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  1. I'm glad Cova + R4 was clarified as that was quite a source of contention. To make sure I understand the discussion on Hera/Nien, was the idea that Hera could reveal a blue maneuver, then change her maneuver to a white bank that would now be blue because of Nien? With the Cova + R4 ruling I think it is pretty clear that it does not work. Or did I just re-open a can of worms? *runs and hides*
  2. Even after what he said in the AMA, there is no way they are not working on an expansion for this game. If that was true then what a huge missed opportunity. That's too bad. This game hit it out of the park and an expansion would be eaten up by everyone.
  3. If we get it this year I will be genuinely surprised. I'm expecting spring or summer next year. Just ask Game of Thrones board game players, who will tell you my expectation is too hopeful.
  4. Great minds think alike! This is very similar to the list I've been running recently. The individual upgrades are different but initially the list was Vader, Fel and Feroph. It has changed quite a bit since my first iteration of it but I think it works decently as a 3-ship list and hope you are finding more or at least as much success as I am with it. I changed Fel out completely but that was more of a personal preference (to who is my secret sorry). I had a stealth device on Fel too, off-set by not having afterburners on Vader, but again that's just my preference. Extra green dice don't mean much if I only roll blanks! I have Elusive on Feroph to maximize his defensive potential when his ability doesn't fire but I think I like Intimidation more. That's a nice touch. 0-0-0 is a fun one but I find when I don't fly Feroph well I just get a useless token out of him and that's it. I am wondering how well Feroph would fare as an Emperor carrier but I'm worried that paints too big a target on him and he goes down that much quicker if I do. I think the Reaper fills a nice gap and fits effectively into 3 and 4 ship imperial lists, and hope you are having as much fun with it as I am.
  5. I thought it pretty interesting that there are 14 decks that have 3 Mavericks in them. Or at the least 14 that have been discovered. What a cool thing it must have been to open one and see that. I'd be happy for one in a bad deck lol.
  6. I was thinking Free for All myself, but now that you mention it "Two Headed Archon" would be sweet too!
  7. It's not card design, and it's not the power level of cards dispersed in the rarity. The simple truth for my area is that the local scene died out because the community (FLGS, players) moved on to other things. People didn't come to weekly chainbound events so my FLGS scheduled other things that did bring people in. We didn't fight that because, well, we were busy with those other things. Those of us still active in Keyforge play are playing it at home, on break at work, getting plenty of games in and having a blast with it. AoA set is just fine. There are several cards in the common rarity for each house that I absolutely love. Sure AoA decks are very different from COTA but I think when it comes to games actually being played player skill is under-valued when it should be judged right up there alongside the deck and what cards you have. For the most part the player that knows their deck better will be the one to win. The cards matter but not as much as the knowledge of how/when to play them. My 2 cents.
  8. Tagging is an interesting choice, and I'm not sure I completely like it either, but I actually can't think of a better system. I think the only case where Tagging really hurts is the Duma the Matryr fringe case where his destruction would heal units that would otherwise be destroyed. For all other situations I think it works pretty well and is a step in the right direction. Like I said before, it makes Archimedes work the way it should have in board wipes, and gives a clear process for situations with Might makes Right when Archimedes or Haedroth's Wall are in play. Consistency all around. I'm pretty much in the same boat. My FLGS doesn't really run events anymore but I still have that coworker I can get a game in with on my break. We aren't playing games every night at work but we do get in 1-2 a week. Next question: As we sit and wait for the end of the month to see what the "special" announcement is, let's speculate! I've got 3 guesses with my thoughts in parenthesis. `1 - Major update to the App to play the game digitally (Initially I am not sure if I really want this but honestly I would make use of it so I am for it). 2 - Major change of the game to CCG format (Completely against, but if unique format continues alongside it I will not be vocal about it). 3 - Official Multiplayer Rules (I just thought of this and really hope this is what the announcement is, which means it is not likely). Thoughts on these suggestions? What do you think the special announcement could be?
  9. I'm hoping we will get an announcement on this in the next week or two. I've really come to enjoy Fellowship events in the two years I've done them.
