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    Ok, bear with me. I happened into this forum while I have some downtime at work and I feel like this thread has not received a proper answer. The short version: Yes I believe this game has a good replay value. The long version: I bought this game when it came out and promptly setup the first two scenarios, playing through them both. They were in my first biome (setting) which was the Valley. The other biome had two more scenarios, and the 5th scenario could be played in both biomes as a sort of competitive mode. I had a lot of fun exploring and figuring the scenario out. If I was to replay one of the first two scenarios here are the things that will be different: The layout of the map will be different. The tiles have a number system to them and each number is shuffled up and placed face down in a set pattern. So the first time I played if I went west and discovered a water source, there's a fair chance it won't be there next time I play. Something else will be instead. I'll more than likely have a different character. The event deck will resolve in a different order. I can't remember if it's completely static or if some different cards are left out every play. To continue in my example, lets say in my first game I needed water early and it was great that I found a water source. Next time even if I found that water source early I might not need it right away and instead I need a food source - which again is also in a different spot. On your turn you are using your character's stamina to move and do actions, so that is impacted in that the event deck will restore your stamina differently each time you play, meaning what worked in your first game might not actually work in your second game. Any combat encounter. This is probably a given as combat is resolved through dice rolling. This can change how the game plays out drastically given potentially brutal nature of the game. I don't think it's a brutal game but a poor combat encounter could make things significantly harder for the rest of the scenario! Exploring in general - You might explore encounters you never got to because of their location on the map. Many map tiles have a space with a numbered explore tile that has a corresponding card in an encounter deck. However, even in the first two scenarios you won't explore them all. Some will simply be too far out of the way based on how the map got setup or how quickly you did or didn't reach your goals, etc. That's just a few examples. Even if you got to the point where you know the scenario like the back of your hand and you know what each encounter card is and where you need to go and what each event card can do, each session of the same scenario is still going to play out differently due to the randomized elements. I think that's some solid replay factor. Plus that 5th scenario is a competitive one so I think that always presents an opportunity for some replay. I know if I got the game back out this week and played either of those first two scenarios again it would be like rediscovering the game as it has been so long since I played them. Plus there were two other scenarios I didn't even touch. If that becomes too stale, my FLGS has a copy on their shelf for open play and I have a few friends who bought the game too. I could just swap with them! Hope that helps. I found the game pretty interesting and enjoyed my time with it for what it's worth. I might even get it back out this week now that I've talked about it at length!
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    A few questions?

    1 - Using a card refers to creatures and artifacts. You can use creatures to fight, use them to reap, or use them to activate an action ability they have. For most artifacts you can only use them to activate an action ability they have. So that is what your opponent cannot do on their next turn when you play Skippy. They can still play action cards and anything with a play effect can still trigger when that card is played. 2 - A turn...as in forge a key if you can, declare what house you're playing, play/discard/use cards of that house, ready all exhausted cards and draw back up to your permitted hand size. That's a turn. 3 - If you have a deck with loot the bodys in it you should probably talk to whoever you got the deck from because you've been had. Go to them, give them their forged card(s) and don't leave until they give you the actual card(s) - loot the bodies. Loot the bodies does stack. Sorry couldn't resist.
  3. TheSpitfired

    Anger and Stunned Creatures - Brad Clarifications

    Thanks for your patience in bearing with me. I think I am finally getting what you are saying. I still think the rules as written do cover this topic adequately, but if you want to say they could clean it up a bit I can support that. As of right now you read the rules for use earlier in the rulebook, then don't read about stuns until the glossary, then in the case of anger don't find out you can play it if your opponent has no creatures in play (on stunned or unstunned creatures) until you get to the FAQ. In all fairness that's pretty fragmented. I haven't put a lot of thought into how I would do it better but I think this is a good "halfway spot" for us to meet. That counts for something, right?
  4. TheSpitfired

