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  1. X-wing related: Can smaller kits be produced for more remote regions so that we can get in on the SoS action as well as make the normal tournaments more accessible? We love X-wing but don't see much support and the kits we can get are really expensive which pushes entry prices to ridiculous heights. Would be nice to have scaled kits for our community size. It would also make stores more enthusiastic about obtaining kits as players would definitely come to more events if we had great prizes available.
  2. Indeed. But it leads us further down the rabbit hole. There are a lot of separate steps involved here happening at mostly the same time and I'm trying to nail exact positions of everything within that tiny window. The timing of the tractor boost/roll is within execution of a maneuver but is not the execution of a maneuver (according to Replacement Effects since the stress would be received during Check Difficulty during execution of a maneuver). Oh dear. I'm glad no one plays this here. I assume someone has sent in the query to FFG.
  3. Game effects occur before player abilities happen.
  4. You can't SLAM with this upgrade if you don't have SLAM on your action bar. This card does not add SLAM to a ship's action bar.
  5. Only this card is overriding the rules because of specific text. It appears they've written what you want in a shorter way. You can only use this card if you have the SLAM action on your bar, you still can't SLAM outside of the Perform Action Step (what they've done is allow a Perform Action step after partially executing but only for the SLAM action) and you can't do it without consequence. Black One will still adhere to the rules reference limiting SLAM because the card doesn't contradict the rules. And that illicit slot limits this even further.
  6. As stated above, yes you can! Backdraft's ability doesn't work with the concussions but you should shoot from the front once or twice, once out the back and you should be digging into hull at this point. Once the hull is being hit, you use the concussions (which also negates range bonuses as you fly off into the sunset). The Heavy Turret ability and Backdraft's ability mean I don't require Pattern Analyzer on the SF and it's extremely good at hit and run tactics. As soon as I'm in range I go for the lock which I was always hesitant about with QD/FCS because I wanted to reduce damage taken a lot more. Not so much with Backdraft because while he can fly past and still shoot, my opponent normally needs to K-turn or similar and BD always ends up with lock/focus for 2-3 attacks which helps a lot with pouring the damage on. It's not an easy list by any means. Mistakes were made 😂
  7. I haven't played in about 2 and a half to 3 months. I took the following to one of our monthly tournaments this past weekend: Kylo Ren: Supernatural Reflexes, Pattern Analyzer Backdraft: Fanatical, Fire Control System, Concussion Missiles, Special Forces Gunner, Hull Upgrade Null Our community is tiny but competitive. I placed 3rd out of 10. Not too bad. Most of our players think FO isn't any good at the moment but there are some real gems in this faction. Backdraft did a lot of good work with that hull upgrade (negated half points once and death once as well) and the concussions.
  8. For all those who believe it sets a precedent:
  9. This will now be bugging me as well. Should have been front guides only 😆
  10. Meta-wise I really miss Asajj and her shenanigans. She's a bit more difficult to build with now as she can't get those double actions and use all those beautiful blues. Non-meta I miss Wes and Hobbie the most. My 2 favourite pilots in the whole game.
  11. So I was flying this with some success (3 wins, no losses thus far): "Dutch" Vander + Trick Shot + Ion Cannon Turret + Agile Gunner Blue Squadron Escort + Servomotor S-Foils Wedge Antilles + Servomotor S-Foils Magva Yarro + Leia Organa + Tactical Officer + Pivot Wing After my squad's most recent practice session I decided to remove Trick Shot and Agile Gunner as they weren't giving me much (Trick Shot wasn't used and Agile Gunner was used maybe once or forgotten and didn't really affect anything) and add Advanced Sensors to Magva. Today I got some inspiration from my squad and came up with this which seems even better: "Dutch" Vander + Ion Cannon Turret + R3 Astromech Edrio Two Tubes + Servomotor S-Foils Wedge Antilles + Servomotor S-Foils Partisan Renegade + Advanced Sensors + Leia Organa + Tactical Officer + Pivot Wing I will need to practice with it but it appears solid based on the success of the other list. Thought I'd post it here in case anyone wants to try it and give feedback or just give their thoughts on it.
  12. You helped me come to a conclusion. This was the best analysis of his ability. I thank you for your time in typing that whole thing out.
  13. It doesn't say it doesn't count as a modification. You are still modifying your dice but just in a way that is a reroll but not a reroll....
  14. Never tell me the odds. We have this on our squad shirts 😄
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