  10. Did Outer Rim come up during the AMA with Andrew Navarro? I suppose I should just buckle down and watch the whole thing start to finish. If I do that I'll come back and edit this post with an answer.
  11. No need to apologize my good Wizard and thank you. I guess I just join the throngs of people waiting with anticipated interested to see what the game will look like after 2020. That should give me enough time to completely catch up and finish my collection too.
  12. I listened to the clip everyone is referencing and I had the distinct impression that Navarro was talking about the Game of Thrones LCG. Do I just need to go back further? When exactly does he talk about LOTR LCG?
  13. Activity for this game in this forum is certainly dying out if I'm the one starting topics haha. As you may or may not know Keyforge released a rules update today, and I'd say the changes are intriguing. Let's recap. Destroyed Sequence - The sequence for destroying cards is finally spelled out. Cards are tagged for destruction, destroyed effects trigger, then cards are destroyed. This has some lasting repercussions that are thoughtful and hilarious. First: Archimedes is fixed! If there is a board wipe while Archimedes is in play and surrounded by creatures the new destroyed sequence dictates that his ability can only affect his immediate neighbors. It no longer transfers to every neighbor he could or could not potentially have. In my opinion this is how it should have been from the beginning. OP Europe owes us an apology for making a video saying "no it works this way but you've all been playing wrong and that's why it is confusing." I am glad they came around on this, even if it hurts my Archimedes + Might Makes Right shenanigans a little. Duma the Martyr nerfed a little? With this new destroyed sequence you tag creatures to be destroyed, then trigger destroyed effects. Only a replacement effect can stop a destroyed tag. By the way, Replacement Effects are an official thing now. Anyways, this means if something like Poison wave would kill Duma and other creatures too, Duma healing those creatures doesn't save them from being destroyed. I've never had a deck with Duma in it so I can't speak from experience on how this impacts Duma play but if someone would like to chime in on it I'd be happy to hear it. New Errata - 3 more cards have received errata to clean up how they are supposed to work: Magda the Rat, Yzphyz Knowdrone and Life for a Life. 7 cards now have errata. Library Access still not errata'd to be an Alpha. One can dream. Lots of new questions and answers in the FAQ. Almost an entire page of new questions to help clear numerous interactions up. I will say one in particular stuck out to me: Gabos Longarms Ruling reversed: I'm pretty sure before if Gabos Longarms attacked an elusive creature all his damage was negated and he dealt no damage with his before fight ability. Now Gabos Longarms can declare an attack on an elusive creature, use his ability and deal damage. Gabos is restored to the way it was supposed to work. Also - Library Access + Wild Wormhole process changed again. The last FAQ really spelled out the process in a clear cut and sensible way that was great. However when FFG realized that one of their rulings made sense they had to move and change that, as this interaction has once again been reworded to be more confusing. It's still functionally the same, just more convoluted. The clarification was nice while it lasted. That's about it for my wrap up. Interesting decisions and a lot of clarifications given out. I am positive there are still some issues out there that have not been resolved. I can't remember what one I asked about back in June but I am fairly confident it wasn't answered. What rulings are you still waiting on? Thoughts on rulings given? Thoughts on the new destroyed sequence and replacement effects being official? Just waiting for laser dinosaurs like I am? Discuss!
  14. I like to mix it up and go back and forth. There is something satisfying about taking a difficult quest and beating it solo. There's also something satisfying about making two decks intended to complement each other and then seeing them come together to beat the same difficult scenario. In general I like to go for the impossible; I like to make decks that can hold their own solo but then contribute a definite strength when paired with another deck. For example I made an Elven deck designed to play solo (Elrond, Galadrial, sp-Glorfindel) and it does have a general specialty but I try to keep it ready for anything. When I took the deck to GenCon and played the "competitive" mode I paired with a guy who had built a pure combat deck. So I became the quest workhouse while he fought whatever he could and I helped out there only if needed. I will say that sometimes when I'm playing solo I just want a quick quest or a challenge I'm familiar with. Call me a simpleton (and I'll accept it) but sometimes I just like sitting back and taking a deck through Passage Through Mirkwood. I've played it dozens of times and I like how it can still surprise me if the cards draw right. If I'm in the mood to challenge a deck I'll take it through Journey Down the Anduin or Hunt for Gollum. However if I'm in the mood to progress or try new quests I will most likely do them two-handed solo or at that point not play solo and involve someone else. I think when it all comes down to it I love all the different ways that the game can be played. It increases longevity for the game. I recently became aware of people who regularly play the game 4-player and that blows my mind. I would love to try that out sometime. Does anyone play 4-handed solo for that matter? So many possibilities!
