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  1. Round 3 of swiss, actually. He was undefeated until that point though. Was running with 2 sets of spearmen with Dispatch Runner -- Nasty combo, but when I nuked the cavalry, his whole list crumbled. I've ran 9 trays a couple of times and while it's a super powerful unit, it's tough to completely base your list around something so powerful since it's going to take a beating. I've seen others run like @CerberusUC with success, mostly because of Hawthorne's multiple attack ability and Dispatch Runner triggers. Prior to seeing a lot of ranged units with solid blockers, these units were a lot of fun to run. But now it's just hard to get them to be effective. But never fear, soon we'll have Scouts and we can get behind enemy lines to deal with those pesky archers!
  2. So I've been wanting to replace the figures with LEGO minifigs. They have all sorts of weapons available and horses for cav, so making a Daqan army would be pretty simple and it'd be pre-painted. Runegolems would be the only thing you'd have to "make" but that shouldn't be too hard. Sadly the cost is what's holding me back.
  3. Sadly responsibilities trump even Runewars. Everyone have a good time! Go Daqan!!
  4. The 2 or 3 weeks after GenCon, I played Elves just to see what they're like. My wife was interested in playing them, so I already had easy access to the models. The last couple of weeks I've stuck with Daqan though but mostly because I haven't had the time to make a Waiqar list that I want to try. When Uthuk are released, I'm definitely going to be trying them out and will just continue down the rabbit hole of pursuing all 4 factions.
  5. Sorry friend, they didn't give out the acrylic cards in the NA championship. I think they were prizes in the skirmish and team events, but I don't know for sure.
  6. Cav's weakness (in my opinion) are blockers and archers. If cav gets blocked and flanked, they get damaged to oblivion pretty quickly. Archers whittle them down on the approach, making them much easier to deal with. And of course blight to neuter their charge attack.
  7. You know... my wife is reading this and she doesn't need to know how much I spend on Runewars! Thanks! and thanks to everyone else for the kind words! From what I've heard, the tournament was pretty well split 50/50 for humans vs undead. I think I just got lucky (or unlucky) to have all human opponents.
  8. Hi, I just saw this and was trying to send you a PM but it says that you cannot receive messages. Perhaps there's a setting in your profile blocking PMs? Otherwise I think you can just hover your mouse over the username and click the Message button. DJ
  9. Hi everyone, my name is DJ and I took first place at Gencon this last weekend. I thought I would take a minute and write up some of my experiences over the weekend in case it might help someone. Overall my hope is this post will encourage more people to not only come play this great game but also participate in next year's tournament. The list: Oathsworn Cavalry x6 [46] --Training: Moment of Inspiration [5] ----------Total Unit Cost: 51 Oathsworn Cavalry x6 [46] --Training: Moment of Inspiration [5] ----------Total Unit Cost: 51 Lord Hawthorne x1 [34] --Artifact: Shield of Margath [6] --Unique: Might of Daqan [4] ----------Total Unit Cost: 44 Spearmen x2 [18] --Music: Rallying Cornicen [4] ----------Total Unit Cost: 22 Rune Golems x2 [28] ----------Total Unit Cost: 28 The total points for this list is 196 points. I did this for the sole reason of I wanted to go first or least have the choice to go first. More on this later. When building my list, I looked at the objectives that were going to be played and wanted something that would help me in all 3 of them. We knew the objectives were going to be Bounty, Break Their Defenses, and Supply Raid. For both Break Their Defenses and Supply Raid, I needed high mobility. For Bounty, I wanted a tanky unit that could hold the objective and I wouldn't have to worry about it dying and still get some use out of it. The 3rd criteria was a list with a simple enough strategy that I could play 3-4 times in a row without fatigue. For this, I settled on a pair of 3x2 cavalry for the speed and added Moment of Inspiration for more firepower and Hawthorne for the ability to make my cav 3-wide and be my "tanky" unit. The 2 tray unit of spearmen was reformed to 1x2 with the Cornicen in front for a little bit of protection. This unit would follow nearby the cav to refresh Moment of Inspiration and possibly pick up tokens or get in the deployment area. The Rune Golems are simply blockers. If I see something that could move fast or I want to flank, I try to get the golems in their face. The bid. I think for the most part, everyone was at 200 or 199 points. But I wanted to be sure I could go first. Second player got to pick the deployment and I really didn't care which side of the board I was on. But going first also lets you put down the first and last piece of terrain. Especially in Careful Approach (corner deployments), being able to put down 2 of the 3 pieces of terrain can greatly affect the game. In our 3rd game, I was up against a 9 tray block of cav with 2 4 tray spearmen with Dispatch Runner. Just by placing 2 pieces of small terrain (the smallest ones, even) I was able to force him into a position he did not want to be in and nuke down his cav. With a little practice, you can set up lanes for