    Anger and Stunned Creatures - Brad Clarifications

    Pretend I have a stunned Lady Maxena on the board from a brilliant first turn play. Step 1 - Forge a Key (your opponent is using The Princess of Strangeroad and played 3 Fertility Chants last turn for some reason) Step 2 - Declare House Brobnar (Alternatively: declare Logos and play Phase Shift before next step) Step 3 - Play Anger on Lady Maxena. Step 4 - Gain an aember for playing Anger. Step 5 - Resolve Anger as much as you can. Step 5.1 - Ready Lady Maxena. Lady Maxena is currently ready. Does not resolve. Step 5.2 Fight with Lady Maxena. Maxena is exhausted and stun is removed. Resolved. End Turn. What a strange turn. All jokes about decision making in this theorized game aside, there is nothing there that isn't already explained in the rules as we have them. I don't see where we need to invent an "attempt to use" paradigm because there was no attempt to use, there was a use per rules of stun. Or in your opinion have I done something implicitly during that turn without realizing it? I was also going to observe that we are probably due for another rule book update if FFG follows the current alleged pattern of updating every other month. I understand that everyone sees things differently, so don't give up hope. Maybe you'll get what you're asking for with the next update. You never know.
  5. TheSpitfired

    Anger and Stunned Creatures - Brad Clarifications

    I'm not looking for a scrap here but I do want to pass by and say I'm not understanding what you want the end goal to be here.
  6. With the final box I purchased finally in my collection (The Mountain of Fire) I went back to making the tweaks I wantedto make. In my Spirit/Lore Elf Deck, Gildor and a few other cards were removed for the ally sons of Elrond and more threat reduction. In the Hobbit/Ent Support deck (Hobbit heroes, ally Treebeard) Rosie Cotton and Quickbeam moved in and found their spots kept nice and warm. Lastly in my Spirit/Tactics Rohan deck, Theoden went from Tactics to Spirit and added Herugrim. Now we're ready. In my first unconventional test run, I took the Elves on a Journey Down the Anduin. I wanted to see if they could handle that massive Hill Troll and see how all the new elements of the deck played together. This quest - the Hill Troll intimidates me but otherwise I find it a lot of fun and a good challenge. A perfect place to try out my new ideas. Much to my surprise and satisfaction they absolutely crushed it! A Goblin Sniper came into the staging area early very early, but the Elves were ready. With very careful resource management, threat reduction and a lucky early healer draw, our heroes defeated the Hill Troll. Then came the fun. A second Goblin Sniper entered the staging area as we began phase 2. Even worse, the next two enemies were the wargs, the ones that go back to the staging area when there isn't a shadow effect on its shadow card. With a constant threat of 5 before draw the pressure was on! However the deck kept everything under control, reducing threat to under 20 and utilizing a timely arrival by Gandalf to kill a Goblin Sniper. When I got to stage 3 there were (only) 6 enemies in the staging area. One by one the foes went down and victory was claimed. I lost count of how many turns it took but my final threat was at 17! Thanks for bearing with me in my excitement, I don't beat that quest solo very often!
  7. TheSpitfired

    We need orc decks and scenarios

    You aren’t just flipping hero cards into an encounter deck if you do this though. You are redesigning characters from the ground up and only keeping the mechanics. To follow your example If you’re trying to do a quest and Beregond is in the staging area, you’ve got a major problem. He’s going to have a high “threat” (For threat generated by heroes I’d rename it resistance) and he’s going to be a stalwart defender, probably one with an ability that gets him back in the staging area after combat. That’s where I think it would work best as a stand-alone expansion product. All you need from the core are your tokens and a resistance tracker. The four evil spheres: Shadow (covert type strategies, resistance reduction - Spirit mirror) Fear (innovative solutions to keep going for fear of consequences - lore mirror) Force (attrition and raw power for combat - tactics mirror) Ambition (the dark lord’s will to conquer everything - leadership mirror) Even If it never happens, fun discussion!
  8. TheSpitfired