  15. This isn't good criticism at all, just FYI. Player just called deck bad instead of saying what about it didn't work for them. Player gave no insight on what went wrong other then mention of Heavy and Tired for one loss. I don't advocate listening to this criticism whatsoever. Just not a good one at all.
  16. First revisions are in! I created a profile on cardgamedb.com and after reviewing what you suggested and my own preferences I made some changes on paper. I'm in the middle of my work week so unable to physically make the changes until Thursday or Friday. Sorry I'm still learning the website and am uncertain on how to share direct links to the decks at this time. Hopefully this "change log" will suffice. Gondor Leadership/Tactic deck: Really not a lot of changes here. I removed one copy of Dunedain Quest for one copy of Visionary Leadership. I also took out two copies of Tome of Atanatar and added two copies of Feint. Again essentially keeping it to use of one core set there wasn't too much I wanted to do with this deck. Watching it action it was a beast. The chump blocking works to keep Imrahil ready for combat, and Beregond's sentinel blocking is to help make sure we don't get swarmed. I like the additions a lot although we didn't quite get the card draw in, so after a play with this I might find a way to sneak it in. Tome of Atanatar was very useful in both games that we played so that's why I didn't completely get rid of it. Maybe down the road I would scrap the last copy for another Valiant Sacrifice. We will see. Gondor Rangers (And Beregond): This deck saw many more changes. Both copies of Stand and Fight are removed (not needed), as were the secrecy Ithilien Lookouts. Unexpected Courage is going out to go in my Elf deck and I removed all three copies of Blood of Numenor. What went in? A third copy of Warden of Healing, two copies of Hasty Stroke and three copies of Daeron's Runes. The numbers might sound off but believe it or not both decks are now at 50 cards each. Warden of Healing was (unthematically) in my Elf deck so I'll have to fix that for the Elves but I'm not too worried about that. Hasty Stroke should have gone in sooner and that has been rectified. Even if a cheeky part of me wants to complain that it's a dwarven themed card, Daeron's Runes gives us some card draw which will help. I understand what you are saying about Minas Tirith Lampwright and Wingfoot, but the former was a huge help in preventing a terrible surged treachery in Journey Down the Anduin. I think by looking at the board state you can reasonably guess what would hurt you the most and if it pops up you've done a free cancellation. Same base concept with Wingfoot. Commit Faramir to the quest, trigger Wingfoot's response and call enemy. If one does reveal, now Faramir is un-exhausted and able to participate in combat. There aren't too many other situations where he needs to be ready so I think that is ok to stay. It actually has yet to get drawn and I'm bummed that I haven't gotten to use it yet. With Prince Imrahil's chump blockers keeping him utilized it is possible that Beregond isn't needed and works as a counter-synergy to the decks and their theme. At the same time during Journey Down the Anduin Beregond bravely tanked attacks from two different Hill Trolls while buying time for Forest Snares. I suppose he could be swapped out for Idraen but I would be extremely reluctant to do that; Once you get used to having a 4-defense sentinel blocker that can keep threat from increasing it's hard to swap him out so I think he stays. Thematically part of the reason Ithilien Rangers (like Faramir and Damrod) can be so bold is because they know there is staunch defense at home. So it all ties in together, right? Thanks again for the suggestions. I'm excited to see how this revision plays out.
