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  1. Of course! Hoping to help make a good idea even better! I redownloaded everything, but did not get any font files. Are you sure they are in the same folder on the drive? Because as far as I can see they are not visible. I also used the npc={} method and managed to save an NPC. When I then cleared it, I got a new error message. I can add that I am on a Mac (if that helps). I can try it on a PC in a few hours and see if I can replicate the same errors.
  2. Here you go! Good luck! 'Orihime' was in the name slot on the NPC I was trying to save.
  3. So far it is really good! So far I don't seem to be able to add NPC's to library, which is a shame, however it could be on my end. Anyway, I hope you keep at it! It has so much potential!
  4. Hello everyone! Something that came up during our last session that we really never resolved. The Iron Forest Style technique states: Now, this seems to indicate that you can use it to target several individuals. During our session the player wanted to use the Strike action and hit one target, and then spend two opportunities to use Iron Forest Style on two other enemies. Is this possible? Follow-up question. If not, when would the Iron Forest Style ever be used to spend several opportunities? Thanks for your time and consideration!
  5. Just wanted to write and add that I really enjoy and use a lot of what you write here, so please keep at it! Some of the things I modify/change wording; but in general great job! Also, I really like that you add revision changes (I would ask that you let the changelog be a few more editions back)
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