flanks and all other sorts of fun stuff. The strategy. My strategy was simple. I could lose a golem or 2 and a unit of cav and still be effective. The golems would face off and block/distract anything that could move fast while my cav took a flank. If needed, one cav unit would take the front attack while the other took the side. The spearmen would follow whichever cav unit I thought would be attacking more while Hawthorne stuck with the other unit and tied up anything that tried to flank. My games. I'll try to recall as much detail as I can, but I don't retain a lot of information. If you played me and would like to add anything, please feel free to comment. All 5 of my games were very fun and against very skilled players and I hope you all had fun too. My first 4 games were against fellow Daqan players, so that was kind of funny. Game 1: Ryan and his Hawthorne cav. Ryan's list was somewhat similar to mine but he had a pair of 2x2 cav, tank-mode Hawthorne, 2 single rune golems, and I can't remember if he had any spearmen. I started off pretty nervous since my goal of the day was to just win 1 game since it'd been a month and a half since my last game. The first objective was Supply Raid and Standoff deployment. I really don't remember too many of the details of the game since many of us were all getting used to the tournament rules. I did learn that attacking his Hawthorne with my cav was a bad idea since he didn't take any wounds and I lost 2 knights. The game ended with a 10-1 in my favor. Good game, Ryan! Game 2: Dan? I'm really sorry I can't remember your name, but I think I played Dan. I'm like 75% sure it was Dan, though. For game 2, we played Break Their Defenses with Hammer and Anvil deployment. At this point I was just excited to have won my first game and be at the top table. Dan had a 6 tray cav and a 4 tray cav, also with Hawthorne. I don't remember what else was in his formation but those were the big pieces. I decided early on that I was going to rush which worked out perfectly since he decided to turtle. I sent Hawthorne into some terrain nearby his 4 tray of cav with the thought that if he is foolish enough to charge the terrain, he's going to lose a lot just from Hawthorne's defense attack. Unfortunately for me, he was smarter than that. The turning point of the game was round 3 or 4 when he turned his big scary block of cav and gave me his flank for my own cav to charge. We called the game early with all his units either locked up or destroyed except his Hawthorne which made it over to my deployment area. My second 10-1 win of the day, but still a very good and fun game. Thanks for the game and I'm sorry I can't remember your name! Game 3: Justin and his big block of cav. During the first game, Justin was on a table behind me and I saw his 9 tray of cav. My first thought was "I hope I don't have to play him". Sure enough, he and I had both done quite well that day. We were both at 20 tournament points going into it, so that was pretty neat. The objective was Bounty and deployment was Careful Approach. I was excited for this because ever since the game came out I was saying that whoever could master this deployment would win Gencon. The pieces of terrain we drew were the 3 smallest ones... the spikes. Not what I really wanted to see, but oh well. I was still able to set it up for him to either come out from his side very close to his edge or out and around from the far side of the board. I tried my best to make it more desirable for him to come out the side so I could block and smash with my cav. Justin also had Kari and his own golem for me to worry about, but I was mostly focused on the 9 tray cav being followed by 2 4-tray spearmen with Dispatch Runner. He made his cav his bounty unit and I made Hawthorne mine. As expected, he set up his cav to come out the side. I swung wide with one of my cav units to come around and meet his front while the other set up to flank. On turn 2, he had initiative and I expected him to move a little forward to avoid my charge so I keyed up a turning charge. Both my cav units made contact and it was curtains from there. We played cat and mouse for bit with Kari and the golem but ended up calling it. With the 75 points from the objective, I got my 3rd 10-1 victory. Thanks for the great game Justin! Day 2-- Final 4 Game 4: Nathaniel and the glass cannons. Nathaniel was also running dual cav but his were 4-wide using Hawthorne's ability. He also had a deathstar to worry about. For this game, we played Supply Raid with Hammer and Anvil deployment. After setting out the Supply Raid tokens, I pretty much decided to ignore those because if I went after them, it would spread me out too much. My thought was to let him pick up the tokens and just go for the kill. In setting up terrain, I created a small area that a 3-wide tray unit could barely fit through hoping he might put his deathstar there so I could block and flank. But he put it in the corner with 1 unit of cav and Hawthorne. The other unit of cav was on the complete other side of the board set up to flank. I chose to ignore that flank completely and just run down the middle with my flanker (in that 3-wide thread the needle area). My other units were set up pretty much across from his. I set my Rune Golems so they would be impacted on his cav charging so I could charge back with my cav. Instead of that happening, Nathaniel sent in Hawthorne to block my cav and attempted to