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  1. I hope this game does well. I really do. My only experience with Rokugan was from D&D 3E with the Oriental Adventures handbook. I loved it. We played that homebrew campaign for 5 years. Some of my fondest RPG memories are from L5R... that said, I don't want anything to take away from Netrunner. It is my all time favorite game and a big part of my life. I will definitely buy the core set and the packs for L5R, but Netrunner speaks to my soul. Cyberpunk gives me hope for the future- Asian fantasy is just a fun distraction.
  2. Thanks! With 6 subforums it's hard to keep up with everything that's posted
  3. Am I the only person on here that would love to have a book for playing this from the Imperial side? I think a campaign could already be run with the majority of classes, and the newly announced soldier book should fill in any gaps, but I think an Imperial Sourcebook with info on ISB Agents, Inquisitors, and Imperial officers, as well as Imperial regulations, practices, and procedures would be amazing. Has anyone on here run a campaign with Imperial PC's? Thoughts? Ideas?
  4. Nothing. But Krampus brought us a flooded downstairs from the thunderstorms and tornados over the last 2 days in TN... Merry f***ing Christmas...
  5. I have the feeling that ffg's partnership/licenses/whatever with Disney and Star Wars comes with some advance info on ships, and to stay on-message/brand-current ffg is going to be focusing primarily on Rebels and Ep VII, as cool as it would be to see more old SW Legends ships (dunelizard)
  6. Kom'rk/ Gauntlet is 53m, Ghost is 43m. I doubt we will see anything non-epic larger than the Ghost.
  7. After comparing, they have similar silhouettes, though the engine nacelles are vastly different and the main hull of the Shadow Caster is more of a disc shape. Still, spiritual successor?
  8. Apparently it was designed as a variation on Asajj Ventress's Banshee which was already a variation on the Republic Gunship.
  9. Just finished s02ep07 of SW:R "Bloodsisters". Ketsu Onyo's ship the Shadow Caster could make for an excellent S&V Outrider equivalent. http://starwarsrebels.wikia.com/wiki/Shadow_Caster Discuss
  10. Netrunner: 100%, with multiples of some packs (i keep about 10 decks constructed) Star Wars: 100% with multiples of some packs Game of Thrones 2nd Edition: Core Lord of the Rings: Core
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the new 360!
  12. Lol...Apparently Darth Ruin has never done a K-Turn
  13. Again, partially joking, partially serious. I am very familiar with AA/ 12 steps. My wife is a banker, she gets up-to-the-minute reports on our account- she knows every penny i spend. Everything is fine. Post was meant as a humorous hyperbolic take on real events.
  14. Hi. My name is Chris, and I have a problem. I am addicted to X-Wing. My habit started simply enough- Wil Wheaton's Table Top video got me to buy the core set...within a month I had $300 worth of spaceships (back when Imperial Aces had just come out). But I was still just a social player. After 6 months I traded my collection to get into recreational LCG use (don't get me started on Netrunner and Star Wars- there needs to be separate support groups for those). I thought I would be fine. Casual. No one got hurt. But something kept pulling at me. I was sad to see my beautiful little spaceships go. I missed them. My wife didn't understand. I would go cruising the forums late at night just to see what was happening in the meta. I kept being pulled back. I couldn't resist. 3 months ago I fell off the wagon. Hard. In 8 weeks I had sold all of my comics and TPB's ($500), sold my entire Munchkin and SJGames collection (I used to be a MIB for them- $200), and then I started selling plasma (another $250) so that I could buy EVERYTHING(most things in multiples)... I was literally selling myself to get my X-Wing fix. My wife didn't mind since I hadn't spent any actual money on X-Wing, just money that I had already spent on other nerd stuff, most of it before we were married. 2 Weeks ago, I started spending actual money on X-Wing. I am out of other collections to sell. I know I should be saving for the Raider (if it ever comes out) and Wave 7, but I had to get my new-ship-fix. I bought a 5th bomber. I commissioned a HWK repaint. I bought *another* set of dice. My wife doesn't know yet. I am spending money on X-Wing that I should be spending on real things, like beer. The worst part is, I'm not even playing. Sure, I would love to play, but my wife hates the game. And because of my work schedule, my free-time is so sporadic I can't set and keep a play-date with friends or at my FLGS. I just "fiddle the fiddly-bits" as my wife says, and then re-arrange my collection every other day. Today I had a breakthrough. I had spent the money I had saved for my dad's Father's Day present on another Imperial Aces set. I was ready to just head over this weekend empty handed because I clearly needed 2 more spaceships more than my dad needed a new 30-06 die for his reload press. But I couldn't do it. I turned around (u-turn on a busy street) and took those spaceships back. I have vowed not to buy any more unnecessary space ships, and to only buy new space ships in moderation and with money saved for them specifically. I can do this, one day at a time. May the Force grant me the serenity to accept the green-dice I can not change, the courage to change the red-dice I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. ***This is only part joke- all of that post is true. It is not meant to diminish or mock anyone who is or is a recovering alcoholic- I have been to my fair share of meetings to support friends and family. And I work for a brewery, so I super-advocate responsible drinking. This is simply a tongue-in-cheek/satirical recounting of my X-Wing experience that I think many of us on the forums can relate to. Hopefully my sharing helps. Addiction- to anything- can be damaging to ourselves and those around us.*** Fly Casual, and Fly Responsibly.
