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  1. Not really, but that was one of my initial ideas. Tavson flies really heavy, with Snoke -giving me a chill flight with Kylo vs 6s- and Phasma. Also with advanced sensors because I use 3 gas clouds, and shield upgrade which usually is really worth it. As the cherry on top goes the biohex codes, since in my first turn I always bump kylo and TL him. When there are no 6s I use Snoke for combat. Expensive but worth soft focus. Kylo does not have room for supernatural, but he comes with hate and optics to favor some aggressive exchanges in addition to his usual arcdodging tricks. Proton tops are great against other 5s who shot before me, since I put the condition then throw a well modded attack with a guaranteed crit. 193 points. Tavson is the real star there xD
  2. Yes, that's me! Antonio or Nino, as you please. I encourage you to try, it's superfun to play! Snoke is the only sense we need hahah
  3. Just made top 16 in Euros using Kylo Tavson. Extremely overlooked comp, with only two ships, but surprisingly adaptable. It works wonders, and I lost the top game only due to mistakes in judgement and devastating crits coming through. Can be watched in First Earth's Youtube Tavson is an anvil and Pro torps Kylo is the... other nimble anvil. You have tools for nearly everything. PS: I played and won the XTC with Spain, but playing a different faction! Amazing week
  4. "Meta" is what you fight when listbuilding. "Meta" skyrockets the odds of finding the same 2-3 lists all the time. But every day it passes, the actual meta becomes weaker and weaker, and peolple learn how to fight it or directly counter it with lists that are close to an auto win against them, until it shifts. In that continuous chase you find out what suits you, and if you stop just copying lists from tournaments, you get to find very interesting solutions. I just won a 100 people regional in Spain with Kath and Boba, but I've been perfecting those two guys for months reacting to what people used. And in the end, it worked. Meta is what you allow to endure just if you don't react
  5. What would be great is a big scan, to have it in good quality, because I want it bad as a wallpaper, or even to make different alternative cards like the one shown before. It's amazing, I feel the envy running through my veins...
  6. The problem I've been having with tactician on Boba is a severe lack of damage consistance. Also, Dengar crew is like a target lock every turn against named targets, and generic targets are usually cake for IG. If there were a way of putting a thermal detonator aboard Boba (preferabily with extra munitions) in that build, I'll be pleased. Those things create a very nice no-fly zone for those problematic aces when they get closer than I would like. I'm still thinking about it, and this weekend I'll probably play something like this, depending on how many Uboats I foresee, I may play the usual crackbot, or the jammer version for less damage - better survival.
  7. Last week I was thinking about a list that allowed me to be competitive, sort of, and fun. There are some premises I need to follow, because if I don't like a list, I don't get convinced by it immediately, I get bored of it right away. So I wanted to bring back weapons I enjoy against the current meta. Add to that that I want to explore the fascinating world of Dengar crew, and voilá, I have a direction. Ok, so we have two meta superb lists around, and those are, as read in the title: triple Uboats, featuring a varying amount of torpedos and fireworks, and aces/palp aces, who are always a PS 8-9 surgical pain dispenser. I planned adding two large base ships, which can deal with some of those menaces by themselves. One will be superb vs aces, and MEH vs U boats, and the other will be superb against Uboats, and kinda ok vs aces. I introduce you the comeback pair, Ig 88B and the almighty Boba Fett! Boba Fett, 49 points Veteran Instincts, Dengar, engine upgrade, glitterism, Slave I (Cool purposes only) IG88 B, 51 points Predator, mangler cannon, sensor jammer, glitterism, autothrusters, IG2000 (Cool purposes, again) Thing is, Ps 10 and 6, the IG can absorb, with the feared super Sensor Jammer, some plasma hits, and after that it is a very difficult ship to pin down using turrets. Boba being an ace hunter, and competent against everything else (Have you tried it against non crackswarms getting in range 1 and using glitter? hilarious). What do you think guys? What would you sacrifice to put bombs on Boba? (The dreamed extra munitions and proton bomb tops at 56, and it's definitely to much). edit: English is not my native language, typos detected!
