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  1. Hey guys, this dude just found the boat this book is on.
  2. I call her that because I knew that people like you would try to deflect all criticism of this horrible character by just accusing people of being sexist instead of actually addressing any arguments. Hence why she's Admiral Gender Studies. Incompetent, yet shielded from criticism by baseless accusations of bigotry.
  3. Yeaaa, that is an absolutely lazy defense. Do you see me criticizing any of the other characters who aren't white and male? Nope. I didn't have a problem with them. This purple haired imbecile was just awful though. Introduced out of nowhere, immediately fails horribly as a leader, then even utterly flubs her heroic sacrifice, because she was already staying behind on a doomed ship and then didn't take the ship on an attack run until after several hundreds of the people she was supposed to cover were already gunned down. This was just an utterly awful character who failed at everything she did, and the way the movie tried to make her seem righteous was by simply not having her tell her crew where they are headed so they can look stupid for trying to actually do something. For that matter, they now don't have any alien main characters except for Chewie because apparently it's more important to put humans with all hair colors in the movie than maybe have an alien or two in a Star Wars movie.
  4. I've finally seen the movie, and while I was in the cinema I was enjoying it, but then once I had some time to think about it I kind of started to absolutely hate it. There were so many things just totally wrong with it. The whole Finn and Rose plot went absolutely nowhere, and General Gender Studies was absolutely horrible, literally causing a mutiny by simply refusing to tell her soldiers the plan for no reason except the writers wanted to make Poe look stupid. The absolute worst thing was the hyperdrive ramming though, because that just full on invalidates every single space battle we've ever seen in Star Wars. There would be absolutely no reason anyone would fight capital ship battles with lasers when you can pulverize an entire enemy fleet with a hyperdrive-missile from outside of the effective range of laser weapons. The Rebellion would have easily smashed the entire Empire by simply buying a few thousand old junk ships, putting a droid at the controls and setting them to collide with Star Destroyers. There is no reason why hyperdrive torpedoes wouldn't be the go to attack against enemy capital ships and planetary installations pretty much ever since the invention of hyperdrive if this is how it works now. I mean in Force Awakens we already established that a hyperdrive can get you past any shield. I mean, Star Wars isn't exactly realistic when it comes to space combat, it's incredibly silly in fact, but I can handle silly as long as the rules are consistent. At this point they have been bent beyond my suspension of disbelief. Once you establish that you can destroy capital ships by ramming into them at hyperspeed, and that there is no defense against this because it can be initiated from beyond the effective range of all other weapons there is simply no reason why ships in Star Wars wage war the way they do anymore. This would simply be the primary mode of attack for all warring factions, chucking huge hyperdrive missiles at each other from extreme distance.
  5. Yea, my favorite character is also a mystic and has strayed far from his original class in the absence of a supplement.
  6. I'm super excited for this, though I'm already hating the wait.
  7. The talent doesn't say anything about circumventing the one week lockout on a failed attempt to treat a critical injury. I think the main thing that talent lets you do is treat a critical injury at range, which can be extremely useful under some circumstances, like if someone has the crit where they will die if the crit isn't treated within 1 round.
  8. The question is, would Han Solo have taken conflict for shooting at the stormtroopers if he had the morality mechanic?
  9. Aetrion

    Rank the lightsaber forms!

    Well no, because then you couldn't activate your cheese crystal to regain all your strain as well on that turn.
  10. Aetrion

    Rank the lightsaber forms!

    Yea, but what he's saying is that he's using Draw Closer with a Dantari crystal, spends all of the force pips generated on strain recovery, then claims the attack missed because the target wasn't drawn into range since he didn't spend the pips to activate draw closer, but still spends 3 advantage from the attack roll to activate Force Assault, to then use Move as a maneuver to make his actual attack, after basically just rolling Force Dice for free strain. That is simply a ridiculous interpretation of the rules.
  11. Aetrion

    Rank the lightsaber forms!

    I don't think the target being out of range counts as a miss. Rolling more failures than successes counts as a miss. Otherwise you could trigger suppressing fire against people at extreme range with a gaffi stick, because hey, my attacks keep failing, so I get to activate on miss powers, right?
  12. Pretty much every other force power that can be used as an out of turn incidental takes a flip and is once per session, so I'd treat it like that.
  13. There is a rule for partially learned powers I think, where you have to flip a pip to use them and take double the conflict/strain if you need to flip for it. Don't know where that is though, or if I read it on these boards somewhere.
  14. Aetrion

    Making a Shaolin Monk

    To make a Jedi who fights unarmed you have to delve into some classes like Doctor/Martial Artist I think. The Ascetic class from the upcoming Consular book is probably going to be a perfect fit too. Also ask your DM if you can replace finding lightsaber crystals with finding an Amulet of Iron Fists. That thing makes it half way possible to compete with a lightsaber wielding Jedi.
  15. Well, given that the Death Star 2 was 160km in diameter, that means Palpatine had to fall 80km to get to the center. The terminal velocity of a human is roughly 50m/s, so it would have taken about 27 minutes for him to actually reach the center. That means when the Death Star exploded he was still falling.