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  1. Signing this because it'd be nice to see and play what people can come up with.
  2. Although I don't have a problem solving these puzzles per sé, I feel this kind is out of place in this game - even when they're wearing a different coat, so to speak. When I'm playing MoM I want to solve a real mystery/puzzle, not play Mastermind. But that's just my personal opinion, and opinions sure can differ. :-)
  3. Arkhan69


    An undo function would not be so much as 'great', it's simply a necessity. People do tend to make mistakes when clicking or pushing buttons on computers and if it happens in a game like this, it kills the fun, outright. There's no point talking about cheating as this is a board game we're talking about and in board games, playing coop or solo, you can cheat all you want. It'll always be a willing decision by you or your group.
  4. Fantastic! Many thanks indeed for one of the best LOTR resources.
  5. I've had to attend to things other than gaming during the past months but now that I'm catching up I'm really glad to see this Monster Card project is still ongoing, Wario. The cards look great. I'll print them off ASAP. Are there bigger images available too ? Many thanks !
  6. Superb, Wario! Truly superb ! Not a single complaint here.
  7. Personally, I prefer the bottom one, Wario. This colour combination makes the card stand out more.
  8. Hi Wario ! Great to see you're pushing on with the Epic Monsters now. The Dunwich (no 'T' ! ;-) ) Horror definitely looks awesome. Not sure about the red, though... I mean, it doesn't look bad at all, but still I think I miss the lighter tone of the tokens. Have you tried with a lighter red, or even dark orange ? Perhaps that's not good at all and may spoil the darker mood of the cards. Perhaps this red *is* the best, but maybe it's worth giving it a try. I also wonder how it would look if the blood red paint extended further down ?... But hey, who am I to talk ? I can wonder all I want. For me it's just typing a few lines ("Try this", "Try that" :-) ). It sure looks good as it is. Just wondering if it could look even better, that's all. ;-) Superb job. Thank you.
  9. Whether to have the spawn symbol or not mostly depends on how you want to use the cards, I suppose. If you want to print them as mini cards and have them totally replace the cardboard tokens then the symbol is indispensable. If not then one can certainly live without it. :-)
  10. Wario, as far as I'm concerned the new version looks absolutely perfect ! As far as the importance of the green icon goes... As it's only used once it's so darn easy to forget about it if it's not visible very well. As for the different images for cultists... I tend to prefer one and the same image for all cultists. That's of course solely my personal opinion. If you'd insist on having more perhaps you could create no more than there are expansions ? One particular cultist picture per expansion ? But again, one would do it for me (and the best of the lot was the second one in the series of four ). In any case, cheers for the excellent and continuous work !
  11. I kept staring at those cards with the 'upon spawning' symbol and none of them felt right. I've eventually come to the same conclusion as Eldritch Mike : I'd also try to put the symbol in the left-hand corner and make it a bit bigger, possibly also a few shades lighter green. Symmetry will yield the best effect, I think. Looking at them as they are now, I sort of sense there's something 'just not right' about them. The cards themselves are of course, as always, top quality work ! Thanks ! I find the second - most traditional looking - cultist the best. :-)
  12. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who feels this way about the keywords. Now if I am to use the cards as a replacement for the cardboard tokens I think the only thing that's missing is the green 'Upon spawning' icon. Without it, I find it too easy to overlook these effects. The text works well indeed. A lot of good descriptions can be found in the Call of Cthulhu RPG rulebook. I picked up that advice from someone elsewhere in the forums so I looked for that book and yes indeed, it really has a lot of good information on all the monsters and much more !
  13. It's indeed missing. On my desktop PC as well as on my Android phone and tablet.
  14. Great artwork for the Shoggoth ! I'd rank the top picture as the prime candidate for the 'generic' title. After that : Rampaging Shoggoth and Proto-Shoggoth. And now that I see the cards without the keywords I must say I'm totally convinced I like it better as it is now. :-) Cheers ! Patrick
  15. Played two games today. They're in lines 5303 and the next (player is 'Arkhan'). I must have been absent-minded entering the games (probably still reflecting upon all the bad things that happened to my Investigators in those games ;-) ) because in line 5303 I selected 'Defeat by forfeit' whereas this should be 'Defeat by Rumor'. Would you please be so kind as to change this ? Thank you and my apologies. Patrick.
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