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  1. Thanks, that's what I expected. Wanted to put in my pre-order for two packs of each, but wanted some reassurance. Much obliged.
  2. HI all, Just wondering before I pre-order, will the Wookie and Hired Guns packs have elite versions of the characters too? I tried finding out from the preview pictures, but wasn't sure. I'm assuming Stormtroopers are a given. Thanks.
  3. I did the same this weekend with my Nuln Oil overzealousness. It took a few more coats of the white, but the seemed to come out pretty well. Just have patience and use multiple coats and don't try to cover with white in one go. Definitely, I persevered and have managed to make them seem okay. I'm a first time painter and unfortunately very anal. I became very frustrated at the fact that I couldn't make the troopers look "clean" until I realised you do need to keep applying a few coats till it looks smart. My hands are so shaky though! Will need to go over the black undergarments at the joints again. The faces are tricky to do too. I shall put pics up in due course and hopefully get some helpful feedback to aid me in improving my technique and methods.
  4. I think I went a bit overzealous with my Nuln Oil on the Stormtroopers. I hope the White Scar makes them look decent again! In Sorastro I trust!
  5. I got paid last Friday, did all my research over the weekend and finally went nuts and bought brushes, paints and primer (from first 4 videos), testor's dullcote, needle files and xacto knife and am looking forward to the weekend!
  6. I am loving your video's! I am planning to use them as my guide for when I finally get round to painting my figures. Do you already have an idea of what paint's you're going to use or do you address it when you make each video? Reason I ask is that I'm going to be buying my paints soon and was wondering if you had a list of paints, washes etc which will cater for the whole set.
  7. Thanks for all the tips guys, been reading your stuff and following it up. Will take the plunge next week me thinks. Currently compiling a list of colours and shades that I'll need. What did everyone use for their mini's?
  8. Got mine today too from Book Depository! Loving the look of the new Antarctica board
  9. I guess they have retitled them as "Shade" and not ink. Ah yes, I will definitely be going with the Citadel shades but use the Vallejo paints, Thanks, will hopefully have some decent enough finished works to put up! I think I'm going to go for a starter set, as that will give me enough range and options to paint my figures the way I want, whilst allowing me freedom to use some of the other paints to practice mixing. Still debating in the back of my mind whether to buy the specific colours I need individually or not. Reason being, if I do get the starter, it's still missing some of the other stuff I need. I'm quite anal about these things
  10. I think it is unnecessary to Gloss and then Matte. It does provide better protection, but *can* make the model look a little "thick" (its not as bad as it sounds). If you are planning on just throwing these models in a box when your not using them, then by all means gloss then matte, but if you are going to keep them in foam, a good matte finish (like testors) will be just fine. Thanks
  11. Regarding Citadel Inks, is the reference to Citadel paints in general or their specific Inks line? From what I can tell, that's been discontinued?
  12. Thanks for all the tips, guys! Think I'm going to mix up Vallejo and Citadel's together, take the best of both worlds. In regards to the gloss v matte, is it worth putting the gloss on, then finishing with a matte rather than missing out the gloss completely? Having thought about it, I would prefer the matte finish but I'm reading that a matte finish by itself isn't the best protection for the paint. In regards to getting a wide range of colours, would this box set be worth investing in? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tjbuGL53Hs Also, wehre's the best place to learn what techniques to use? For example, it wouldn't have crossed my mind to ever use a black wash on white Stormtrooper's. Keep the tips coming guys! Would be great if some members could write up a rough paint guide for the figures too. Would be very much appreciated. I'm one of those guys that likes to have instructions to fall back on, I'm not ashamed to admit it, manliness be damned! (Natually, I appreciate many methods are personal preferences, but it's great to have choice)
  13. After seeing various pics now of people's painted mini's, I've decided that I can't do without having mine painted. They look awesome! Was just wondering if people could help me out a bit, since I have no idea where to start with the paints. So I've done my mandatory reading, watched a few tutorial vids and now I've specifically read some SW:IA painting guides. As a start off point, let's use the below video as an example of painting Stormtrooper's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZUsfAtyEM0 Firstly, I've decided to go with Vallejo paints due to the high recommendations and you seem to get more bang for your buck. My question is, do I go with model or game paints? I want my miniatures to have the realistic sort of look, will the model paints be a better option, or will using the game one's not make much of a difference, plus add to handleability? For Stormtrooper's, using the Citadel > Vallejo converter chart, I would be looking to secure a Vallejo Heavy Grey or Basalt Grey, a Black Wash and a Dead White or White. For the gloss, what is the Vallejo equivalent to Ardcoat? Or would it be best to just use the Ardcoat? I'm yet to decide if I'll just buy the paints as the tutorials come out, but they may take a while, so would anyone else be able to give me a rough idea of which colours should suffice for the rest of the figures? I would be looking to paint them as near to their artwork and colour schemes as possible. Also, any helpful suggestions or ideas will be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. I hope they set the camera up closer to the game, it was too far away to even see anything happening in their last game they put up. Would be great if they can, it's more enjoyable and easier to learn stuff too.
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