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  1. It's amazing! Where did you get the miners proxies? Do you also have some custom miniatures for allies (reanimate, wolf, stones, shadow and etc)?
  2. She has elven boots, and some more stuff increasing stamina and etc. I do not remember exactly, but she does...
  3. I now play campaign as an OL, and one of the heroes - Astarra-Conjurer. She can move now 23 spaces. 23, Carl!!
  4. They stay on the map because there is no reason for them to be removed. The conjurer's skills which don't require use by the conjurer or the conjurer's proximity remain active- so monster's would still need to spend MP to move adjacent to an image if "illusory path" was purchased. The images are mostly just taking up space as attacks and movements can't occur, but there is no reason to remove them.I could ask in response, why WOULD they be removed, when you don't remove song tokens, valor tokens, elixir tokens, hex tokens, reanimate, shadow soul, wolf, insight token, or tracking token? I agree that thematically, if you are thinking about the conjurer "maintaining" the images, if she falls it makes sense that they would disappear. However, that is not how the abilities are writen. As it is, the conjurer could be KO, stand up, and still have 4 image tokens on the board. Thank you for the answer, Zaltyre. Still, those image tokens - it's not quite the same thing as reanimate or wolf - those are some kind of characters that can be activated; and it's not exactly the same as elixir tokens, which is closer to the potion (little bottle) But maybe you're right. There was an answer from FFG to this? And I have two more questions about image tokens: 1. The tokens affect on flying units? 2. These tokens are treated as a heroes. Can Astarra use her skill on this? (you may spend 1 movement point to remove your figure from the map and place it in an empty space adjacent to 1 hero who is within 3 spaces of you.)
  5. I want to go back to the question that was raised here What happens to the image tokens when Conjurer defeated? If it stay on the map - why?
  6. Great. When do you plan to finish it? I'll draw a map and will make a booklet, if you do not mind upd: Ahh, didn't see previous posts, sorry. Ok, I still ready to laid out the booklet when it will be done.
  7. Every time I say to myself something like "small boxes I will not buy" ..."lieutenants I will not buy, can safely do without them"... "hero packs I will not buy FOR SURE, it is absolutely unnecessary" ... Now I am sure of one thing - I will buy everything. Most of all now I would like to have some familiars pack. But coop-sets I will not buy for sure. So true. For Sure? Yes I Am. Descent without OL - it is not descent. Hmm...
  8. Guesswork, nothing can be said with certainty. Meanwhile, you can stock up unused monsters and wait in the wings.
  9. Same with Zaltyre question: would you like to share your custom campaigns? This kind of stuff is never enough for the fans, especially if it is high quality stuff
  10. Rules of all conditions (like stun, immobilize and etc) explained on corresponded cards. Just read them.
  11. I don't want read about Guardians of Deephall any more, I want it in my collection, at last.
  12. I'll add a little more details: There are three ways of playing the game - Single quest; Epic game and Campaign. Most complete gaming experience you get when you play Campaign mode. In this mode you play a few quests in a certain sequence, and in this mode there is an additional phase between quests, when players upgraded their characters, spending gold (buying shop items) and experience (take new class abilities), earned in each quest. Also there is travel step between quests (according to the map on back of questbook), when you get some event before starting the quest. Single quest - is exactly what you did in "First Blood". Just playing one quest without any other things. Epic game - it's a cross between a single game and campaign, when you play one simple quest on your choice, but before starting you get a certain amount of money and exp for spending, as if you gained them from the previous quest, if you've played the campaign. The campaign mode consist of act1 and act2 phases. The first half of the game corresponds to the act1 phase, the second half - act2 (cards of the act2 represent more powerful items, more powerful monsters and etc, just to match the upgraded and more powerful heroes). The order of quests and their choice is tracked in the log. Any campaign game consist of: • The Introduction • Three Act I quests (green) • The Interlude • Three Act II quests (orange) • The Finale Just after finale there is a winner of the game. As you can see - there is much more quests in the book than one campaign needs - you can play basic box several times and get different campaigns. You can read more about this on pages 20-22 of rulebook. I strongly advise you to play the campaign mode - the only way to get the most complete gameplay.
  13. Oh, for sure! When I was planning the map, I have prepared some labyrinth, but then forgot where I wanted to use it. My gaffe. FaethonXNemesis - any time, pal
  14. Fixed, now it's working (through google drive interface - direct links dead after few hours)
  15. Hello. I wrote a big post on BGG, but maybe there are people here who do not visit BGG. I made a few mini-campaigns booklets, using custom quests, shared here in Quest Vault. It is ready for printing (double-sided, A4) and playing as campaign. The King of All Goblins - several single quests. Farrow's Jiggery-Pokery - single quests + abandoned campaign beginnings In Search of Ancient Power - Zaltyre's campaign united with Nomakz's "campaign" Also, I laid out a booklet for the Call of the Necromancer campaign, but since the author has not finished yet the final quest, and writes that he going to update all the quests soon - I didn't really invest my time to it, just laid out all quests together, and made campaign log; no cover, no map. Call of the Necromancer
  16. Yes! Crypt dragon looks cool, almost as cool, as valyndra.
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