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  1. Yoda was true; there was nothing within that tree; Rey had already nicked it all. Just Yoda knew exactly how to push his buttons to forfill his destiny. An absolute troll, even to the end of Luke's life. And I'm sorry if theres spoilers but if you came into this topic expecting anything else, well. I don't know what to say. XD
  2. I think saber chuks is fantastic. I mean, no one is gonna know how to respond to that for a good few seconds, which compared to traditional dueling methods might be enough to deliver a telling blow somewhere. These kinda things we house rule as duelphasing; that surprise tactic that denies them an casual defence until they get it. Personally I am partial to combo weapons; a lightsaber built into the grip of a dueling pistol? Hide one within a swordcane? Make the salarb of another sword an emitter? Might not be as confortable as a dedicated weapon but much more concealable. My personal favourate was a belt saberpike I wore. Basically the entire emitter was built into the buckle with the hilt made out some exotic polymer that constricts around the waist when not in use.. In short, I take the large belt off and it contracts and extends to form a short pike, most inquisitors usually don't see it coming, usually followed by some quip or other. "Usually I would buy you dinner first, but for you-" *crack* "I will make an exception."
  3. Aye, I am of the opinion that results should be spent there and then; though the effects of those results might not be apparent until later. A common thing that I find under rated is the ability get something that would make a proceeding task easier. E.g. "hang on this guy has dropped a coding clylinder? But what is it for?" "Oh an orb. Interesting I guess." "Hmm nothing seems to have happened, but that means we shouldn't linger here!" e.c.t The biggest problem I find with the system is that banking a Thriumph may mean that those game changing effects are being spent on checks completely unrelated to the original check, which I guess is alright if thats what you are aiming for, but I tend to be a big fan of fortune being quite fickle, on one encounter it's smooth sailing, on the other everything has gone wrong.
  4. To be fair there was this mention of "this chosen one designed to bring balance to the force." A pholospy that was brought up but never really explained in any great detail nor was a fact of any importance aside from an indication to episode 6. To be honest, it was that that took it too far for me, not midocholorians. There's overshadowing, then there's "this kid will balance the force, even though we are 99.9% certain all the sith are dead at this point." "Only two are the sith" is also needless compulsion; basically the Jedi in that particular scene was sprouting off rubbish that only made sense in the context of the OT, but was character knowledge they shouldn't have had. Besides, personally given that the Jedi are meant to be the ultimate authority on all things force in this setting I would argue it would have been a greater disappointment if they hadn't at least attempted to discover signs of force significance or attempted to study the link between the force and they; given the force is ultimately an object with no material form one can only observe it's effect on reality. As an actual scientist in biology, I see nothing wrong with midacholorians, because their presence is just an indicator; not an enabler of the force and as a scientist I would have done the same thing; looked for indicators. "But that means being a Jedi is only limited to a few!" Aside from Luke and Leia and those already trained in the force; who manifested abilties? No one really. I am of the impression that though force potential can be inherited, people either are selected to be great or not; you either feel the force or you never will. Most people never demostrated the capability and Leia, despite being Luke's sister never went on to develop her powers. She wasn't even sensed to have it really; Vader never addressed her personally as such and only found out after he pulled the information from Luke's mind. the only feat I can attribute to her would have been receiving Lukes call for help; something that might have been more to do with their emotional connection then her potential. So even within the family line; people being great or not is more to do with their destiny then it is to do with linage. Likewise, even some people who can't feel the force are destined for great things. Han Solo was exactly the kind of man who could survive anything until his time.
  5. I am of the opinion that weapons, lightsabers included, can and should be broken, taken and lost as and when the dice results call for it. Items in the star was universe don't usually have any significance associated to it (unlike DnD where enchanted weapons are inherently valuable, unique and inherently designed to be expected to last). If an NPC is having especial trouble in a given situation, then it may be in his best interest to flee if he is very clearly outmatched; turning a fight to the death into a chase scene, which if he escapes gives him time to plan on how to deal with that Jedi with the loud saber.
