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  1. Title: Rogue Squadron, x wing only, 0 pts Once per turn this ship or another friendly ship within range 1 may reroll a single attack or defence dice. Think of it as an almost reverse lone wolf. It helps x wings in a squadron by supporting each other or when flying as an escort, I've limited it so you cannot reroll multiple dice in one attack if you have several titles in range, but from flying a lot of x wings, so often it's that one dice that makes a difference.
  2. 5 z95s with assault missiles and feedback arrays, or hotshot blasters could actually be a pretty fun and nasty list, might try it sometime.
  3. What I want to know is how does the title work when the hounds tooth is destroyed? Do you get the full points, none or what? Really looking forward to getting it, but can't work out how this will work...
  4. A friend of mine ran an AAYY list at a recent tournament and I was really impressed with how it flew, but was thinking Bs might work out better as although they lack the ion the damage output should be higher and more shield is better than hull. AAYY Green squadron with out manoeuvre test pilot, PTL and chardaan refit. Jake Farrell with out manoeuvre, PTL, autothrusters, chardaan refit and test pilot. Gold squadron with ion turret and BTL A2 title x2 AABB Green squadron with out manoeuvre and chardaan refit. Jake Farrell with out manoeuvre, PTL, autothrusters, chardaan refit and test pilot. Blue squadron, fire control system x2
  5. Flechette over ion was partly down to points, but also to make sure they're just a nuisance but not too much of a threat as serrisu makes the others harder to kill. Xizor's there for his PS but his ability has saved him a couple of times, I'd rather have 2 damaged ships than one dead. I am going to try Palob instead of Xizor tonight with ion turret and ion on Serrisu. Last time I used him I wasn't too impressed but with 2 ion in the list hopefully will go better.
  6. Hi, I've got a tournament this Sunday, I'm looking for some feedback on my list. So far I've only lost one game using the below, and I've found it to be very survivable while still packing a fair punch. I'm not 100% sold on the flechette cannon, it's worked great a couple of times but the 4 points may be better elsewhere. Prince Xizor (vet instincts, autothrusters, Virago, FCS) Guri (predator, autothrusters) Serissu (vet instincts, stealth device, heavy scyk, flechette Cannon) Total: 100pts
  7. Yesterday I went for two enforcers with just autothrusters and Kath with predator and security droid. I managed to beat a list with whisper, echo and backstabber. Their dial is great for getting behind the enemy, and knowing Noone wants to get directly behind kath and running her close to the board edge means you can have a good idea of where they'll go. Once whisper found herself in range 1 of kaths rear arc it was game over.
  8. Skoby

    4 x

    I came 8th in my first tournament on Saturday using a 4 x build. Got beaten by a whisper & echo list but ended with just whisper on 1 hull and only lost to another 4 ship rebel board after stupidly flying a ship off the board. Wedge with swarm tactics, Biggs and 2 rookies. Took out a decimator in 2 rounds of shooting!
  9. I've been running a 4 xwings list for a while now in prep for a store tourney, it's done well against big ships and swarms but struggles a bit against whisper (whenever I get a clear shot I fluff the dice rolls and the rest of the game he dances around out of my arcs on 1 or 2 hull) Wedge + Swarm Tactics (31) Biggs (25) Rookie (21) Rookie (21)
  10. Used the original list for both games tonight, think will forget about the Ion HWK for now... first game I faced a tooled up Whisper and Howlrunner mini-swarm (3 academy ties). First of all I made a big mistake, I second guessed myself and didn't deploy where I originally planned, instead I ended up avoiding a straight joust and got picked apart fairly easily. My opponent afterwards said that I would have easily taken down his ties had I deployed where I originally planned, and it would come down to Whisper vs the survivors. 2nd game I faced a decimator with a smaller howl swarm. The decimator was run with Rear Admiral Chiraneau, Ysanne Isand, Experimental Interface and Expose. Meaning he was getting 4 attack dice on me, with focus and an evade and able to turn one focus into a crit at range 1-2. I focused all my fire on him and took him out in 3 rounds of shooting (before he got his third shot back) At this point everyone was still alive (biggs was a bit battered but hanging in there) and it was easy to down the 3 ties. I definitely need to work on my squadron flying skills, there were a couple of collisions in both games but just need to practice this list to death until the tournament
  11. Glad to hear it has done well, this will be a store championship, I'm obviously not expecting to win but want to do my best, and knowing that my list is solid will help. I am worried about phantoms and will have to focus on getting them in my arc, it still surprises me sometimes just how agile they can be. One thing that just occurred to me is I could get a HWK 290, Rebel Operative with an Ion Turret for the same price as a rookie, would swapping one or both rookies be a good idea? With the turret it would have the same chance of landing a hit as a rookie at range 2, but limited to 1 damage... but has the obvious advantage of letting me to control where the enemy ship ends up next turn and has 360 line of sight and similar survivability. I should have 2 games tonight so will see if I can borrow a HWK 290 to try both lists.
  12. I'm still quite new to this game and I've got my first tournament in a month so I'm trying to get together an effective list that I can get to grips with and cut out any rookie mistakes before the tournament. My plan is simple, Wedge and one of the rookies will be striking at PS9, one pilot I've often struggled against is Whisper, hopefully with 2 ships shooting at PS9, one against only 1 agility, I should have a chance of taking a chunk out of him before he cloaks, even with VI at 98 points I hope I have a good chance of getting initiative. Has anyone else had experience with a list like this? Is swarm tactics the best upgrade to take for this style list or would the points be better spent elsewhere? Wedge + Swarm Tactics (31) Biggs (25) Rookie (21) Rookie (21)
  13. Hi, I've just started playing and looking to get some advice on where to go from here, I've picked up a few bits to get started, I've got enough models for over 100 points for rebels and imperials, I prefer rebels but want a bit of variety and to be able to play full sized games with friends. So far have got 2 core sets, a B Wing, YT 2400, TIE Interceptor and TIE Phantom, these are the models that first appealed to me (well the Millenium Falcon and Firespray would be in the list if I could find them lol). Any advice on lists using these would be appreciated, and ideas of what other ships would work well and add some variety to them so I have an idea of what to get next.
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