  8. I still don't believe it, Biophysical. It was finally a 32 ppl store championship, only swiss, 5 rounds. I made it to the second place with 5 games, four of them won 100-0, one lost 15-100. I faced aces only, since luckily, people is avoiding the 4 tlt meta that won the two first stores in southern Spain, in Sevilla and Malaga. So, in general, the top tables were filled with some meta lists, and mostly not so meta lists. There were 5 kirahzx (3rd place), double decimator (5th), 4 z95 2Ys (Took first place), And imperial aces (4th place, the only loss I had). I also saw in top tables 4 t70s, 7 z95s with feedback arrays, and 4Bs 1z. A heartwarming variety that I did not face at all xD There were not particularly good or bad matchups. I fought against Vessery (PTL, Engine, HLC), lambda (Vader, title) and omega leader in the first round against an unexperienced player, and I tried to be helpful while explaining the choices I made every time. He left the lambda behind too long, and the first combat round I was able to focus fire omega leader, the next turn Vessery, and the game ended promptly, only receiving a salvo in Zeta Leader. The second game was against the only other 100-0 and it was a very archetypical Poe, Corran, A wing. Both aces with VI, He set up for the joust, the A in the flank. I ran fast with Zeta, and Omega and Rex moved 2 to set up a good fire concentration of fire. The next turn I tried to force either Poe or Corran to take focused fire, and to avoid that, Poe boosted, into Rex's range 1, only avoiding Omega Leader's shots. When he got killed, and corran did no damage to Omega Leader, things went south for him. Next round Corran lost all of his shields, and the only damage I took was a double attack from Corran on my defender, who stood up with no shields. The third game put me against a Vader, Soontir (Targeting computer) and omega leader squad. It should have hurted me more than it did. At certain point, he boosted Soontir into range 1 of Rex, and Vader did the same, expecting to kill me before I could answer. I still think that was a bit reckless, but It could have worked. Soontir removed all 3 shields, but Vader was unable to finish the job (2 damage, agility crit), so there was a return fire turn, with focus. Soontir died there, and his omega leader followed. Once forced into the defensive, the game was finished, and the FOs did the rest of the job while I tried to protect a 2 health Rex, that is worth 50 points. Fourth game was against a Palpatine, Soontir(TC too) and Vader(Juke). Again, aces. A guy from a the neighbour city of Córdoba. We've played 4 times, I've only won one. This was not that one xD He flew Palp defensively, and his aces did the job. First shot range 3 stripped all shields from my Rexler, 1 damage on vader in return, and after that, the only true chance I had appeared while blocking Vader, but my Rex shot got only 3 hits, and he rolled two evades. Palp did the rest. Omega leader died to lambda fire after that, Zeta leader did what he could, but did not shine this time, and died second. Rex tried, survived a few turns, but only one guy with no available blockers, his demise became just a matter of time, and last round of the game, Vader erased him from existence. A few potshots on the lambda gave me half it's value, but that's it. The last round was against a Whisper, omega leader, and Palpmobile. It's played by a young lad, who plays quite well (Has won several tourneys in the last months), but lacks a certain level of concentration. Once he makes one bad roll/decision, he just starts ranting to himself, and usually that leads to his self-defeat. My recent loss did not affect me, and after an unfortunate bad positioned Whisper's cloak, I moved all my ships to the only place the decloak could take place. The phantom decloaked, and and after a 1 hard turn, missed the chance of a shot for milimeters, while I had the 3 ships pointing in his direction. He cloaked again, but I managed to do the damage even after Kallus and Palp did their jobs, and did not lose anywhing. Omega leader died, and after that was a Lambda merry chase. A second medal, a second range ruler, and another nice € prize. The most important thing, I enjoyed every game, even the loss, and I had a true blast with Rex, who only used his ability ONCE, against the phantom in the last game, and did not affect anything. Oh, yes, he received 2 damage because he didn't have a focus xD Again, thank you guys, and I hope you excuse my writing, since I'm clearly not native english speaker edit: Oh, I did not answer your questions. under average matchups could have been any swarmy 3 red dice lists, and in general, tlts do not favour the odds of evading too much, while 8 (9) red dice may be too short to kill something soon. Vader decimators and direct damage lads, like the 7 z95s could prove them a hard matchup too. If I had to choose what not to find, I'd go with the 4 tlts, hands down.