  6. Admitively, aside from hearthstone I haven't played warcraft, having seen the lych king expansion though... Re: I think the prospect of the "middle" path is possible, but exists between life itself and absolute corruption? Personally this prospect of "mathematically committing evil to maintain some balance" sounds silly, because no one inside this universe knows what these arbitrary numbers are, are we dealing hundreds? Thousands? Billions? Or have you already fallen to the darkness in the meantime by seeing life as numbers, not people? The idea of artificially committing evil just to remain within this mystical 30-70 zone sounds off, no matter the intention. Thing is, the Force is Life itself and the Darkside is it's perversion, so the key thing is what is the person actually aiming to do with the dark side? To manipulate your own fate or that of others? To always make the most efficient decision to preserve law and order? Is making an example of those rioters the best way to go about things? Personally being at 100 morality doesn't present paragon like a beacon of light, but reflects a person who is satisfied with their lot in life in the galaxy and has no regrets and is willing to let situations play out, a darksider is the inverse, always craving what they can't have and feel compelled to stack the deck in their favour. This comes from someone who roleplays a character who drift's between light and darkness, not because of belief (He finds the Jedi manipulative and distant at the best of times, and despite receiving instruction from a sith saber for two years, is frequently pressured by darksiders frequently attempt to end his life just for existing.) but because of practicality. Tobin Stryder doesn't have a sanctuary to retreat to when things get tough and he cannot isolate himself from the galaxy like they could to find his inner calm. His struggle was never about finding this mystical grey path, his conflict was more based on keeping his sanity despite being in the most brutal war this galaxy has ever seen, to maintain his moral compass to save the galaxy from a dictatorial regime without becoming consumed by the dark impulses to become a monster himself that indiscriminately lashes out at the civilian support that hold together the imperial regime,even if that could bring about victory more quickly. Being conflicted was never a choice for him, it was a direct consequence of always being on the run, fight and frankly make some horrid decisions to sacrifice hundreds to save millions. So perhaps neutral force users aren't these mystical "grey Jedi", but a rather more ordinary person that doesn't have the benefit of making the right choice or the conviction to "wait and see where this conflict goes.". Despite his position Tobin is a starch supporter of the alliance, just as he puts it "I'll have time for rehab later, I've got a war to win first before my son's old enough to walk." Keep in mind that, shortly after Endor Luke left the war to go artifact hunting and only emerged back in the galaxy proper after the war was over some 3-5 years later. So when I refer to the "wait and see mentality", I am referring to that mentality to abstain completely and letting the galaxy take it's natural cause, rather then getting needlessly involved.
  7. Aye. I would probably set these checks for batches of ammo. So probably 1 check = a couple of reloads or 5/10 arrows, so that this guy is basically making batches of ammo rather then individual packages. Meaning less checks made. We also have a soft crafting limit of 2/3 checks per assignment so the narrative doesn't get too bogged down, given our group is a rebellion unit it makes sense.
  8. It also varies on personal belief within the universe; my PC, partly because he had witnessed droids do the most heartless things (resolving the hostage situation by executing the hostage comes up time and time again, and is actually a defining factor of my character's disilluisons in his unit.), refuses to believe that droids can have sapiance at all. They are merely following and interoperating their own parameters to achieve their goals in whatever manner is most effcient without bypassing their primary programming. As such he does treat them as mere equipment and would think nothing of wiping them if their traits proved to be disadvantous, and thinks exactly the same of the sympathetic droid in the party that otherwise expresses human, if somewhat morally deprived traits.
  9. Of course a lot of it also depends on what skills these misfits bring to the table. Those are all good starts and nice ideas. The most obvious thing I will ask is that it's worth having a plan for if they do break free from their squad role.
  10. Aye, Tobin Stryder, prior to becoming "aware" of his force sensitivity was obsessed with getting revenge on his fathers killer; a Imperial favoured bounty hunter that was once a close family friend. Obtaining the sith saber basically enhanced that obsessive focus, turning that "once I meet him I will kill him" into "Alright, since I'm getting absolutely nowhere near my agenda with my party or this alliance, I am going to get a friend to rat me out to the bounty board, plan and execute a raid on Kaltho's vault to steal the jewel of yavin a 3rd time via an complicated but very explosive method, and I will hunt him down tomorrow. I do not care how much of a sith storm this causes or how many bounty hunters will come after me in the meantime, nothing will get between me and that bar steward. I will have my revenge." Basically, it goes far beyond being a curiosity or a goal when he embraces his obsession weakness but rather it becomes everything he has to live for in that he doesn't care about how many people or resources he must sacrifice; he must achieve that outcome. Failure or negligence is unacceptable. It's during those moments that the outlaw called Tobin Stryder becomes most attuned to his inner darkness or to use the example above, rejects harmony in favour for the discordance that suits him Another great example was in one of the adventures, advert your eyes please! In the under manned ship building colony that was only defended by miners and precisely 13 mandolorian warriors, the alliance party was completely spilt on whether to seek help from the Zygerian slave circuit. Most of the party wanted nothing to do with the zygerians despite the major shortage of manpower either