  17. Thanks! I like quite a few of those suggestions and will be looking into them, I am very thankful for some of the suggested cuts in particular. I only recently got a second core so in a lot of my mindset I have used the cards from each core to help make more decks - I have four that I could feasibly run at the moment. For example my other copy of Unexpected Courage is in my Elven deck. Now thinking that deck in particular would benefit more from two copies of it, it’s not really needed here. Thanks again, will post an update on the Gondor revision (when I find time to get to it)
  18. Greetings all, I work an overnight job with a fair amount of downtime. I was sitting at work during said downtime letting my mind wander as I often do, and that night I was thinking about our beloved LOTR LCG, especially how my collection grew in the last two weeks thanks to recent restocking. Then it it hit me. Inspiration. I had a buddy who wanted to try the game and he had asked me if it was possible to build a deck around Prince Imrahil, his favorite character in the book. The deck was right there in front of me. It came together beautifully. Prince Imrahil, Leadership Aragorn and Tactics Boromir leading the way. Low cost allies fuel the Prince's machine while Aragorn walks his path and becomes who he was meant to be. Boromir helps the deck get setup and provides his strength as needed. How do I complement this deck? I thought about that for a moment, then realized I could finally try something: Gondor's Rangers. I grabbed Lore Faramir and put him with Damrod, trap specialist. It was time to play with traps. Even though he's not a ranger, they enlisted the help of Spirit Beregond. The decks worked great. This is the first time I've thought up some decks and they have worked exactly how I wanted them to, so I feel pretty good about them. I taught my friend the game and we breezed through Passage Through Mirkwood, as expected. We loaded up Journey Down the Anduin. It was a tough challenge but we endured and came out successful with many great plays. So I like the decks but at the same time I'd like to welcome suggestions for tweaking them. I don't know which cards to take down from 3x to 2x or what cards to put in with that space if it is even needed. So here are the decks, followed with a few notes. Heroes: (Leadership) Aragorn, Prince Imrahil, (Tactics) Boromir Events: Dawn Take You All x3 (Return to Mirkwood) Gondorian Discipline x3 (Encounter at Amon Din) Sneak Attack x2 (Core Set) Valiant Sacrifice (Core Set) Allies: Defender of Rammas x3 (Heirs of Numenor) Envoy of Pelargir x3 (Heirs of Numenor) Errand-Rider x3 (Heirs of Numenor) Gondorian Spearman x3 (Core Set) Guard of the Citadel x3 (Core Set) Squire of the Citadel x3 (Blood of Gondor) Gandalf x3 (Core Set) Attachments: Celebrian's Stone (Core Set) Captain of Gondor x2 (The Antlered Crown) Dunedain Mark x3 (Hunt for Gollum) Dunedain Quest x3 (Journey to Rhosgobel) Horn of Gondor (Core Set) Roheryn x3 (Flame of the West) Steward of Gondor x2 (Core Set) Tome of Atanatar x3 (Blood of Gondor) Sword that was Broken x2 (Watcher in the Water) Heroes: (Lore) Faramir, Damrod, (Spirit) Beregond Events: A Test of Will x2 (Core) Forest Patrol x3 (Assault on Osgiliath) Secret Paths x2 (Core) Stand and Fight x2 (Core) Allies: Anborn (Blood of Gondor) x3 Ithilien Archer x3 (Encounter at Amon Din) Ithilien Lookout x3 (The Dunland Trap) Ithilien Tracker x3 (Heirs of Numenor) Mablung x3 (The Land of Shadow) Minas Tirith Lampwright x3 (Encounter at Amon Din) Northern Tracker x2 (Core) Warden of Healing x2 (The Long Dark) Gandalf x3 (Core) Attachments: Forest Snare x2 (Core) Ithilien Pit x3 (Encounter at Amon Din) Poisoned Stakes x3 (Blood of Gondor) Ranger Spikes x3 (Heirs of Numenor) Ambush x3 (The Land of Shadow) Blood of Numenor x3 (Heirs of Numenor) Wingfoot x3 (The Nin-in-Eilph) Unexpected Courage (Core) Notes: - My collection is 2 cores, all saga sets and the first four cycles complete, plus The Dread Realm from Angmar cycle. While I am open to cards of other cycles it is going to be awhile before I go for another cycle. Cards from the sets I have will be the easiest to implement. - While not 100% locked in, I am fairly set on the heroes as they are now. Even if Leadership Faramir or even Ally Faramir are better, I wanted to explore using Lore Faramir for exactly that reason. Same with spirit Beregond. If I played the quests where Faramir is an objective ally I'd swap in Beravor. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I was going to make a list of locked in cards but I figured that wouldn't help much, even if Northern Tracker was an absolute workhorse and cleared 7 threat from the staging area in one turn. I mean you can see the theme of each deck and what it wants to do. I really like how friendly and welcoming the LOTR community is here on the website. Thank you very much for your time and feedback. I look forward to the discussion.