  15. Since we do not all share a common lexicon for contractions and acronyms, let us endeavor to use clear speech, full words, and direct and simplified language. Part of what makes reading the forums so taxing is the over use of acronyms, slang terms, and word contractions- real or made up. If I never see the letters "OP" again, it will be too soon.
  16. Cthulhu Sith Lords. I would ABSOLUTELY buy this.Hell- throw in Sauron and Tywin Lannister for good measure (and some Dark Eldar thing from whatever WH40K is?...), and you have some of the most bad-ass evil doers of all time. Where is my cross-LCG tie-in big box expansion? I want to mix my Sith/Imperial Navy deck with my KiY/Nyarly deck with my Lannister deck with my Weyland deck with my...actually I don't play the LotR LCG, but if I did, you could be damned sure that Sauron in all his asskicking enormity would be there! did that make sense?
  17. Made this becasue I was tired of deciding everything on "The Meta Game"- just wasn't fun anymore. Fly casual, have fun.I can routinely clean house with this list in our informal games. Demolishes the Fat Falcons, Chirpy, and other 2 ship lists. Not great against swarms. Fun though- More like hearding- You cruise around slowly at range 3 from each other and funnel ships into the space between for a "best of 2 bad options" scenario. EU is there to keep arc dodgers within the Decimator's turret. Vader is there when you need him, but positioning and getting the Mara Jade stress is more important. DOOM PATROL100 points 63 points Commander Kenkirk VT-49 Decimator, Unique If you have no shields and at least 1 Damage card assigned to you, increase your agility value by 1. Ruthlessness (3) Ysanne Isard (4) Gunner (5) Rebel Captive (3) Engine Upgrade (4) 37 points Omicron Group Pilot Lambda-Class Shuttle Fire-Control System (2) “Mangler” Cannon (4) Darth Vader (3) Mara Jade (3) Shield Upgrade (4)
  18. so it would seem. No- FFG, anticipating some confusion, has listed Juno's updated maneuver dial, as seen below and in the original post.
  19. You don't have to play a full game. Maybe your only objective is to escape the board while navigating asteroids and debris while returning fire. 5 rounds, tops and only your pilot PC sets a dial-you aren't dogfighting your PC's-you are helping to tell them the story. As the GM, you can make any calls necessary to keep the action moving. Don't set dials for your enemy controlled ships, just move them to where it makes the most narrative sense. And if you are using the dice from SWRPG already, your players should very easily be able to add new dice to their pools with minimal explanation -x wing dice are super simple, compared to the SWRPG dice. And all the while that your players are in x-wing or armada, they should still be in character. Treat it more like a cutscene. And be prepared. Have everything set up and ready to go. It should be a tool to aid the story. If you can't integrate it quickly and fluidly, cut it. But if you can, your PC's will dig it.
  20. I have had major success with this. And from a narrative perspective it really helps the players visualize and engage with the story. Instead of just saying "we shoot at the TIE fighter", roll dice "you hit it", we switch over to x-wing and run that scenario. You can also use the advantage and threat dice, adding those to a combined pool of attack and evade dice as a means of handling focus. Generating advantage will turn focus into hits, and threat into blanks. Triumph can be spent to turn focus to hits and hits to cries. As the GM it gives you a massive additional toolset for interactive narration, and can take the monotony out of roleplaying
  21. Slugthrowers in Star Wars are like real guns- firing metal bullets. They are outdated, but still effective, since the types of shields that stop blaster bolts are useless- bullets move too slowly and have significant mass. They can be stopped by ray shields, which are rarely employed on individuals, making them decent close combat weapons. Against ships, though, they would be less useful, since many ships have ray shields.
  22. Man...so much negativity. How about "thanks, ffg,for giving us an awesome game to play that doesnt just focus on the most popular ships and gives us interesting, esoteric ships from deep in the EU." some of you need to listen to yourselves. I am very excited for wave 7. All of it. Punisher looks bad-ass. And the k-wing is evocative of an A-10 Warthog, both of which are bad-ass. Houndstooth will be killer, and the khiraxz should be solid...it's so hard to read these forums sometimes because of all the complaining.
  23. I may take you up on that. I love my red one. I just PM'd you
  24. I may be an outlier, but I DESPISE my red interceptor from Imperial Aces- the regular interceptor and the one with the stripe are nice, but the red one just looks dumb. I really hate it. If anyone wants to trade me a stripped or regular interceptor for it I'm game.
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