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  1. Use challenge coins instead.
  2. For all those who believe it sets a precedent:
  3. This will now be bugging me as well. Should have been front guides only 😆
  4. Meta-wise I really miss Asajj and her shenanigans. She's a bit more difficult to build with now as she can't get those double actions and use all those beautiful blues. Non-meta I miss Wes and Hobbie the most. My 2 favourite pilots in the whole game.
  5. So I was flying this with some success (3 wins, no losses thus far): "Dutch" Vander + Trick Shot + Ion Cannon Turret + Agile Gunner Blue Squadron Escort + Servomotor S-Foils Wedge Antilles + Servomotor S-Foils Magva Yarro + Leia Organa + Tactical Officer + Pivot Wing After my squad's most recent practice session I decided to remove Trick Shot and Agile Gunner as they weren't giving me much (Trick Shot wasn't used and Agile Gunner was used maybe once or forgotten and didn't really affect anything) and add Advanced Sensors to Magva. Today I got some inspiration from my squad and came up with this which seems even better: "Dutch" Vander + Ion Cannon Turret + R3 Astromech Edrio Two Tubes + Servomotor S-Foils Wedge Antilles + Servomotor S-Foils Partisan Renegade + Advanced Sensors + Leia Organa + Tactical Officer + Pivot Wing I will need to practice with it but it appears solid based on the success of the other list. Thought I'd post it here in case anyone wants to try it and give feedback or just give their thoughts on it.
  6. You helped me come to a conclusion. This was the best analysis of his ability. I thank you for your time in typing that whole thing out.
  7. It doesn't say it doesn't count as a modification. You are still modifying your dice but just in a way that is a reroll but not a reroll....
  8. Never tell me the odds. We have this on our squad shirts 😄
  9. As mentioned in the other thread the ability *might* happen during aftermath on the condition that at least 1 damage was suffered during the Deal Damage step. In this case Once Per Opportunity would apply. BUT of course this could go both ways especially since damage cards are suffered one at a time during the Deal Damage step and between each damage card there are triggers that could occur (such as the effects from faceup damage cards). I see Hate was brought in to clarify a little so it appears it would occur during Aftermath rather than after specifically suffering a number of damage.
  10. You will only ever have 3 final positions on a barrel roll regardless of template orientation. The direction (including banked barrel rolls to front or back as these are directions) cannot be changed if all 3 positions cause the barrel roll to fail. The ship is returned to its original position if the barrel roll fails.
  11. Do they sit nicely in the medium and large bases? My ID tokens are loose in those size bases; small bases they fit perfectly. I'll try my System Open locks with the larger bases, maybe that will work instead. I am enjoying the cleanliness of the game space with the numbered locks and IDs though.
  12. If you can gain a red token and target lock tokens are red then it stands to reason another token of the same type (target lock) can be gained by the ship. Remember that there are only red target lock tokens now. There are no blue target lock tokens anymore (even though people still keep using old target locks which frustrates me immensely since that's not how the new version works). I don't see why this wouldn't work with target locks unless FFG explicitly ruled otherwise. And then there's this: "If a ship is instructed to acquire a lock, the object it locks must be at range 0–3 unless otherwise specified." The ship is only gaining the token, the other ship is not quite acquiring the lock since there's no written instruction to do so.... We'll need a ruling on this from FFG.
  13. I've also noticed the official app allows Asajj to use Hate so the "bad guys" can use Dark Side powers. "Good guys" will need upgrades such as Maul.
  14. You'd actually be able to drop or launch a device even if you've been forced to decloak during the Planning Phase because the rules state: Each ship cannot drop or launch a device during the same phase that it decloaked. The Planning Phase and System Phase are 2 different phases.
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