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  1. I got my core sets yesterday. I live in the UK though.
  2. I remember the House Dayne Reserves or something from 1st edition. I always liked that card but could never pull it off. Nice to see the theme is still alive in the Martells though.
  3. Updated my Tau deck. My love affair with the Broadsides is over. I loved bringing them out + Gun Drones but I'm trying to think more competitively, and I'm going to experiment with this new set-up going forward. Lower upper cost band, more synergy... eldar survivalists to try and help with card draw (not a huge fan of piranhas tbh).
  4. Interesting! I haven't actually fielded Shadowsun since Aun'Shi came out. Not that I dislike Shadowsun, but Aun'Shi is more amusing at the moment and I really like my Tau deck. Plus I CBA to keep swapping decks around
  5. Or not. It's ok... I've got an active Space Marines deck I'll put up at some point too. Don't use it as much but it's there if I need it.
  6. Thought I'd start with an official Deck-Sharing thread, even if it's only for sharing my own and getting feedback. I currently run three decks that I play with any regularity - My main two are Guard w/ Orks, and then a pure Tau deck. As a tertiary deck I also have a Baharroth Eldar w/ Dark Eldar deck which I'm having a of fun with. Coteaz Imperial Guard with Orks Army (28) 2x Assault Valkyrie 4x Coteaz's Henchmen 2x Elysian Assault Team 3x Evil Sunz Warbiker 3x Iron Guard Recruits 1x Leman Russ Battle Tank 3x Mystic Warden 2x Sanctioned Psyker 3x Snakebite Thug 2x Stalwart Ogryn 3x Steel Legion Chimera Attachment (1)1x The Glovodan Eagle Event (12)3x Made Ta Fight 2x Suppressive Fire 2x The Emperor Protects 2x The Emperor's Warrant 3x To Arms! Support (9)2x Catachan Outpost 1x Formosan Black Ship 1x Imperial Bunker 2x Inquisitorial Fortress 3x Staging Ground Aun'Shi Tau w/ Eldar (it's one Survivalist) Army (28) 2x Aun'ui Prelate 3x Bork'an Recruits 2x Eldar Survivalist 4x Ethereal Envoy 2x Fire Warrior Elite 1x Fireblade Kais'Vre 2x Gun Drones 2x Recon Drone 2x Stingwing Swarm 2x Vash'ya Trailblazer 2x Vior'la Marksman 3x Vior'la Warrior Cadre Attachment (8)3x Heavy Marker Drone 1x Honor Blade 2x Ion Rifle 2x Repulsor Impact Field Event (7)2x Deception 2x Ethereal Wisdom 3x Kauyon Strike Support (7)1x Aun'shi's Sanctum 1x Frontline Launch Bay 3x Homing Beacon 3x Ksi'm'yen Orbital City Baharroth Eldar w/ Dark Eldar Army (30)2x Altansar Rangers 4x Baharroths Hawks 2x Baleful Mandrake 2x Biel-Tan Guardians 3x Bloodied Reavers 3x Coliseum Fighters 3x Eldar Survivalist 2x Shrouded Harlequin 2x Soaring Falcon 2x Vile Raider 2x Wailing Wraithfighter 3x Warlock Destructor Attachment (1)1x The Shining Blade Event (17)2x Archon's Terror 2x Cry of the Wind 3x Death from Above 2x Foretell 2x Gift of Isha 2x Nullify 2x Power from Pain 2x Superiority Support (2)1x Banner of the Ashen Sky 1x Corsair Trading Port Let me know what you think, and feel free to share your Decks as well!
  7. Wait! I KNEW I'd seen it somewhere! While the game's page is still 1 - 4, I remember reading this line: "With a single Core Set of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition, you can play a four-player melee, but with two or more Core Sets, you can play a melee with up to six players." Good think I was planning on buying two core sets from the off then!
  8. You know, I could have sworn I read somewhere that this game could support up to six players, but I must have imagined it. Official page only says 4, so ignore me...
  9. Well it'll never be tournament legal, but hey, if that's what you want to do, give it a go. I'd imagine something that allows you to be so specific might need a bit more of a cost, but that's what experimentation is for though. You shouldn't really hinge your strategy on your Signature cards though. Yeah, they're good, but they are only one part of the plan, and you adapt your strategy depending on what cards you have with you. Really, you should build your deck first around your Warlord's ability, because you have him out from the start, and then around your chosen faction's 'theme', or strength. the signature cards will already be geared towards what the Warlord does, so it's about following on from that so you'll always have something that combos well.
  10. The only thing that really makes be strike my beard is allowing more fighters than your combined squadron values can accommodate. So if you had three corvettes or something each with a SQD of 1, you'd only be able to field 3 squadrons. It would make the squadron value that much more important, imo, because then you could have 'carrier' ships that have a more specialise purpose - allowing you to field more squadrons without forking out for the big ships. (Which I supposed they can do anyway, but w/e). For Rebels it's less of an issue of course because they all hyperspace in, but for the Imperials, apart from the Advanced, they're dependant on a carrier so surely those squadron values mean more. If you have a VSD with, what, 4? and yet you've got 8 fighters on the board, none of them Advanced, how did they get there? WHERE DID THEY COME FROM!? Abstraction for the Abstraction Gods!
  11. It's once every other week on average for me. Tuesday nights is my Armada night, but I also like playing the LCG Conquest so because we can't really fit both into an evening we tend to alternate at the moment. Only played a few games myself as well using the full-on rules.
  12. Is there any re-course for a player if his/her opponent abuses your cards during their part of shuffling? Like even if it's not deliberate, if they're being heavy handed and it damages them or w/e, can you ask them to stop?
  13. I only got one each of the fighter packs but thinking I might get more.
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