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  1. I play this game in solo mode. No problem in finding players
  2. Since AH LCG is a solo coop LCG, this kind of competitive “new” news is irrelevant. I played 64 games of AH LCG and I am into the 3rd adventure of the Carcossa cycle. We went just after some actors in 4 player mode... and my last 3 games were run solo with Skids OToole in the first 3 adventures ... of the basic box. I have ALL expansions, ALL books but I did not open the last cycle yet while playing over the last 2.5 years. In LotR it is even worse. I played many more than 100 games and still did not pass Kazad Dûm with dozens of decks. I have all SAGA expansions and all others up to the Dream cycle... tldr: these solo/coop games are endless and they will not “finish” because of production stops - like competitive LCG/CCG’s. Just enjoy the endless rides.
  3. Actually, since both LotR and AH LCG’s can be played in solo mode, these LCG’s will NEVER die in your collection as you will always be able to play them in a non competitive manner. The above is the HUGE advantage of these kind of coop LCG’s. THAT is also the reason why I no longer buy competitive CCG’s or LCG’s as they are driven by competitive play and so their activity quickly ends after publishing the final print run. The only exception for me was the Star Wars LCG that has a unique and superb SOLO variant of 22 pages on Board Game Geek. I even like playing it solo more than against a friend. The SW LCG is a SUPERB game and I still hate these haters at launch that prevented me from buying it. Only YEARS later I stumbled over it and since then I will never believe anything posted before I myself can play it. But luckily thanks to its great solo mode, the SW LCG was saved ! —- So I am very happy FFG went for the solo/coop variant again with the Marvel Campions LCG . A life long fun awaits with these solo card games. And quite frankly: you can play endlessly. I played hundreds of games in LotR with just opening the first 2 complete cycles in ... 8 years... I have all Saga expansions and up to the Dream cycle... that are waiting ... It would also be VERY silly to sell these solo games for some stupid cash. I hope Marvel Champions will be good, but in no way I am selling these other solo LCG.’s Simply too good.
  4. And their new LCG is Marvel...by Nate French of LotR and AH LCG fame. Ok. Take my money already...
  5. First, I am a huge fan of FFG. As a traditional wargamer I am also heavy into thematic games FFG produces. I think I have almost all these great adventure games like a complete collection of Lovecraft games (and dare I say most expansions too), a living room full of LotR LCG, Runebound expansions, XWing, and - of course - the App assist solo experiences in Descent2 and SW Imperial Assault... So I was excited to see Outer Rim announced and - as a solo player - was very interested in buying it. Certainly after having played a 3 player game it seemed destined to succeed as a great solo game... But ... after several solo sessions, the solo Bot as it NOW stands is subpar to many of my other solo games frankly. The Bot is not very consistent, it deletes text on ability cards and makes for some very poor play in around 40% of its actions. The reason for this post is to try to convince the developpers to try correcting it in future expansions. It is not very interesting to see the AI Bot go/buy for cards it can not even use... then buy a job that it needs to go to the other side of an endless board and then waste money on things it has zero value for... The game has such a HUGE potential, but sadly - compared to the other recent FFG products - its solo AI Bot is not up to its job. I have one rule that keeps things fresh and objective when I play solo games: If I start to support for the AI to win, it is not a good sign actually: the better solo experiences gives you a great fun challenge packaged in a compelling theme. In the case of Outer Rim, the theme package is awesome (and even good in 2_-3 player) but I am always wanting the AI Bot to give me a better game, which it lacks at the moment. So dear developpers: try to put out an expansion with a better AI. Thanks in advance.
  6. It depends on the game if expansions are truely needed. Of course every publisher would be insane NOT to produce expansions these days. But you as the player still decides in the end (sic)...... Probably not ... as the push towards collecting it all ... is always stronger than controlling a personal buying spree. FFG specialises in it. We are weak and ... they know it I still think that the vast majority of games do not need expansions ... compared to the number of times we ACTUALLY play them on an individual basis. So apart from the usual collectable/living card games, your life will not be unfulfilled by just buying a base copy of a game you will play a few times per year...or ... in your life time.
  7. I hope it is more than that. Automa is a great word for absolutely .... nothing really. In times where intelligent solo games exist like LotR, AH LCG,s, Terraforming Mars or John Butterfield games... placing a dumb pawn at a random place (as seen in Viticulture) is not the best design in what is supposed to be a story telling thematic game like Star Wars. For me personally, I weed out all games without a decent solo mode these days. Too many choices and too little time to invest in non playable (or boring) solo experiments. I can understand youngsters that want to have highly competitive collectable or expansive games, but this gamer has seen it all and ... believe me ... the ONLY games with a reasonable long life expectation are the solo designs (which you can still play long after production ceased). No decent solo play, no longer a purchase. Simple.
