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  1. I'd like a Battle of Yavin/Scarif theme pack with the rest of the Gold Squadron trench run pilots, as well as the Blue Squadron pilots that were lost on Scarif.
  2. +1 to the Delta Squadron Defender and the Tansarii Point Veteran. I'd also like to acknowledge my love of the Binayre Pirate and the Black Sun Soldier. Not that they're great (they're not), but I love the aesthetic of the model and enjoy trying (unsuccessfully) to make them work in my lists. Likewise the Black Sun Ace--I know in my heart that the Cartel Marauder is better, but I just can't pass up that juicy talent slot. If i ever splash out on 3 more articulated B-wings, though, it will be Blue Squadron 4-evah.
  3. You want to go home and rethink your life.
  4. Actually, the Fireball can equip them all... Kazuda Xiono (40) BB-8 (6) Cloaking Device (4) Afterburners (6) Advanced SLAM (3) Kaz's Fireball (2) Total: 61 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  5. Reporting a great trade with @theBitterFig!
  6. Looking to trade away a First Order TIE SWOLEncer, model only (preferably). With enough inducement, I could be persuaded to hunt up the 1E parts for it, too, if those are wanted... Interested in other ship models-- needed include all non-TIE/FO First Order ships, Wookiee Gunship, Lambda Shuttle, Lancer Pursuit, or others. I'd love to hear from someone!
  7. Now that the sequel trilogy is done... ALL remaining factions will BOW to the FIRST ORDER!
  8. The juxtaposition of the gingerbread ISD and the little houses with hearts on the roof is ironically delicious. Makes me think of the occupation of Jedha City in Rogue One.
  9. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?
  10. One card box for each faction, includes pilot and faction-locked upgrades Two boxes for upgrades A large transparent plastic storage box for each factions' ships; stored along with the ships are Ziploc bags with all the base tokens, dials, and turret arc indicators for one ship type
  11. Try this site: https://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/star-wars-first-order You can probably search for the other factions there, too. Also check out the font for YASB, it has each of the faction logos in there too.
  12. That is not dead which can eternal lie Yet in strange aeons even death may die Armada ftaghn!
  13. Don't forget the shiny Naboo starfighter that zips around and lets you do good tricks, like spinning!
  14. They'll never let us down or hurt us...
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