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  1. That is not dead which can eternal lie Yet in strange aeons even death may die Armada ftaghn!
  2. Don't forget the shiny Naboo starfighter that zips around and lets you do good tricks, like spinning!
  3. They'll never let us down or hurt us...
  4. Just don't try to use the various YT-1300 dials across factions.
  5. This will work for your tommy gun violin Super Star Destroyer! In all seriousness, this one could actually work, and isn't a terrible price: https://www.sharmusic.com/cases-bags/violin/cushy-174-deluxe-carry-all-0153-dart-shape-backpack-case-cover-for-violin.axd
  6. We've gone straight past hype to disillusionment before an announcement has even been made. I'd like to say that this is a new record--but, sadly, it isn't.
  7. In before "nothing for Armada"...
  8. ESB Falcon: Han Pilot, Leia Crew, C-3PO Crew, Chewie (gunner?).
  9. Not to mention more thematic; Star Wars ships have exactly the energy or endurance required by plot mechanics, not unlimited.
  10. Love for the glorious U-Wing! Hooray!
  11. All wings. Reporting in!
  12. A sideways maneuver that's essentially a barrel roll or sideways decloak, but actually on the dial.
  13. By "play with", does holding it by the peg socket, zooming it around, and making "pew-pew" noises count? Because I have totally played with all of my (nearly 12 dozen) ships then. For some of my ships, I have modded or painted more than I have ever fielded at once...
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