  9. I already won a big store championship with the Omega Leader and 5 TIEs, and next weekend I have another, this time without the pressure. Same size, about 40 people there. I'm bringing Rexler with Omega Leader and Zeta Leader, and felt compelled to tell Bipophysical, because he ran a very similar one (Hull upgrade instead of comm relay on Zeta Leader), and he's the hero the defender needs. 100 Points 50 points • Rexler Brath TIE Defender Heavy Laser Cannon Predator Hull Upgrade 26 points • “Omega Leader” TIE/fo Fighter Comm Relay Juke 24 points • “Zeta Leader” TIE/fo Fighter Comm Relay Wired I guess there are a lot of things that hurt me, a lot of things that will make my life very complicated, but... Want to feel Rexler's touch. Thank you for your inspiration, defender ppl.
  10. Well, I'm giving a (crack)shot to this list, expecting to make the target priority difficult by spending or not crackshot on damaged fellas. Focusing fast an enemy should result in an advantageous fight, but it's a small list and vulnerable to certain enemies, like TLT spam. Vessery 46 Crackshot, Hull Upgrade, Heavy Laser Canon Omega Squadron 18 Crackshot Omega Squadron 18 Crackshot Omega Squadron 18 Crackshot
  11. I made it to top 8 in the Spanish National with: IG88 B & C Mangler cannon Sensor Jammer Predator Inertial dampeners Autothrusters But I think I have discovered a monster with the following dual agressor list: IG88 B & C Heavy Laser Cannon Fire Control System Crackshot Glitterism Autothrusters Those are absurdly lethal, and also can pretty much obliterate a Soontir Fel or Vader that happens to be in arc. I'm rapidly falling in love. They can also just delete an enemy ship quick and fight against a decimated squad for the rest of the game.
  12. Plastic spaceship games are a serious thing. Please, do not disturb any adult fighting over it.
  13. I played the tournament, and people weren't expecting that. I did run IGs with thrusters, predator and jammers, both with mangler cannons, and only faced one Y tlt spam list, on table 6, and totally wrecked it, nothing he could do about it, no damage through. The thing is, once I made the cut to top 16 (We were more than 150 people in there), I didn't face that list, and ended up in top 8 losing to Vader Juno Palpatine shuttle. But I assure that double thrusters IG just wipes tlt Ys. So do swarms. And probably Poe. Not so fa(s)t guys.
  14. It was in my mind since the first time, giving more valid targets to my enemy may force him to choose poorly, depending on the situation. Backstabber is pretty solid. In the other hand, you know dark curse is going to provide a TL for Vessery until there is no Vessery, but his damage is lacking. You have a good point
  15. Ok, Ill explain that Deathrain. That heavy control provided by the nets and ion missiles mean usually, that there is a target that won't be able to focus you properly. At the start of the game, you chose a target enemy pilot with higher PS. You ideally will try toshot him the first engagement turn, so you get a TL. Ideally, you will, if not... IS MERELY A SETBACK. Next turn you conner him, then barrel roll to be able to shot him an ION PULSE MISSILE. His maneuver after your bomb will be a 1 straight. Then you ionize him with your missile during the combat phase si his next turn will also be a 1 straight. Then you have 2 potential situations. 1- If the enemy is a big ship, you keep ionizing him until the max of 4 turns. If you engage in the middle, he's most likely being shown out. You escort him carefully out of the table. Especially useful against IV IGs. 2- If showing him out is not an option, focus fire him those 2 turns with Vessery. Vessery is basically the actual DEATHRAIN. 4 dice, no modifiers at long range, TL, and most likely focus and -1 agility. I don't have much more to say, he's beautiful, a shredder and a sniper, all in one. You can always have Dark Curse as a spotter given the situation, your worst enemy would be those new pesky TLT, and even then, you have some chances. If the enemy has a rebel captive, let Dark Curse be the stressed... and I don't know, I'll figure out the rest
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