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  1. If no one takes you up on your offer, you can always strip and reprime him. I use Castrol super clean, but any degreaser will take the old paint off. A lot of people use simple green, but that takes too long for me, which is why I use Castrol's engine degreaser
  2. Haven't been on the forums, Lately. My Doom box is at a friends house currently. Next time I go over there, I'll snag new pics for ya. Only difference between the two is the hoses, eyes, symbol on chest etc. are a puss green color I made by mixing greens and yellows. the other one is a simple application of evil sunz scarlet. for the armor I did russ grey with drakkenhof shading in heavy doses. The difference between the two is one I gave a brush metal look for weathering, while the other I did a brass/copper kind of tarnish look instead.
  3. Couple of buddies and I play Doom occasionally, eldritch, and Imperial assault as well as other games when we can. We all live in Eagan.
  4. Back when I use to play x-wing exclusively. I could beat everyone. Except for this one guy who flew four hwk's and ioned all my ships off the board consistenly. Nothing more iinfuriating than that
  5. Thanks for the albeit conflicting suggestions. I've always played with all owned content in one deck or pile, but like you mentioned, the bloating can get troublesome. I may have to sort through and cherry pick what content we want and don't want to play with.
  6. Perhaps discuss with Otero about it? I believe he is on these forums. Maybe he has or will make one?
  7. I see the merit of bot sides to this discussion. I think your mechanics, and structure by design is interesting and noteworthy, along with praise for your creativity. The character background however is where you lose most. Anime characters, Viking mythology and such as that are no place for eldritch. H.P. Lovecraft fans are very protective, as an open IP fanbase would be. Just look at all the horrible movies we have. Take your cards designs and mechanics, and add them with bootleggers, **** tracy's, jazz players, flapper girls, etc. and you will find a more... intrigued audience.
  8. Thanks for the input everyone. Was brushing up on rules and I can't recall or find anywhere about playing with expansion cards. Like MoM, Do we play with the contents of that expac (investigators, assets, tasks, etc) if we are playing an AO from MoM? Trying to figure out if I need to separate expansions or not.
  9. Welcome to the forums! 1) Imps can be staggered at full health with that chainsaw card. if stagger value is dropped down to a value of 0. than they don't need damage on them to glory kill. 2a) the wording is overtly vague. I treated it as just line of sight, I think they used that word choice due the line of sight rules in this game, where you have to draw invisible lines to all corners of a space lest that figure gains the cover mechanic. Adjacent spacing results in implied line of sight. So because of that, I would go ahead and say if you can trace on point of a marine occupied space to a point of a portal occupied space, that portal then activates. 2b) as soon the door is opened you would check for line of sight, and perform a summoning. Unless the card states otherwise, Don't have it handy to confer to. 3) Not quite following the question. Are you curious if you shuffle those initiative cards into the deck during activations? If so, I don't believe so. The initiative deck is prepared, adjusted, and modified during the status phase. So if you spawn something during activations because of the invasion card rules, they would not get an activation or card this turn. That being said, you can use this knowledge to make your spawn choices deadly, say you have imps out on the board, and they haven't activated yet. your new portals just opened up on that marines activation. You can spawn more imps, allowing them all to activate that turn. If anyone feels I'm wrong, go ahead and correct me. I'm going off of what my play group did based off of memory. There's a lot of instances like this one that are confusing and vague in what is the proper play.
  10. I actually failed that initial mission Ran head first and imps swarmed us. I took over my friends character after he had a family thing to attend to, and came back after a near loss, or so I thought. The imps and Revenant holing up at the end of the hallway was enough to obliterate my marines for the final frag token.
  11. Thanks man! Your initial post got me itching to paint again. so I dove right in.
  12. I usually just use krylon primer meant for plastic. I also had a can of Army Painter Primer. Both work fine. I'd make sure it's for sure primer meant for plastic and it's a matte type. I'm painting my Mansion of Madness minis right now and I accidentally primed them with a white Krylon semigloss. Not turning out so well. Make sure the temp is right for your priming too. Too cold and it will blister, crack, and peel, or bubble. Even coats too. Not too thick. Priming is just as crucial as the rest of the process. so again, I'd recommend Army Painters primer if you want to shell out $10+ per can, or Krylon's plastic primer series. that Camo line they have on every Walmart shelf even works well in a pinch.
  13. Hmm. So maybe the question I should be asking myself then, Should I buy the 2nd edition for the game that it is, not necessarily as a supplementary form for the 1st edition. I think I'll pass on it
  14. Thanks! I finished the Cyberdemon. Can't wait to see yours, when you do them that is
  15. Not sure if it hasn't been said yet. But I recommend Castrol Super Clean. another engine degreaser that's safe on metal and plastic. 8 hours and the paint will come off easy with a rinse and a quick scrub with an old tooth brush. I use it for everything. 15 bucks for a jug (comes in purple jug) from Walmart will last you a long time.
  16. Many coffee riddled late nights, and several empty pots of paint later, I am finished. I now, may finally rest, until game night.
  17. oh... so if I want the units from the 2nd edition, which scenarios might call for. I'll have to proxy, or shell out for the 2nd edition?
  18. Nice, so ill just need to buy the addon packs then. Good deal!
  19. Cuts down on setting up time by an unreal amount. Also nice when I take it to a friends house and they don't have a table that's big enough for the board, player space, and cards.
  20. Awesome thank you! I figured with Forsaken Lore in my possession I wouldn't "need" much else. Didn't really care for MoM that much after playing it through (too tedious and not enough fun flavor). Is there a source I can peruse to view the contents like AO's and investigators that come in each expac? -
  21. I own the first edition, purchased it like a month before the 2nd edition was released.... Didn't about 2nd edition or I would have waited. I like the idea of full co-op as we have too many 1vs4 or traitor games we play with my play group. That being said, Can I convert the 1st edition easily over to the 2nd edition rules and playstyle? Or is that just a waste of time and dig into my wallet for the 2nd edition.
  22. Haven't played in a year or two. My play group got sucked into Imperial Assault and didn't care to escape until just now. We always enjoyed Eldritch, and want to revisit it for weekly game nights again. I own the core game, Forsaken Lore, and Mountains of Madness. Which of the other expansions would you guys say is #1 need to get first or most enjoyable?
  23. I believe there is a 3rd party app that has all the decks, shuffles, and keeps track of them for you. Can't remember the name of it though as that was like two years ago. It was on the play store for android. Edit: Found it. On the play store the app still exists. It's called "eldritch Companion" by Reynier Otero. No clue if it's available for Iphone or not though. It is updated up to Dreamlands as well.
  24. I learned that the hard way yesterday. Took my marine around the corner to get an objective and planned on dipping to the teleported, but I should take a pot shot on my way out first right? Wrong. Six overwatch retributions later, I'm dead and objective is still in the room.
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