turn charge my golems with his 4-wide cav. I saw the Hawthorne charge coming and keyed up a 7 initiative attack on my cav that nearly killed Hawthorne. His turning charge from his cav impacted his own Hawthorne so that was a miss. Next turn my Golems charged his cav to block while my own cav took out his Hawthorne. After a couple turns of doing the unexpected, Nathaniel was on to my tricks and read me like a book and knew I would move my cav in to engage his deathstar. He pretty much punked them leaving a single tray of knights to fight back. I took a mental blow but it was ok since reinforcements were now on the way. My flanker cav made it to the fight as their brothers died but got the flank and started working on his deathstar. By round 6, Nathaniel decided to call it and gave me the win. Thanks for a great game! Game 5: Matthew's Waiqar. Archers and Lancers and Reanimates, oh my! My only matchup against Waiqar and it's the final table. Pretty thematic. We played Break Their Defenses and Battle lines. We spread out the terrain evenly and began set up. We set most of our units on a single mat only using a 3x3 area for the most part. My cav was set straight against his reanimates with archers on either side. One of his lancers in his corner with the other two blocking for his archer's flank. Having played a list with a bunch of archers in the early days of Runewars, I knew that I would lose some numbers on the push. So it came down to getting as close as I can while staying at range 5+ and then pushing in as fast as I can. Sure enough, my 6 trays of cav were whittled down on the approach. They were still mildly effective at reducing his reanimate numbers, but he won that battle. Hawthorne came in behind but was met with a Carrion Lancer and they duked it out there until the end. Meanwhile on the other end of the board, my flanker cav went in hard at the same time and were met by 2 carrion lancers. I knew he would be able to charge me before I could charge him so in a daring move I went 1 straight with a 2 straight modifier. This put me within range 1 of his side and just clear of both of his lancer's charge. Next round I reformed and charged his lancers taking them out one at a time. Meanwhile the Rune Golems were threading the needle of some spikey terrain to get in and engage the archers. They made it there to tie them up for a couple of turns, dealing enough damage to make them a much smaller threat. In the end, I lost a whole unit of cav and one Rune Golem. 3 of my 4 remaining units made it into the deployment and I won by points. It was an amazing game and could have gone either way. Thanks for a very memorable and epic game, Matthew! The attached picture shows Turn 4 (I think) of the final game. I'm not very good at remembering to take pictures so I don't have hardly any. You can see what little remains of my cav from the charge but his carrion lancers are about to get wrecked for payback! Big thanks to FFG for putting on a great tournament and to all who came and played. A personal thank you to my wife and my good friend Kyle for the support and pushing me to be a better player. Thanks for reading this and I hope to see you all next year!
  10. I love my Deep Cut Studio mat. Took a little while to get to the states, but well worth the wait. I prefer the mouse pad material over vinyl. It's still a little slippery but not terribly bad... plus it looks great.
  11. I really like this style of boxes even though they're larger than the ones for the corvettes. I would love to see similar boxes for the other smaller ships, too! Also, I noticed this when assembling the boxes. The Assault Carriers have the Rebel logo on them instead of the Imperial one. Should be an easy fix at least.
  12. Faction: Imperials Initiative: 0bid. Won coin toss, took second Objective: Dangerous Territory Token Gained: 3 MoV: 266 - 129 (Win) Commander: Admiral Motti Flagship: Interdictor Suppression Refit Interdictor Wulff Yularen Targeting Scrambler Fleet Ship 1: Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Avenger Gunnery Team Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams XI7 Turbolasers Leading Shots Fleet Ship 2: Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Gunnery Team Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams XI7 Turbolasers Leading Shots No Squadrons This was against a Motti list with 2 ISD2 and 2 Vic1. I lost my Interdictor on the last turn because I failed to spam engineering commands effectively and it got stuck. It's a little more squishy than I thought! My ISD1s managed to take out both Vics and 1 ISD2.
  13. I just picked up this from one of the big box hardware stores recently: https://www.amazon.com/Plano-Molding-826-Rolling-Station/dp/B0009XCEUM/ref=sr_1_2 Each ship is in a tuck box thanks to http://www.sirwillibald.com/. The ships fit in the larger compartment and the squadrons (also in tuck boxes) fit in the drawers hidden behind the top compartment. The lid section is used for upgrade cards, ship and squadron cards, tokens, and other stuff. The case is pretty light by itself and since the ships are plastic and are also light weight, it's not very heavy loaded down. You can lift it with one hand. There's a metal piece that goes down the front to keep everything from opening up so you can lock it if you need to, or you can store the metal thingie in the side and it still provides some rigidity to keep everything together while transporting.
