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  1. I can't find the availability of ship components...where is it? Thanks...
  2. If a toxic weapon hits two or more times, toxic effect should be applied the same number of time?
  3. I noticed that explorator career can't buy jaded talent, like every other career....why? It's just a mistake?
  4. In Lathe Worlds there's no mention to bolter as integrated weapons. Every other weapon (except exotic) are mentioned, even primitive ones (that can't be integrated)...i think they should be treated as Solid Projectile and Launcher weapons, that earn storm and reliable quality. What do you think?
  5. Same problem here (I'm going to play a Crimson Guard in an Ascension campaign). In Lathe Worlds(page 39) is pointed that Venatorii got recruited by more military minded TECH-PRIESTS; so Ventorii are part of Adeptus Mechanicus, not as Skitarii, but as tech-priests. I think magos is relevant ascension carrer for them, perhaps selecting Weapon-Tech or Armour-Monger as ascended trait instead of tech-tinker.
  6. Ok thank you. So the inquiry/commerce test is not strictly necessary and can be skipped to speed up the game?
  7. I just started a rogue trader campaign and I've a question for you: when a player try to buy a new item (a weapon, an armor, etc...) which test should he do? The one described on page 111 (inquiry/commerce +- avaibility) or a normal profit factor test? Or both? Me and the master are going crazy trying to understand this...
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