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  1. That's a fair point, and I shouldn't dispute it since it is using the same logic I did earlier in the thread. Just points out another area where the rules are sloppy and need clarification. We shouldn't be having to infer rulings based on other rulings in similar yet different circumstances.
  2. Agree with the above comment, and I'll add that I would rule you could play your card even if it was in your opponent's archive. Doesn't specify which archive .
  3. I can understand that, and I can't remember where the discussions have been had to help out. The best I can do is point to the FAQ's Dysania ruling where they ruled that if your opponent has archived one of your cards with "Sample Collection" and you play Dysania, when you would discard your card from their archive Sample Collection creates a replacement effect that over-rides Dysania, and the card goes back to your hand instead of being discarded. In Dysania's case, this also means you don't get aember for your card leaving their archive. From there if you have archived an opponent's card with sample collection (or collector worm) and you now are playing a card (Destructive Analysis, Yzphyz Knowdrone) that lets you purge your opponent's card from your archive it is a reasonable extension of that FAQ ruling to say that the card being purged gets a replacement effect that over-rides the card purging it. I'll grant that it is sloppy. It is an area of the rules that could use some major revising and better wording, but that's what we have. However, we have seen crazier rulings before. Feel free to submit a rules submission form to get an official answer. They just might flip-flop on it. Nothing surprises me in this game anymore.
  4. Curious why you say Sanctum went high tech? When I look at Sanctum in AoA I think their knights got expanded (A lot of powerful choices) and their main mechanics got expanded and built upon. Now in addition to strong knights with armor and taunt that capture aember, Sanctum has ways to manipulate that captured aember as well as a few more ways to heal and stay present in the battle. Thematically, I looked at "Call of the Ancients" as the wake up call. The houses rising up and their basics being introduced, or something like that. I looked at AoA as each faction getting more fully fleshed out if that makes sense. Each faction "ascending" to a fuller manifestation of their potential. That's my thoughts at least.
  5. Well I reckon I'm probably in for one core, one villain and one hero pack. Get a feel for how they are doing things with this game's releases. From there I'll likely pick and choose packs "a la carte" style. Or I'll just buy everything. Who knows?
  6. Be interested to hear what you come up with adding the GenCon Moria block to the mix. Those cards by themselves were BRUTAL. Never had so much fun dying though!
  7. Once again the possibilities are quite numerous. If each future set will only feature 7 houses and we now have 9, several sets after the next one could just do various combinations of the 9 houses. Add that in with the legacy and maverick possibilities and it's crazy to think about. As long as sales justify development I think we will see things like this for a long time. I think that's a good thing, but even now I have enough decks sitting around not getting played.
  8. We are playing a game about imaginary space ship pilots killing each other. Think about that while you argue ethics and morals. Ill stop not-contributing with that one I promise.
  9. Oh look, it's the intentional draw discussion all over again. 2.0, where everything has changed yet nothing has changed. 10/10 would fly again.
  10. Well said. FFG OP in general has been disastrous for a long time, not just for Keyforge. My local scene for Keyforge was organizing monthly and it was great. Unfortunately once weekly chainbound events started the scene completely died. It was the strangest thing. There are still several players who love the game and have their big card boxes full of decks, but the last event my FLGS ran was the AoA 5x aember launch event. I still get weekly games in with a co-worker on my lunch break so I'm not terribly hurt for playtime, but at the same time I feel like I've barely scrapped the surface of AoA - I know I still have half of a box of AoA decks unopened. What does this say for the future from my perspective? I still love this game, I would put it in my current top-5. I don't think I need a new set anytime soon but when one is announced and comes out I will probably buy a deck box and leave it at that. Honestly that's probably too many decks for me at this point that's what I'm willing to do. So (tl;dr) I'd say my future outlook is optimistic, I'm just not going to be "investing" as much in the game as I did before.
  11. I mean there is kind of a separation in terms of fighting prowess. Gray contact tokens tend to be the weakest minor characters in Star Wars, or characters that just wouldn't do well in a fight (Ponda Boba, Lobot). Greens are somewhat established (4-Lom, Greedo) and they certainly are not going to be pushovers when you fight them. Yellows are the big names, the tough fighters, or the characters with a lot of resources that are going to make your life miserable for going after them (Chewie, Hera Syndulla, Saw). Just make sure your 6-year old knows that at the start of the game their character is somewhere between gray and green and maybe that will help?
  12. A lot of playing the game against the AI comes down to knowing what the AI is most likely to do (buy a job or buy a cargo) and cycling those decks so that it has longer to travel to reach its destination to deliver that cargo or resolve that job. This also slows down the AI credit gain which is their other method of gaining fame. Slowing down the AI is the key to playing, and that is especially true if you're going to try a Bounty Hunter like Boba Fett. You could probably make the case that he is the best bounty hunter to play the game solo with as he can look at contact token once per turn without encountering it. Bounty Hunting is slow during solo/2-Player games. Your best bet is to not limit yourself to just using Bounties to gain fame if you're playing a bounty hunter. It just means Boba delivers some illegal cargo here and there, maybe a job comes up and he happens to have the right skill-set for it, etc. The game is fun enough as a solo experience but I would say the sweet spot is 3/4 players. Even with the Star Wars IP and flavor this game brings I don't know that I would recommend it for purely solo gaming. That being said I am not knowledgeable enough in the "sandbox/pick up and deliver" genre to recommend a solo game that would give this experience better. Hope that helps a bit.
  13. I’m really tired of typing the same things repeatedly. I think this ends with errata to R4, Nien Numb and resistance Leia. Errata that specifically provides a timing window for their abilities in the check difficulty step. I’ll play it however my opponents want to until there is an official answer. My pride and feelings are not hurt if I am wrong. Can you say the same? At this moment in the tone I am perceiving it sure doesn’t seem that way.
  14. *sigh* You just won't rest until I take another lap. Alright, last one. Under difficulty - An ability that increases the difficulty of a red maneuver or decreases the difficulty of a blue maneuver can resolve, but has no additional effect. Prior to this wave if this had come up there would be absolutely zero dissent on when R4's effect resolves, because there was only one place in the entire game where it could resolve. The effect didn't need to be always on, we didn't need to stress about the timing, it didn't matter. Even if this argument came up both sides would say their point and then say the argument is futile because the end result is the same. I don't think that changes with the new revealed maneuver process. I can see and accept the other point of view, saying because the card doesn't provide a timing window it is creating a rules exception where card takes precedence. That's why I went to the rules submission form. We will get this sorted out.
  15. I feel this was already answered in the post I made before the one you quoted. Sorry but I'm not running the circle again.
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