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  1. I mean if you want to make the game harder for yourself and the 3-players you are playing the game with are ok with it, then by all means add as many multipliers to as many cards as you want. You own the game and if that is your preference I am not going to stop you - my thwart is being used elsewhere! That being said I gotta be honest, I don't agree with your interpretation. The Immortal Klaw says "Klaw gets 10 Hit points" and that is it. There is not a per player symbol so there is no requirement to add a per player multiplier. Same with "Distracting Taunts" in the Wrecking Crew set. The "Per Player" section of the rules reference even specifies that you only add a per player multiplier if you see that symbol next to a value. So I don't understand why you are thinking it should be applied to cards that don't have it. It seems pretty cut and dry to me but if you need to hear FFG say it before you will believe it then by all means fill out a rules reference form. All the best.
  2. As if the Vanguard wasn't brutal enough on its own! Nothing screws up my favorite mono-lore card "The Great Hunt" like the Vanguard does! The crazy thing is I have cards like Sterner than Steel, Feint, Hasty Stroke for dealing with shadow cards, but I'll tell you what I never see them when I need them. Even on the Lore side A Burning Brand only came out for Denethor once or twice.
  3. The Siege of Cair Andros has been defeated! As much as I want to stand the proud and peerless warrior, I had to fail this quest 4 times before passing it once and I still think there was a huge degree of luck in how the cards came out. To say it was tough was an understatement. My decks went through several revisions. The Spirit Legolas, Tactics Gimli and Tactics Beregond three hunters deck dropped the contract and became Tactics Beregond, Tactics Boromir, Spirit Legolas as I just didn't have enough siege questing and had to get Defenders of Rammas in there. If this deck ever draws perfectly it will truly be a spectacle to behold! For the second deck I ended up drafting a completely new mono-Lore support deck. Drawing on some good cards from how the Mono-Lore Elves worked, this deck featured Denethor, Damrod and Faramir and brought back one of my favorite mechanics: Traps! Yes I knew they wouldn't help much if the Mumak joined the staging area but I needed something against these strong enemies. Entangling Nets is my new favorite. This deck also featured the healing I needed to keep heroes alive. Ioreth proved her value this day and was absolutely essential in surviving. From untimely Orc Assaults to bad appearances from a battering ram, to The Master's Malice which always put 3 damage on Legolas, Ioreth was invaluable from the time she hit the table to the end of the game. Even with these decks, like I said this quest still took multiple attempts. I don't want to talk about how many times Beregond went the entire game without a Gondorian Shield. I will mention one humorous time where I had him defend an attack against a battering ram, he had his shield, and the shadow cards drew more shadow cards, with the final one giving the ram +1 attack for each shadow card it had, giving the enemy enough attack to still one-shot Beregond. Did I mention he had a round shield too? Like I said, it's all about how the cards come out. I was able to discard two quest stages during this victorious attempt, The Rafts and the Citadel. While I was eventually able to explore the Ramparts it was already the active quest card. However that did setup the Final Battle to have Battle instead of Siege. On the final turn I threw a trap into the staging area and went battle questing with everything I could. 19 in total. The first card was another Master's Malice. Cue sweat and 3 damage on Legolas. The second card was a lowly Orc Arsonist who I dispatched with Forest Patrol, allowing me to quest to victory. I'm not sure when I'll be able to start the cycle, but finally getting past this quest was a huge victory for my morale. The Steward's Fear is next!
  4. I would be willing to bet that when the pack with Gwaihir (The Land of Sorrow) is released the rules insert will say something about it.
  5. Heirs of Numenor truly is brutal! After multiple struggles with Peril in Pelagir (PiP) it was finally defeated. I was running 2-handed solo with my two silvan decks, a mono-Lore and a Tactics/Leadership. They just were not cutting it against these quests. I was able to defeat PiP. The trick? I swapped out the mono-Lore Silvans for my 3-player deck - A Spirit-Lore Woodman/Dale scout deck with Haldan, Lanwyn, Idraen and the Burglar's Turn contract. It feels like something unconventional that somehow still works and is fun to play. So I went after Into Ithilien. Veterans can chuckle as they guess how this went! Not well. Burglar deck could not beat it solo and could not beat it with the Silvan elves help. That early combat against enemies with 5 attack was too punishing. I didn't despair, but the puzzle was daunting. Last night before I went to bed I had an idea. I promptly jumped on cardgamedb and put together my newest creation: A Three Hunters contract deck featuring Tactics Beregond, Tactics Gimli and Spirit Legolas. It felt very clever and looked amazing on paper. I played the game with a friend and took the deck on a trial run, pairing it with my woodman/dale scout deck on Journey Down the Anduin. Even without critical cards the Hunters crushed it! It was time for the rematch with Into Ithilien. Into Ithilien was nearly a slaughter. Between ill-timed shadow cards, tough enemies and locations that are immune to player card effects (reducing the Woodman/Dale burglar deck's efficiency by a lot percent) it was looking fairly grim. On what would be the final turn of the game I had my siege-questing nearly cut in half by horrible shadow cards, causing the loss of 3 allies, 1 objective ally and one hero from each deck. I barely made the final 3 progress needed to top the quest off and log the win. Citadel plates saved the lives of Beregond, Gimli and Idraen. Beregond has been a true workhorse despite the fact that in 2 quests he has yet to see his trusty Gondorian Shield! I can only imagine how brutal these quests were to both voluntary and involuntary progressive players. Here I am with the entire card pool running what I believe to be decent decks and I still barely cut it. I like going into quests blind but I did preview the quest stage cards for The Siege of Cair Andros, and it does look tough. However, I will not despair and it is next!