  14. FYI - They just showed up on Miniature Market's website: http://www.miniaturemarket.com/ugd010475.html They also have the space themed one: http://www.miniaturemarket.com/ugd010480.html And the zippered version: http://www.miniaturemarket.com/ugd010479.html Enjoy!
  15. Playing Devil's Advocate here... I think most people who have posted can agree that being TO is a (mostly) thankless job and things need to be fair. But in most smaller communities, it's usually one of the better players that has the best understanding of the rules and is passionate enough about playing the game to be willing to organize events and tournaments. So because of their dedication and love for the game, it's somehow fair to make them sit out of playing a game they love? It's also fair to make them skip themselves in passing out prizes? Granted most prizes are the cash equivalent of a McDonald's value meal, but a trophy is a trophy. I was asked by a new FLGS about running their X-wing tournaments since I've had some success with getting a group of 12ish friends out to my house to play in the basement. Ironically enough, one of the reasons possibly keeping me from doing this is being unable to play in the tournaments I organize since this thread proves the idea of TO abuse is a potential. Plus it would also be cool to pick up a trophy to showcase the skills I've been gaining. On the other hand, I know if I don't take on the task, it probably won't get done since the store owner isn't an X-wing player. In my opinion, the "fly casual" idea should be extended to these circumstances as well, especially in smaller communities. I also feel that a little bit of transparency as the TO might help alleviate most concerns. For example, using tournament software and letting everyone see the standings easily, random with byes and showing the process used to determine who gets it, etc.
  16. I went to my local Target an hour before they opened expecting at least a handful of people camping, but I was the first one there. Around 7:40 other people started showing up and by 10 'til several of us had emerged from our vehicles to stake our claim in line. By the time the store opened, there were maybe a dozen of us standing around. We all chatted a bit about what we're waiting to get. Four of them didn't even know about the Star Wars thing and I was the only one there looking for the core set. So long story short, if anyone else's local Target is anything like mine in little ole Lafayette Indiana, then I would bet at least a few sets will be available if you can make a lunch break run to the store.
  17. I use two of those tackle boxes to hold my collection, but I think they were closer to $20 on Amazon when I bought them. The top area can even hold two more trays, but I only keep one in my "main" box. My main box has a tray in the top for the upgrade cards, tokens, asteroid/debris things, bomb tokens, and pretty much anything else support related. The first tray is where I keep my movement templates, damage deck, and my current 100 point build. This is also the tray I carry at tournaments (rather than the whole kit). The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th trays are all separated out for the three factions, but my Scum tray has some Imperial overflow. The second box has a tray devoted to epic ships and another tray for those mission tokens. One tray is empty and the final tray has any overflow ships. I even have an extra tray in the top section for other misc overflow stuff like target lock tokens, another damage deck, and another set of templates in case I want to demo the game for someone. I keep all my pilot cards in a binder and to carry it around I used some metal hangers to build a cage in the back of my main tackle box. To do this, I drilled holes in the back and bent the hangers so they hold themselves in place. If anyone is interested in how I did all this, I can try to take some pictures and maybe give some instructions.
  18. If you have access to a color printer, you could make custom pilot cards with their name or callsign on it. Same point value and trait as their favorite pilot, or something like that.
  19. Duke2000

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    The Index of Useful Links is a great place to start for tips and tricks!
  20. The developer shares the APK for XWing Squad Designer for download from his Google account: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByhL_sOuQuTFNjh2aGdBQjBpNzQ/view Looks like he updated it a few days ago, so I would assume it's still an active project.
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    What I ended up doing was getting a 48x48 sheet of plywood and a couple pieces of 2x2's. I used the 2x2's to form a box on the bottom of the plywood so the card table fits inside it. I'm probably not describing it very well, but basically the plywood sits on top of the card table and the 2x2's go around the edge of the card table to keep it from moving around thereby making it very stable. I then wrapped the whole thing in black felt... the bottom felted to protect the top of the card table. This provides enough space for the 36x36 playmat and a spot right in front of each player for ship cards and space on the left and right for movement templates, damage deck, dice, and a drink. When not in use, it takes up a little more space than a folded card table, but not a whole lot.
  22. Long time lurker, first time poster... but I have to give props to David. I've been using this app for a while now and recommend it to everyone I know. The best thing is even if you notice a bug or glitch, it's usually fixed in the next release and he's constantly keeping it up-to-date and improving things. Keep up the AWESOME work!!
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