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  1. I got curious the other day at work and did some calculations and had a good laugh about what I realized. I would say that every Imperial player dreams of the day of piloting an Imperial Star Destroyer in X-Wing, but even using epic ship scaling (1/350), a fully-realized ISD would come in at an amazing 14~feet long. Staring at my T-65 in comparison, it really does give it an amazing visualization about just how much larger an ISD is than a fighter. Of course, then I had to know and did the calculations for a Super-class Star Destroyer, which at the same scaling would come in at a whopping 177 feet. Nearly two-thirds of a football field. To think that Arvel Kyrnyd nearly brought down such a large ship by himself is absolutely amazing. I guess this is the reason we'll never see these iconic juggernauts on anything but an Armada table. Fly casual!
  2. Well, I think that it was even mentioned in the episode that a great casual scene promotes the trournament scene. Casual players have a great time honing their skills and learning the ins and outs and finally desire to test themselves and try for some swag (still hoping to land a challenge coin). Both parts are equally important in this game and I, like Babaganoosh like both. Have fun playing casual? Do it! Love rubbing people's faces in it after tabling them? Tourney time!
  3. Came across this as a comment to my post the other day regarding the Kenobi fan trailer and felt that I had to share it. It's a fan film about a watershed moment in the life of a stormtrooper. It was well worth the view. Hope that you all enjoy it as much as I did. https://republiccommando.wordpress.com/2016/08/21/a-path-made-clear/
  4. I, too, was watching TableTop and came across this episode. I'd seen X-Wing before, but really was only a card/board gamer. Wave after wave came out and I resisted, as I really had no local scene where I was. After having moved, now, I finally have a couple of FLGSs that supposedly have decent support for X-Wing, so I'll try them out. Really, though, it just comes down to the magic that is Star Wars and how much I really enjoy the entire universe and now I have yet another outlet to be a part of that galaxy, far, far away...
  5. Having just purchased range rulers, maneuver templates and the standard token set from them, I have to say that I am incredibly impressed with the craftsmanship and quality. Also, offering so many color options and even styles of target locks was great. Plus, with the upgrading etching art on their templates and rulers, they just look really well done and were ordered and at my house within a week, so can't beat that. I highly recommend them, as well.
  6. I was so excited when I bought my first blister of the TIE Defender. Ever since the video game TIE Fighter by LucasArts, it's been my favorite imperial flyer. To open the blister and see that FFG thought highly of it, also, as to make it nearly unplayable due to cost, I was deflated. :-/ That being said, when Imperial Veterans dropped, I bought two copies immediately because they fixed my favorite ship. I don't really care for the Glaive Squadron paint scheme (I wish that they had painted the Defender like they did the bomber), It made my favorite ship playable and more fun to play (if that was possible). Also, I'd just had the spark of desire to play bombers and after Imperial Veterans, I really want to play a bomber list.
  7. Yes, those blisters contain different upgrades and pilot cards.
  8. Came across this on the social media forums yesterday and just had to share. As a huge fan of Star Wars and not just X-Wing, I really enjoyed the idea, although I feel like the Jundland Wastes would've been pretty boring for 17 years, personally... Oh, well. I hot-linked it to my site, so enjoy! https://republiccommando.wordpress.com/2016/08/18/a-stranger-in-a-strange-land/
  9. I had the same thought, but my son wanted some, so I got him some for his TIE/D list... and I was hooked. They really are great. Are you swapping out the dials or one for each ship? I bought two packs for each faction and just swap them out. I prefer 4 ship builds, so buying two packs per faction made sense.
  10. I had the same thought, but my son wanted some, so I got him some for his TIE/D list... and I was hooked. They really are great.
  11. Really want to try this build out but I feel that it suffers from the long game after the initial pass. With the slow dying down of Palp-Aces (I said slow) it seems like at least on a local scene that this build could dish out some serious damage on the first volley and then clean up the leftovers in the second and third passes. As always, I welcome critiques and ideas from everyone and thanks in advance! 4x Gamma Squadron Pilot ------------------------ 4x Guidance Chips 4x Homing Missiles 4x Extra Munitions Simple. Straight to the point. Deadly. But is it efficient?
  12. The A-Wing in X-Wing to me isn't quite the same as it was in canon or non-canon EU. In literature, it was the rebel interceptor or was designed for reconnaissance missions. It clearly can't hold up against an fully decked out Fel in this game and there is no recon, so it really is in an interesting place, even with the refits and stuff. I do agree with heychadwick, though, in that it really is a great incentive to mark along the way and the mission designers clearly had a reason for making the stipulation in the first place.
  13. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/SS-54_assault_ship Really would love to see this one for S&V.
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