  6. Hi, I realize I'm very late to the party but I had a thought and when I looked in this thread I saw no one had mentioned it so I wanted to add my speculation. I think it would be pretty cool if the next big move for Descent was to go the "Journey's in Middle Earth" format. I could see that working out very well with minimal adjustment to the Descent system. The big question (in my mind at least) is would you keep Descent's dice combat or move to Journey's skill check card draw? I think a middle-ground combination of the two could have potential to be very interesting. That's all I got. Hopefully we hear something this year. Either way this is also my reminder to myself to dig out Descent and get it back to the table. It has been too long!
  7. I will chip in late to the party and mention that despite all the bits and pieces this game is remarkably simple. I just played a solo game last night and it was the first time I played in 6 months and I jumped right back in without missing a beat. The only thing that suffered was my long-term planning and I still managed to etch out a win against the AI. FWIW it is fun at all player counts but really shines at 4 players after you've played the game with the same people 3-4 times. Once everyone is familiar with the game something clicks and everyone starts "negotiating" deals more. It opens up the game and becomes something truly unique and fun.
  8. I haven't bought a pack since the first cycle and the phoenix clan pack, but I will say I am tempted to dig the cards out and build some skirmish decks. Would I buy some more cards if I like the format enough? Honestly probably not, but I do really like the prospect of playing a game over 20 minutes instead of the longer time a standard game took.
  9. Oh I wouldn't be surprised either way. I hope my statement didn't come off as an affront to your claims. All I was attempting to say was that so far I've never really spent a lot of time looking at other players' decks and success/failures. I've been trying to avoid any outside influence on my growth as a deck-builder and player of this game. It's hard to say whether that is to my benefit or detriment; A mix of both I suppose.
  10. I honestly wouldn't worry too much about win percentages. I mean yes I can go back in BGStats and count my wins versus games played (It's 21/34 if you're curious) but if I am being completely honest, the losses were more fun than the victories. Some of those losses include some grueling matches of Dol Guldor, an amazing hunt for Gollum where all 3 players (and their 9 heroes) started turn 1 exhausted, and one loss was from the "competitive" format at GenCon where my partner and I wiped one turn before the "opposing team" did. I just enjoy playing the game when I can make the time to. The brutality of it, the joy of building a deck that I know I will love, the pain of building a deck that you want to make work but just won't (looking at you Saruman Grey Wanderer with Ent support) there are so many factors of this game that I can invest into and have fun with. So some person I don't know is on ringsdb claiming they win 95% of their games? Good for them, forgive me for sounding callous. Everyone is different, so if this is what you're interested in I hope you find some good data. I'd be more interested in "percentage of losses that the player enjoyed versus percentage of losses that were frustrating" but I'm sure I look at the game differently from many others in that regard. To each their own and it is certainly a fascinating aspect of this game that so many people can hone in on so many different factors and metrics. Just for the record, my current grey wanderer deck has a 0% win rate against Escape from Dol Guldor. 😉
  11. You get additional respect though because if I recall right your true solo win was done progression style. Most impressive!
  12. Were you able to get all 6 packs? Hope you did, Elrond and spirit Glorfindel were game changers for me back in the day.
  13. Like today RIGHT NOW. Seriously stop reading this and go buy it.
  14. It's tedious and annoying but the best advice I can give is to watch this site like a hawk. I kid you not, set some money aside, check it every day to see if the cycle is in stock and buy it as soon as you see it. That's what I had to do to get several packs last year when faced with the same reprint issue. Also regularly cycle through miniaturemarket, cool stuff inc, amazon, whatever website you trust, ask your FLGS what they can get too. I was able to work with my local store and they gave me list of everything they could order from the distributor. If I'm honest, I completed my collection last year because I couldn't shake the feeling that FFG was about to drop production. When I got serious about getting everything it probably took me about 3 months. Even if just going for this one cycle I sincerely hope you aren't too late - Dwarrowdelf is very fun!
  15. Following this example (and making sure I understand this conversation) would it be safe to presume that you could also use the contract "The Grey Wanderer" and as long as you are able to resolve one of your two choices you are good? IE gaining two resources but already ready and at full health?
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