enough reason to do it, right there 😁
  2. Dafydd

    Amazon shopping

    If you haven't got the Essential Atlas, grab it. A lot of the story in it counts as Legends now (everything about the first Death Star, for example), but it's still a mine of useful information.
  3. Dafydd

    WWII Situations Suggestions

    It's quite cheesy, but the raid at the end is pretty impressive.
  4. Dafydd

    WWII Situations Suggestions

    That's what everyone says, but there's an even greater similarity between the Battle of Yavin and the raid in 633 Squadron. A squadron of Mosquito bombers making a low-level attack down a Norwegian fjord in the face of German fighters and anti-aircraft fire, to hit a pinpoint target and destroy a rocket fuel factory.
  5. Never underestimate the shock value of a shaved Wookiee.
  6. From a purely aesthetic perspective, if you try combining all those outfits on one person, they're going to look ridiculous.
  7. Dafydd

    Armor Master Question

    Any time you reach a non-ranked talent in a tree that you already have, you just tick it off. The only reason not to tick them off as soon as you acquire the specialisation is to make sure you don't accidentally take new talents you haven't actually unlocked yet.
  8. You're right, I'm having a brain fart. I saw the 4, thought "4 guns" and went for 3 extra hits. Is there anything out there that has Linked 4? The highest Linked I can think of is 3, on things like the X-Wing and TIE Interceptor.
  9. One small point - Linked 4 will only give you 3 additional hits (4 total) for 6 advantages (or 3 Triumphs, or a combination of the two).
  10. Dafydd

    Selling Stolen Ships

    This pretty much covers it. Flying a stolen ship is a recipe for trouble, at least in Imperial space. As far as I can see, your PCs can fence the ship to three types of people: 1) Those who have the means to change the transponder code, either by adding a fake code or hacking the BoSS database. 2) Those who will be using the ship in places where it won't be seen by people who will check against the BoSS database. This could be because they're operating far enough out in the Rim that any Imperials they run into are likely to have more important things to worry about than a stolen ship, or because they're in a region such as Hutt space where Imperial rules aren't really observed, or because they'll be actively avoiding Imperial scrutiny anyway (e.g. the Rebellion). 3) Those who plan to strip the ship for parts.
  11. Dafydd

    Starfighter Combat Questions

    The fact that the Piloting skills doesn't play a dominant role in space combat bothered me a lot when I started playing and GMing, but my perspective has changed recently. The way I see it now, it's the difference between being an airline pilot and a combat pilot. Piloting skill represents the shiphandling ability - can you take-off and land safely, follow directions from traffic control, avoid other craft and terrain, deal with bad weather, plot and follow a good course to your destination. Any pilot needs that to some degree. What a combat pilot needs, and a civilian pilot doesn't, is another layer of skills on top of that - the situational awareness to track multiple friendly and enemy craft, bring their own weapons to bear while avoiding enemy fire etc. That's the difference between someone with Piloting (Space) 5 and someone with the Pilot or Hotshot talent. If you're going with a kind of Wraith Squadron campaign, I'd second the idea of giving each PC a second specialisation at charater generation (personally, I'd give them 30XP that they had to use to get a specialisation, and if they took a career spec let them spend the other 10XP on skills or talents from that spec). Both the groups I play with have 6 players (not including the GM); you could break that down as two fighters like X-Wings, A-Wings or Z-95s with hyperdrives, a bomber like a Y-Wing (the two-seat version) or Tempest with a pilot and gunner, and a light freighter carrying spares, munitions and fuel so they can operate away from a fixed base and crewed by a pilot and a mechanic. The primary specs could be a couple of Pilots, a Hotshot, an Operator, a Gunner and a Mechanic, with the secondaries including things like Driver, Medic, Gunslinger, Thief etc.
  12. Dafydd

    Shipwright: Wait….. What?

    To be honest, having looked at the Talent tree for Shipwright (I don't have the book yet, damned UK distribution schedule...) I think the Spec was put in to address some issues with the general crafting system. Both Creative Design and Eye For Detail give me that impression: Creative Design - I think this is a way to get some "quirks" into things the PCs are crafting. Maybe my group isn't typical, but when I joined and created my Outlaw Tech, I was encouraged and funded by other PCs to make weapons that would never be used, just to get the Schematic result and reduce the difficulty of future checks. As a result, if I build an energy pistol or rifle the difficulty is Simple - I can only fail if I roll nothing but blanks and advantages. This Talent offers some extra cool stuff on the item as a carrot, but lets the GM give it some foibles as well. Eye For Detail - The huge flaw in the rules at the moment is that you're dependent on getting advantages to get the good stuff, successes only reduce the time taken to make the item. It's really frustrating when the team Assassin ask you to make them a new rifle with things like extended range and Accurate, but you get nothing but successes so you just produce a completely standard blaster rifle in an hour. The time reduction is only worth having if you're under serious time pressure, if you've got a week of downtime and want to make something good you have to churn out item after item until you get something you like.
  13. Dafydd

    Knowledge - Core Worlds vs Knowledge Outer Rim

    Same here. The Inner Rim is Rim in name only. If we take the maps in the Essential Atlas as a basis (I know it's Legends, but so is the Inner Rim region and that's used in the game book, so to **** with it), half of the Inner Rim, at least in the Slice, was explored prior to 20,000 BBY and the rest by 15,000 BBY. It's only "frontier country" by the standards of the Core. Essentially, it's refined enough to get invited to the best cocktail parties, but still nouveau riche enough that the Colonies have someone to look down on, the way the Core Worlds look down on them.
  14. I've been thinking about how common ion cannons would be on law-abiding (or pretending to be law-abiding) civilian vessels, i.e ships that aren't operated by the Imperial military, local security or licenced bounty hunters.. Based on the information in the rulebooks, there's no legal barrier to a civilian ship carrying ion cannons; they're not listed as Restricted on the price list. That's fine as a letter-of-the-law view, but I think a lot of Imperial and security personnel would view ion weapons on a civilian ship as... suspicious. I can see two ways such weapons would be viewed: 1) If civilians want to mount ion weapons rather than lasers or blasters on their ships, so much the better. It's preferable for semi- or un-trained civilians to be using non-lethal weapons rather than blasting away with quad-lasers ay time they get spooked. 2) There's no good reason for a civilian ship to mount ion weapons. If a law-abiding ship needs to open fire, then it must be under attack from pirates, Rebel terrorists or some other breed of scum. In that case, the civilian ship will be trying to escape, not take prisoners, and their attackers are more likely to break off the attack if met with deadly force. The only reason to mount ion weapons is to take another ship intact, which a civilian ship would never want or need to do - that sort of thing should be left to the proper authorities. I tend toward the second view, at least while wearing my GM's Imperial officer cap - Ion weapons are, strictly, legal, but invite further scrutiny and could lead to trumped-up charges under another pretext - but I'd be interested to hear other people's views.
  15. For those of us who weren't able to catch it live, any idea when it will be available for download?