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  1. They also get more free skill ranks at character creation - a free rank in six of the eight skills from their career, rather than four, and three of the skills from their first specialisation, rather than two.
  2. That's going to be a few months at least. It's still "In Development", and even when a book's been printed it's usually a couple of months before release. Hopefully we'll have it by Christmas.
  3. Mine turned up last Friday in the end 🤣 Release dates, who needs 'em.
  4. Three that have been mentioned. I suspect they're on a lot more than that.
  5. Sarlaccs aren't only found on Tatooine. Wookieepedia references a canon kids novel set between RotJ and TFA where a Resistance unit runs into one on Vodran, for instance.
  6. That's interesting - Esdevium are owned by Asmodee, same as FFG, so you'd expect their release dates to be exact.
  7. I doubt you will. It's on Esdevium's release sheet for this week, but marked as "Releasing July 28th". Shiny Games are showing a release date of July 31st. Hopefully that means we'll be getting our pre-order copies next week.
  8. Unfortunately, it's a mindset that's pretty ingrained in the group, and I can be as bad as the rest. We've spent a lot of time playing campaigns in other systems that are much grittier and less forgiving that this. For instance, the first game we played was a Pendragon campaign that was retooled for a (somewhat) more realistic depiction of Dark Age Britain. There were plenty of Saxons running around who could kill a PC with a single swing of an axe - and vice versa, of course, we routinely killed Saxons with a single spear thrust. It was fun, but very intense and bred a mentality that death could come from a single failed dice roll.
  9. Collapse is on the latest New Releases brochure from Esdevium, marked for release on July 28th, so we should be getting them the week after next.
  10. I think I'm going to move to this style of XP award for my new campaign. Up to now I've been using the 5XP per hour method, but my group frequently burn a lot of time on either monumentally in-depth planning or pun-ridden faffing about (which is fun, I freely admit), so in previous campaigns they've advanced rather more rapidly than the story justifies.
  11. I'm just starting my third campaign as GM. In both the previous games, the PCs had a YT-2000 (I really enjoyed X-Wing: Alliance back in the day, I've been a YT-2000 fanboy ever since). This time, they're getting a VCX-100 as their starting ship - but because I'm a sadist, and I'm starting them with Escape from Mos Shuuta, the first thing that happens in the game will be their VCX getting stolen right off the pad, with a load of Teemo's merchandise and their payment for delivering it on board, so they'll have to hijack the Krayt Fang to escape.
  12. I agree, but that 'or carried' is a bit more than a detail.
  13. 🙄That's a pretty important thing to leave out of the spec tree text.
  14. I don't have access to the books at the moment, so I'm going off the abbreviated text in the spec tree, but that text says that Burly reduces the Cumbersome and Encumbrance values of wielded weapons. Not carried weapons. If this character is using the heavy repeater, then those rifles are slung over his back and still have their full encumbrance of 4 each, not 1.
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