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    My gosh enough with the nerf theads already.
  2. Really you want to nerf rebel regen now? How about enjoying the game and stop looking for things to nerf. I dont post a lot but I am sick to death of the "lets change the game and nerf everything becasue I dont like something" threads. Whey don't we just get rid of all upgrade cards and just play the pilot card with no extras.... no wait then we will get nerf this pilot or that ability. Figure it out and apply some critical thinking to overcome what is beating you. I don't even play rebels and think this is ridiculous.
  3. You had me at the title I hate nerfs and loathe erratta.
  4. Rebels are poor and simple minded. That is a card obviously developed by the Empire and as such should be placed on my Defenders. Dismissed.
  5. I hate painting and 40K makes me paint so I love that FFG takes care of that for me
  6. Empire all the way. I dabble in Scum and buy evarything just in case.
  7. I play Stele right now with Juke x7 and Run him with Admiral Cherio with EU VI and the Emperor. It is super fun.
  8. First off I want to thank FGD for the awesome Tropic Thunder reference that won the interwebs today! Second I would like to discuss the OP. I have a better solution than nerfing the scouts. I say run a list that can beat it. Now this is not a "git gud" post but really get over wanting to nerf everything that is winning at the moment. I kinda get the Phantom nerf, kinda, but since then it seems to me the cry to nerf something that is winning has gotten out of hand. There is a triple YV-666 build that beats the breaks off of the triple scout build. I say it go down and the guy who was running the triple scouts is a better than good player he is very good. Swarms can kill the scout build and there are other builds as well that can take it down. You want to discuss making the build harder by nerfing it instead of discussing ways to beat it. Maybe it is just my upbringing but I just don't believe in pulling something down to your level to succeed. I think these build are a good motivation to rise to the challenge and come up with something that can win against it. In summation nerfing in general is bad and being creative and using you amble critical thinking skills to over come this build is good.
  9. If you are using palp you really need to run Stele with Juke. Ic been running him with Cherio/palp/VI/EU and it has been awesome. Palp setting up the crit for stele has been amazing. Running him instead of Vess in a palp shuttle list would have to be great as well.
  10. Whatever the rebs can have it. Its gonna die to my x7 defenders anyway.
  11. OR...you could figure out how to play the game we have.
  12. This thread is a poorly designed topic.
  13. Why are you giving EU to fell he alreadt has boost. Also he needs ptl.
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