  19. I am still in disbelief that I managed to order and complete the third cycle and finish my saga collection last week. The first time I checked, everything but The Steward's Fear was in stock and I thought I missed it, only to see it back in stock a few days later. So as it stands now I have full saga and the first four cycles. Plus the Dread Realm for "reasons" haha. At this point I'm in a quandary, I don't feel like I'm playing the game enough to justify such an intense acquisition of product but when it is so hard to find I wonder if I should keep diving for it every time I see it? I have so much to explore and play as it is. Even if I'm not building decks progression style I am collecting that way (Saga sets an exception) and still want to play the quests "in order" which puts me back in Khazad-Dum. All that to say I would also encourage vigilance to anyone looking to complete their collection. I have been checking FFG's website almost weekly (sometimes daily) for several months to get to where I am at now with my collection. If you keep looking long enough you will get the sets you're looking for!
  20. That's a fair point, and I shouldn't dispute it since it is using the same logic I did earlier in the thread. Just points out another area where the rules are sloppy and need clarification. We shouldn't be having to infer rulings based on other rulings in similar yet different circumstances.
  21. Agree with the above comment, and I'll add that I would rule you could play your card even if it was in your opponent's archive. Doesn't specify which archive .
  22. I can understand that, and I can't remember where the discussions have been had to help out. The best I can do is point to the FAQ's Dysania ruling where they ruled that if your opponent has archived one of your cards with "Sample Collection" and you play Dysania, when you would discard your card from their archive Sample Collection creates a replacement effect that over-rides Dysania, and the card goes back to your hand instead of being discarded. In Dysania's case, this also means you don't get aember for your card leaving their archive. From there if you have archived an opponent's card with sample collection (or collector worm) and you now are playing a card (Destructive Analysis, Yzphyz Knowdrone) that lets you purge your opponent's card from your archive it is a reasonable extension of that FAQ ruling to say that the card being purged gets a replacement effect that over-rides the card purging it. I'll grant that it is sloppy. It is an area of the rules that could use some major revising and better wording, but that's what we have. However, we have seen crazier rulings before. Feel free to submit a rules submission form to get an official answer. They just might flip-flop on it. Nothing surprises me in this game anymore.
  23. Curious why you say Sanctum went high tech? When I look at Sanctum in AoA I think their knights got expanded (A lot of powerful choices) and their main mechanics got expanded and built upon. Now in addition to strong knights with armor and taunt that capture aember, Sanctum has ways to manipulate that captured aember as well as a few more ways to heal and stay present in the battle. Thematically, I looked at "Call of the Ancients" as the wake up call. The houses rising up and their basics being introduced, or something like that. I looked at AoA as each faction getting more fully fleshed out if that makes sense. Each faction "ascending" to a fuller manifestation of their potential. That's my thoughts at least.
  24. Well I reckon I'm probably in for one core, one villain and one hero pack. Get a feel for how they are doing things with this game's releases. From there I'll likely pick and choose packs "a la carte" style. Or I'll just buy everything. Who knows?
  25. Be interested to hear what you come up with adding the GenCon Moria block to the mix. Those cards by themselves were BRUTAL. Never had so much fun dying though!
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