  8. Since this is a solo game with software support from 4 different OS, it can be played forever.
  9. The most important element to buy this game and its LIMITLESS play was forgotten: ....the game can be enjoyed in solo,or coop mode. So it can and will be played as long as you want it. No need to worry. And present day software will run on anything in a decade, just like my PC can run anything of the last 40 years.
  10. Someone forgot the pain to set up MoM1. One small error in the set up by the “real person” game master and ... your complete evening was ruined. The WORST and most awful gaming sessions in my life came from bad Game Masters. Always wondered where all these surprising GM were situated... Not in my neighbourhood (except for a very few lucky evenings). Also how could this be a Descent game? It doesn’t use dice, it has hexes as expansive world terrain and uses cards constantly throughout the game... In fact of all the hybrid games I know only 2 have similar software. Descent2 and IA. X-Com completely different, MoM2 is very different, the Martian, The Witcher and many others all have different programs.
  11. We use this technology every moment in our life ... because there is use for it. Do you use an abacus or take your phone to do a quick calculation? Do you take a paper map or set your GPS? As such they are not even viewed as devices with screens , but tools to make life better. And yes they CAN make better boardgames too. Compare the set up difficulties and hic ups in MoM1. One mistake by the game master and your gaming night was ruined. Imagine the joy I had when finding out that AT LAST I could buy Descent2 to play solo without or together as a hero with my wife ... Making the usual negative comments about hybrid boardgames is silly in this society anno 2019. Within 5 years there will be hardly a difference between your player card and the fold up phone in your pocket. Within 10 you will have folded silicon maps and processors. Constructing artificial barriers against ever progressing tools is a waste of time.
  12. It always wonders me why people post 24/7 on the internet about not wanting to play a boardgame with their ... phones or other posting tools. I also can not understand why people say they use these devices too much. Sorry but 30 years ago we: - sat for hours watching TV - sat hours in cinema theathers watching movies - listened for hours to music while just sitting or doing things - waisted hours to look up books in libraries - read novels and books too heavy to drag along - read hours in our magazines and news papers - did sports while inconveniantly had to drag cassette recorders with us - hang for hours on our phones to talk to our love ones... - lost far too many hours to find a road without GPS - did not even play correctly because we had no on line help for rules look up.... BUT NOW ... some are too stubborn to use these tools to limit the number of trees being cut for a card being drawn.... Tldr: this is 2019. We use computers ALL the time. Grow up.
  13. I have a huge paper storing box with 2 rows holding 1600 cards. Actually I bought 3 of these but only 1 is filled at the moment. 3 bucks a piece Only the adventure cards divided per section are in that box though. Because I use maps/sheets to store the player cards per investigator and color. The basic box holds the rules, the cut out image of the big expansions and coins. These odd FFG storing boxes I use to store the stand alone adventures in their plastic cases. The just fit in, so yes, these FFG storing boxes serve nothing really.
  14. Like Labyrinth, this is (nearly) impossible to solo. You can try but you will loose... And that is sad really. These GenCon adventrues are clearly designed for 3-4 player groups. Also: apparently the 4th cycle has been POSTPONED and is no longer on the printer stage: redesigned according to today's website... I guess someone messed up with OR the design OR the printing...
  15. Well first: You CAN consider AH LCG a kind of continuing series ... you pay for like in an MMO. AND punishing or frustrating the average player -for him/her- too much will simply mean ... you will loose that player. So it is exactly like any other game series to hold that interest. That passion will be lost by frustrating play, be that too easy or too hard or well lousy designs... Secondly: My boardgame example came from that one card in EH that lets you loose that one victorious mission card you fought so hard for ... to simply take it OUT of your victory pile. Simple mechanic but dumb mechanic, which has nothing to do with your skills really. Just based on a card draw that punishes play without any other reason than make the game longer. Third: I am all for difficult games as Vanilla Diablo3 was an extreme hard game at launch (“we made it extremely hard and then DOUBLED it...”) and got flak for being too hard and too much influence for the Auction Houses, which btw was only GOLD in the hardcore game mode I played (instant death and loss of character, start from zero mode). So D3 turned after the departure of Pardo into a present day cake walk which is as bad or even worse than being too hard. This all being said, I have not played this last AH cycle yet, but if it is really too frustrating I will think about buying extra cycles or not. I remember stopping LotR once too ... until they introduced easy mode, so I could CHANGE the modes to progress when I got stuck. In conclusion AH LCG and LotR LCG stand both in the absolute top 10 of my gaming lists. Great games, but do not underestimate player frustrations. FFG have to earn their continued expansions. Up to my personal playing experience I only found one bad AH expansion pack and that was the Labyrinth expansion. It was subpar in my 3 play throughs (1 in a group of 4 and 2 solo ones). The others were great to excellent.
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