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  1. Hold Your Ground! Ever since this card was spoiled eons ago, I have wanted to build a multiplayer deck around it. The basis being that the majority of heroes and allies would need to have sentinel. Dunedain Signal goes on Hama so that after an attack you can dig up Hold Your Ground! to ready Hama for another attack. After you hit 40+ threat it becomes a reusable mass readying event. I thought I would post this multiplayer deck for criticism in the court of public opinion. Staring Threat: 31 Heroes: Aragorn (Leadership) Beregond Hama Allies: 19 3x Gandalf (Core) 1x Landroval 2x Legolas 1x Gimli 2x Guthlaf 3x Longbeard Sentry 2x Guardian of Arnor 2x Warden of Helm’s Deep 3x Honour Guard Attachments: 21 2x The Day’s Rising 1x Captain of Gondor 3x Dagger of Westernesse 2x Rohan Warhorse 1x Raven-winged Helm 1x Spear of the Citadel 2x Gondorian Shield 2x Steward of gondor 2x Sword That Was Broken 1x Celebrian’s Stone 3x Dunedain signal Events: 11 3x Hold Your Ground! 3x Feint 2x Foe-Hammer 3x Sneak Attack Any thoughts?
  2. RedDave87

    Eaden Vrill

    I was thinking about a Tactician K-wing with TLT. Eaden Vrill +Luke Skywalker Gray Squadron Pilot (PS4 Y-wing) +TLT +BTL-A4 +R3-A2 Guardian Squadron Pilot (PS4 K-wing) +TLT +Tactician
  3. Here's a fun idea: Eaden Vrill (37) + Gunner Nera Dantels (34) + Deadeye + FCS + Flechette Torpedoes x2 + Munitions Failsafe Grey Squadron Pilot (28) + TLT + BTL-A4 + R3-A2 99 Points You could drop Munitions Failsafe to bump Gunner to Luke Skywalker if you wanted. But with all the Fel's, Whispers, and Auto-Thrusting Robotic Brethren flying around these days I kinda like it as cheap insurance.
  4. You could always replace a Dagger with a Grey Squadron pilot with TLT + BTL-A4 + R3-A2 for 28 points. It still shoots before Vrill and can stress at any range at least once.
  5. This started mostly as a joke, but is looking more and more reasonable all the time. Anyways, lots of tricks in this list and plenty of area coverage. Should be fun even if it isn't that great. Jan Ors (36) + Twin Laser Turret + Veteran Instincts + Chewbacca Kyle Katarn (34) + Blaster Turret + Predator + Recon Specialist + Moldy Crow Roark Garnet (29) + Twin Laser Turret + R2-D2 Kyle and Jan shoot at PS 12 and 10 respectively. Kyle fires a 4 ATT Blaster turret with focus and reroll at PS12. Plenty of Range coverage with 2 TLTs. You don't have to fly in formation, just be within Range 3 of the other dirty birds. Also, if you've never tried R2-D2 crew on a HWK-290 then you're missing out. Little fella recharges so many shields throughout a match it just isn't funny. Bit of a gamble though, you sure don't want to flip up that munitions failure crit. Seems like a lot of fun. I mean, it doesn't have to be top tier to have fun, right? Remember to Fly Casual.
  6. I've been thinking about: 2x Black Sun Ace (23) + Inertial Dampeneres (1) + Lightning Reflexes (1) 2x Black Sun Ace (23) + Wingman (2) The first two are pretty slippery. The Wingmen help soak up the stress from ID and LR.
  7. RedDave87


    You could replace the Talas with Prototype A-wings with Chardaan Refit + AutoThrusters (17). They're faster and have a better dial + boost. They're great little blockers and they even have some turret protection thanks to Autothrusters. You might also want to consider swapping Adrenaline Rush for Veteran Instincts to bump Jake up to PS9.
  8. Better yet; E'tahn - 32 2x Knave Squadron Pilot (27x2) Bandit - 12 Mystify everyone as to why you bought three E-wings! (I bought three E-wings...) I'll leave now.
  9. If you dropped Advance Sensors to FCS, you could put C-3PO on the B-wing.
  10. I also really like E'tahn with a similar loadout. I recently used him with 5 Z-95s. E'tahn was an all-star... the Banditos were woefully inept. I've been thinking about pairing E'tahn with another ace pilot and a generic Blue (or 2 Banditos). Or give someone an ulcer in trying to kill these three ships. E'than: PTL + Adv. Sensors + R2-D2 Luke Skywalker: Lone Wolf + R5-P9 Tarn: R7 100 Points
  11. Three ships in-arc of a Y-Wing all get stressed, and when they all take a greet move they can't focus the Y-Wing and remove it in a single round of combat? First turn, range 3 triple stress on one target. y-wing takes moderate damage. Target is hosed. Have you ever seen an IG or firespray come back from three stress against a competent opponent? I have not. Triple stress is already going to be a thing with the Hound's Tooth and three Tacticians. It already has a wider firing arc (auxiliaries + Large base). Although with a Range 2 restriction, which isn't that bad considering you don't have to triple stress your own ship to do it unlike the Rebel Y-wing. You could even replace a Tactician with a Gunner crew and potentially dish out 4 stress per turn (or two each on two different ships).
  12. I have run out of likes for the day because of this thread.
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