    We need orc decks and scenarios

    I had reckoned that I already made my Middle Earth CCG references for the year, but that's exactly what I thought of when I saw this thread. I've wondered what all you could do with this. It would be a fun test to do one deluxe expansion with a cycle to see if it could work. I think you have to change the resource spheres to more "shadowy" counterparts and I also think you could come up with a few deck archetypes among the various factions. Just off the top of my head... Uruk-Hai, Morder Orcs/Goblins, Corsairs, Haradrim (Oliphant deck!!!), Easterlings, Dunlendings, Sackville-Bagginses (half kidding), maybe even another set with the Balrog or Dragons trying to be a power? There's a lot of variety here, not all the evils were necessarily aligned which could make it interesting. The real question would be can these be different than our "good guy" factions or are they just dark mirror versions? Does that even matter if it's a stand-alone game? I think initial scenarios could include cutting through Elven territory to get somewhere, inner-faction civil wars, maybe attempts to appease potential allies, minor skirmishes with Ithilien rangers, nomadic Dwarves or around the borders of the Shire, raiding a border village, sailing on the seas with the Corsairs...this could go on. I think the potential is certainly there!
  9. TheSpitfired

    Going To Time

    I'd say the simplest solution is don't let the game go to time in a way that doesn't favor you if it's going to get there no matter what. Had you pulled things off different your opponent is the one going to time, meaning you get to play your next turn and forge to win. I apologize because I don't know what exactly went down in your session and I can't find a way to soften that suggestion; I know it comes off as harsh but sometimes it's important to hear a hard truth. Bottom line you have to be aware of time and make decisions when you realize that it is going to factor into the end result of a game. The tie-breaker system is stern but fair in that regard. It would be interesting, at least to me, to look at the tournament metrics and see how many chain-bound games have gone to time AND been resolved by going all the way to the final step of the tie-breaker system. I would be willing to wager that it is much rarer than any other part of the tie-breaker process. Win or lose those close games are my favorite ones to be involved in, so I hope it was fun even if it didn't ultimately turn out the way you wanted it to.
  10. TheSpitfired

    Using an Opponents Safe Place Artifact

    ooh, that's a good question. I was about to say I think you'd have a case, but upon re-examining the rules for constant abilities (page 7) it does specifically say "Applying the effects of a constant ability is not considered using a card and therefore does not cause the card to exhaust." Based on that I would think you are not able to utilize your opponent's safe place aember when you play that Key of Darkness. Still, it might be worth asking for an official. They've flipped on some rulings before and I could see this being one where they would do it again.
  11. TheSpitfired

    Infinite Shard of Life

    Opponent's turn immediately after you set this up: House Dis. Play Restringuntus. Declare House Untamed. GG
  12. TheSpitfired

    Double Horseman value?

    The $1275 that Twitchy last wrote.
  13. TheSpitfired

    Double Horseman value?

    Yeah I just went back and checked the final. Holy crap, I think you just funded the entirety of your Keyforge hobby for the rest of its duration!
  14. TheSpitfired

    What cards do you play, that NEVER gets played against you?

    I don’t see that rule as a limitation to forging during a turn with cards like key charge/key abduction etc. My guess was that clarification came about because people were claiming they didn’t have to use that aember on it to forge if they didn’t want to during the forge step. They are reiterating the rule that at the start of the turn if you can forge you must forge.
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    This will sound so silly - I’ve had the full Mirkwood and dwarrowdwelf cycles for so long but the one quest I keep going back to is Passage Through Mirkwood. When I haven’t played in a long time, when I need a refresher, when I want to play a new deck I go back to the very first quest. Yes it’s fairly simple but it has some dirty twists that it can throw your way. Most of the other quests I’ve played a few times here and there as I get bold, and I only worked through Mirkwood last year and decided to start on khazad-dum in the summer. Otherwise why did I even buy them? I really liked Hunt for Gollum when I played that one. Maybe I should play it more often. The dream for me - which I know is unrealistic - is to build thematic decks and run them through every quest I own. Some of the quests simply don’t work that way but it’s fun to try. Hope that helps.