due to belief (We have enough right here between the droid fighters and our elites) alliance principles or having been captured by them before (we had one mandolorian that had almost been sold into slavery who absolutely hated zygerians.). Tobin disagreed and saw the potential for the entire squad and colony to be wiped out, and had previously lost a colony of people to the parties negligence (though it was mostly a different group of people at that point), but was outvoted diplomatically and was asked to do things their way. Those that had voted him down were either lightside paragons or heavily assoicated with the alliance's stance of no slaves. But Tobin wasn't about to let this happen again, he had seen it happen before and he wasn't about to let another colony get wiped out on his watch so he decided to do absolutely everything else the party would not do. He took his personal ship with one other crew member that agreed with him, went to zygeria and, by turning in the King's Sword* gained 400 strong slave army and turned up two hours before the empire was due to arrive. The party was completely furious at his precieved betrayal, especially the mando who had almost a slave (especially as there was several mandolorians with explosive collars assigned to him). But in his obsession to achieve the perfect outcome and not let a community fall into ruin he was going to betray even his own principles to make sure they saw tomorrow. He had alienated himself and put 400 enslaved soldiers into the most brutal battle imaginable just to buy time for the alliance fleet to arrive. By the end of the battle Tobin Stryder had fallen into disharmony, having gone from about 90 morality right down to the high 50's from the gigantic loss in life (only 60 of that army survived, the zygerian handlers was mostly intact) that the slave army experienced and those dark deals he had made in which to get them. Yet even then he maintained he was right; in that battle the mandolorian had died fighting up to 30 stormtroopers at once and sacrificed his life to buy time on the retreat and maintained that things would have been much worse had he not followed his initiative, labelling the paragons as "people that seek enlightenment through sheer ignorance. You want to find the Jedi way? Go and prey in a ruined temple, it was precisely because people like you didn't interact with the galaxy so that when your star's started disappearing from the night's sky, no one gave **** you were gone." In his obsession he had dismissed everything, including the squad's feelings on the matter in favour of achieving that end goal. A truly obsessed character should frequently chase their own agenda, but never to the extent that it compromises fun around the table. The driving factor behind Tobin's obsessions is that, more often then not he's looking to create perfect condictions to crush the empire with; due to his difficult life as a third class citizen he is essentially a rebel fanatic, he is an intelligence 5 force emergent who is in a desperate hurry to destroy the inquisition and the empire so his son can live a happy life in the future. He doesn't care for enlightenment or balance because he hasn't forgiven himself for the things he has done and will do to continue winning the battles. If anything, he likely cares way too much about doing the right think and is trying too hard and it is that relentless drive that is bringing him down into some pretty dark places. Like the greek heroes he is inviting great tragedy upon himself and boy is it delicious. *Of course this lead to another awesome adventure that would be heavily off topic to describe.
  11. That and the key thing with darkside users is that they are usually hooked on one particular point of obsession that they usually never compromise on. Dooku's boiling arrogance, Ventresses anger, Mauls all-consuming desire for revenge, Palpatine's constant malicious nature, Vader's barely contained fury. Darkside users are usually characterised by one all consuming flaw that they are entirely captivated to follow. Dooku's biggest crime as a Sith was ever thinking that he was irreplaceable, he never once saw that he was a pawn right up to the point of execution. My PC has obcession for a weakness, so usually when he is slipping in morality he becomes obcessed with scheming, he will often set out increasingly elaborate plans to deal with any potential problems that come up. At these times he's usually ignorent of how much collateral damage he causes, as long as he gets the goal completed.
  12. I would probably have said *since the session has likely concluded* to go ahead with the session, but perhaps started the next session off with a bit of a solo act as that member of the party goes home and sets up things. I mean, we see the "party" spilt all the time in star wars.
  13. Aye sure, go nuts. ^^ I imagine revenge would be a huge motivating factor. He joined the game because his brother romanticised it in the novels sent back to his family, so I imagine he would be actively hunting anyone who came in contact with Bulk or his brother; the former for crippling him and the latter for making this life seem easy! Given that Tobin is being actively hunted by a Hutt clan (for robbing their leader's vault, and later linked to their bosses murder) Black Sun (for having a hand in the death of their leader, impersonating a Vigo.) and the Zygerian Empire (for killing their king, and filming their current king singing naked in the shower "I just can't wait to be king) that's a pretty large list of people to interrogate. Just as well he seems to die every month or so. It's a long running joke that "Tobin's dead? Just give it a couple of months and something valuable to steal, it's just a phase he's going through that he'll just sleep off." That and plenty of people to interrogate. XD "edit: This is Lord British btw. I forgot that my university computer used lordbiscuit. I will purge this from my memory also! xd
  14. I figured it needed reminding. This isn't threat/despair generated from a character's roll, but rather generated from an NPC against a character.
  15. Given that the player is the result of threats and dispairs when being rolled against; generally we chose what happens with those when they are rolled against us while the gm has absolute authority on the success and the advantage.
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