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  1. This clip shows it perfectly. Here's also a rough picture I made in vassal. Good job on your run in Tatooine Open to the final table!
  2. Sure! It used in tandem with obstacle placements, the goal is to protect the flanks of the ghost, protecting biggs, and giving optimal paths to engage/escape. Having the ghost start on an angle allows for a tighter opening move for the ships to maintain formation and with enough play to adjust during deployment if necessary. the ghost can hug the table edge to protect one flank while rocks can protect the other for the opening engagement. Also depending on how close you deploy near the edge you can adjust the opening speed if needed.
  3. Hey guys! Calen here! I haven't been to may events that have a stream or recording, as it not very common in my area. The only recording of my games of worth were from Tacoma last year and they were choppy and terrible sound. If your lucky you may find them. From other videos I've seen I fly it very differently other players, but I do have close to 200 games with Kanan/Biggs in some combination. If you see me on vassal I can give out some pointers. Same name as the forum + Ball.
  4. Just wanted to throw out my thanks to Blair for the shout out for WetCoast GT regionals. If we didn't play during that one store championship in Bellingham, I probably wouldn't of figured out Kanan/Biggs with tacJammers. I'm sorry hear, as BMF said above that the worlds entry is not working out. I wish you luck getting that worlds ticket for more representation of great players. I managed to get my nationals entry the following week. I will be representing the west coast at the Canadian regionals in September.
  5. We are have our regional event coming up soon, and its the last chance for the northwest area with a small number of large events. Same location as last year at the Grand Villa hotel with even more floor space and lunch option for the weekend. With the weaker Canadian dollar it is even more affordable. All information and ticket option available through the link below. X-Wing has a cap of 64 players, with over 20 currently pre-registered. http://www.wetcoastgt.com/
  6. Hey everyone! A Group of myself and other gamers run an annual event in the Seattle, WA area for miniature games (mostly warhammer) over the last 5-6 years. We introduced a small X-Wing tournament last year which was a decent success. We will be running one again this year on Saturday January 10th, 2015 at our TSHFT Event in Bellevue, WA. It will be 100pts, Standard FFG Tournament Rules, 4 Rounds with a possible of a 5th if necessary (depending on number of entries) We have Two Battlefoam 216 Cases with X-Wing wave 3 foam for prizes. More information can be found at http://www.tshftopen.com/x-wing-rules/ https://www.facebook.com/TSHFT
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