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  1. The last 2 were unbeatable. The first 3 could be won, but then the campaign would always go off rails.
  2. I play 90% of my time in solo mode. So every new game is welcome in this mode. FFG found out years ago that games with a solo mode not only sell great, ... but they just keep going. The reason is obvious. You can set them up whenever you want, you decide the pace, the tension, the timing. No need to search for players when in the mood. I like these solo games in any form really, card driven, bot driven or App driven and they last forever. Just look at the 13 year old Arkham Horror, the 25 year old DungeonQuest, Lord of the Ring LCG,... Some people say solo (able) games are niche. I think they are wrong. I think they up sales by up to 30% at the very least. Couple that with a much longer life time in sales and playing time and for both production houses as players they are a sound investment. As for this game, I am pretty sure it will last a decade or more as a selling point. The only thing needed is a good balanced play, something the last 2 scenarios of the WH Quest card game lacked a bit in solo mode with 2 characters.
  3. MMOfan

    what LCG will be the next to die?

    Some remarks: 1. solo/coop LCG’s live much longer than competitive ones. Even in 10 years you can start playing LotR LCG or Arkham LCG. 2. The Star Wars LCG is great but it ran its course, so they will relaunch a new one, but this time as solo/coop. 3. Competitive LCG’s have it much harder to counter the meta death knell, so it is obvious which LCG launch will be next AND will have a solo/coop playing mode.
  4. MMOfan

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    Warhammer Card Quest was a good game but the campaign was fairly impossible to win in solo mode with 2 heroes. Let’s hope they tune this aspect a bit better.
  5. Title says it all really. This system should be used in other worlds too ! I vote for a Lovecraft version or a Sherlock Holmes version (that last one in a simpler/more fluid form than SH Consultive Detective). Join the plea !
  6. I love the game. My wife doesn't as she doesn't like to read fiction either. I think that is very important to know: if you don't like to read, don't like fantasy or only play competitive euro games, this game is not for you... i just gave it 9.0 on BGG...
  7. MMOfan

    Introduce your Characters!

    I just imported my human Knight Kolin B from World of Warcraft into this world of Dragonholt.:) His stats are awful btw... but I don't care it his trip that counts and I am having LOTS of fun in solo mode.
  8. The digital version will reinforce the paper version and vice versa. It is always great to have cards in hand and play with physical components while some times it is nice to have an extreme fluid digital card builder and play for 15 minutes the digital version ... . That being said a few observations: 1. The Card game already as an extreme amount of expansions. Enough to be played for a life time even. I wonder where people get the time to play all these adventures... i have rougly about 50% of all packs ever published and I have still years ahead of me to play them all. Not even talking about extreme replayability. 2. There is absolutely no reason for a version 2 here. The LotR system was an extremely new card system and so I think the only possible way to go was digital. 3. The fact it is NOT competitive makes it quite unique in the digital competition too. It avoids the draining of money like Magic or Hearthstone while retaining that unique LotR LCG solo/coop play. That being said: it ALL depends on the final,programming quality. As such we should wait and see. All too often the transition to digital is not exactly a huge success. There are far more failures than successes in this software industry. The good thing is that the original LotR design has a rock solid play mechanic, so we only can hope that the programming staff is up to some Blizzard style polished product.
  9. Hi there, is there a general list of miniatures being used per expansion box. I just re bought the basic box (after the App launch) and I would like to know which miniatures to buy to pimp up the game. tx.
  10. The OP,is just making "predictions" Silly, because as long as SW IA will make FFG money they will continue publishing expansions for ALL 3 of its playing modes that co exist next to each other. They CLEARLY stated this in the introduction. Apparently some people still want to steer the pot. No one is saying they finish off the traditional playing mode, nor the skirmish modes. Mansions of Madness is a complete different story as the original was no longer selling. IA still sells as hot cakes through its newest traditional expansions. Get over it. The OP is wrong on all accounts.
  11. MMOfan


    Yep, I would buy them even at 20 dollars
  12. MMOfan

    Combat Boards Order House Rule

    Oh please, no house rules... I never liked this 40 years ago and certainly not these days with a zillion would be designers on the web Just do as you please. I will not adapt.
  13. MMOfan

    Lord Hawthorne - Vicious Strike

    Notice that it works ... as ONE action, so you can not use it along with your present combat action. still Hawthorne is my hero. He defeats Mages as if they were made of paper with his dual strike
  14. MMOfan

    Unbreakable Bonds - First game thoughts

    As a pure solo player, I love this. i completely ignored RB3 as it didn't include solo play and I think winning a game ... by downing the end boss by ... defeating yourself in combat is not great at all. The AI combat changed that and they added 4 different sets of combat chits and proper battle boards. Love the game. Time in solo mode is perfect too btw. I don't agree the AI is bad at all. They managed to design a solo combat system with the least fuzz possible and satisfying my desire to play with my hero solo in a world setting. I love how Lord Hawthorne kills magicians with his axes and double attack. so big thumbs up for this. I am quite curious how Fallout will be in solo mode.