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  1. Artfixprime, You could always post the .STL file on Thingiverse too for all the Armada fans out there. I know I would love to test it out. I have another 3D printed tray that is a little too snug on the tokens. Regardless, awesome work!!!
  2. Good point. The new comics count towards canon too. By the way, the Lando mini-series was excellent.
  3. Black Knight Leader, What are you on about? In no way is The Force Unleashed canon. Listen to the RebelForceRadio podcast and you will get confirmation that Sam Witwer (and many other Clone Wars and Rebels voice cast member) supplied additional voices for TFA. We have to face the facts that Starkiller is most likely not going to be pulled into canon. As of right now the only things that count in canon are the Films, Clone Wars, Rebels and books printed by Del Rey starting with Tarkin. Even the original Clone Wars cartoon by Gendy Tartakosky (sp) is out of the SW canon. All "Legends" material are around but they are not canon (or even "secondary" canon). They are simply fun stories from a time before the sequel trilogy. Sure, filmmakers can mine from these sources, but that still does not make them canon. That is why Ben Solo is Ben Solo, nothing more, nothing less. I appreciate your clear passion for The Force Unleashed and a great deal of the old EU, but they are now mere legends in the Star Wars universe. Cheers and best wishes on the new age of Star Wars.
  4. Because, you know, Star Wars isn't a remake of Hidden Fortress, or a take on the Power of Myth by Campbell. Everyone is hating on this movie but they fail to realize it is following the same rhyme pattern as the other Star Wars myth. I would wager that most people enjoyed the film in the theater and maybe even had a good time. Mission Accomplished. Maybe it's just me...
  5. Also the same Ben that sacrificed himself so that Han and crew could escape the Death Star and the same Ben who Leia said was her "only hope". Not a bad choice to name one's son after.
  6. 4.8 from me. Great acting (something Lucas struggled with), really great action pieces, quality art direction, a 3 dimensional villain, unforced humour, and recognizable/new themes from John Williams. I only wished we saw some more ships. But seriously, Poe is a pilot skill 9... hand down. As for all the "same" complaints. People complained that the prequels were too different, then they complain when something is familiar. Honestly, I loved that part in ANH when the heros steal a TIE fighter and escape a ISD. Or that one time when there were these aliens and scum in a freighter, or that epic lightsaber fight in the snow... Oh wait, those were unique to this film. Sure, there are similar elements, but that is why it "feels" like Star Wars. In general, it would be hard pressed to ever have something beat your memory of the OT because you grew up with it. They are still making millions on iconography from 40 years ago. This is just a story, with similar beats, for a new generation. One that I hope keeps the tenor of this first episode. I am just enjoying something I never thought would happen. Just my two cents.
  7. Boba was a clone of Jango, but like Darius said, he did not have the rapid aging protocol in place. So by the time he would appear in the new Trilogy he would be around the age of Rex (a bit older) in Rebels. Boba is about 15 or so years older than Luke and Leia so he should be about the same age as Han in The Force Awakens.
  8. I guess we know what Boba looks like in the Post RotJ world, assuming he survived the Pit of course.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Advanced Sensors on the Shuttle is a good idea to clear the stress. I might have to toy with that. I have to admit that I planned on giving the extra focus to both the TIE F/O to help push damage through with Weapon Guidance for any blanks (trying to make those two red die count) but I think the sheer damage output of this list may be too low.
  10. I've been playing around with lists containing the new TIE F/O and I was wondering what everyone thought about this list. I've played a variation on this list once before and enjoyed the synergy, but I had Deathrain instead of Soontir and that felt like wasted points. In this version I would think the Shuttle and TIEs stay close and the Shuttle drops Focus (possibly extra Foci) for the TIEs and Leader clears the stress. Soontir flanks and does his thing. One concern I have will be the lack of Focus on the Shuttle itself, but hopefully Rebel Captive will discourage some attention. Thoughts? "Epsilon Leader" (21) Weapons Guidance (2) Epsilon Squadron Pilot (17) Weapons Guidance (2) Omnicron Group Pilot (27) Fleet Officer (3), Rebel Captive (3) Soontir Fel (35) Push The Limit (3), Royal Guard TIE (0), Autothrusters (2), Stealth Device (3)
  11. Thanks for the information guys. The link to the other post was super helpful as well. I look forward to meeting some of you soon!
  12. Does everyone who deeply dislikes J.J. Abrams' work also dislike Super 8 and Mission Impossible:3? I actually enjoyed both of those films a good deal and I feel like Abrams can actually get solid performances out actors (which is something Lucas struggled with in the Prequels). Abrams was also the writer of Regarding Henry and Forever Young which were both pretty good. Like many people have stated, I enjoyed his take on Star Trek, but I have also not ever really been a Star Trek fan and these certainly felt more like Star Wars films. It is also important to note that he did not write both of the Star Trek flicks, that goes to the often vilified Orci and Kurtzman combo. Overall, I think that Abrams is a good choice. I also think Disney understands the property (I think they have done pretty well with Marvel thus far and have even taken some serious chances- Guardians of the Galaxy anyone?). So far the comics have been very good, I have personally enjoyed Rebels a great deal and most of the books have been entertaining (with the exception of Heir to the Jedi, which has the honor of introducing us to the Tootly Froots and their hit single, Vaders Many Mechanical Part... seriously). This is all thanks to the Lucasfilm story group. I have faith in this new age of Star Wars and I am greatly looking forward to not only new films, but new ships! I can understand why individuals feel skeptical and cautious about this new era, but we must remember that even this is a "first step into a larger world." The Force Awakens should serve an introduction into a scoping arc, just as A New Hope did. This is of course just my opinion, but I am eagerly awaiting December 17th! Plus, if Abrams fails, then we have Rian Johnson waiting in the wings.
  13. It looks like I may be moving out to the Tacoma area early 2016, so I will be looking for a new FLGS. It is going to be hard to leave my current group behind, but I look forward to meeting all of you. How is Xwing and Armada in the area? Is it pretty well represented? How are the stores, players, etc? Again, I'm looking forward to heading to the Pacific Northwest but I want to make sure priorities like Xwing are covered!
  14. Has anyone ever thought that the Empire might not put hyperdrive systems into their TIEs because it may make it too easy for pilots to go AWOL? I know it makes perfect sense from a mass production/cost saving perspective, but this almost makes sense too. Just a thought. As for Rebels and the Phantom, now that the Ghost crew is part of a larger rebel cell, perhaps they asked for the hyperdrive for the Phantom. Again, just a thought.
  15. Good catch. The Phantom did not have an astromech slot on Rebels. This is part of a subtle redesign of the Phantom this season. Here is a link to the trivia slide that confirms this. It is unlikely that FFG was working with this new "asset" when they were designing the game version of the Phantom. http://www.starwars.com/wings-of-the-master-trivia-gallery-2
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