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  1. I think there was even a section at the end of FH that said that Marshal/Thief would make a good private detective
  2. Not to mention you need to feed it, put it somewhere when you travel, and IIRC, that talent requires high Force Rating to work on big creatures, like a Rancor.
  3. You also have to roll Survival to navigate the space Ikea store.
  4. I've wanted to play an Infiltrator for a while, and seeing as Spy is the only one left, I might be interested.
  5. I wouldn't mind a Mandalorian human, but the thing is, as of TCW, Mandalore has abandoned most of its warrior past for neutrality, and the Deathwatch saw that as corruption and wanted to return to the old ways.
  6. Maybe some droids organised an armed resistance and took over another town a short distance away not too long ago, and the townspeople fear the same will happen to them?
  7. Hidden in a fake commlink. Excuse me, I just need to take this... SHOT!
  8. I believe there's a Personal Shield generator in the Armour section of the edge CRB.
  9. IIRC, Burn deals the initial damage again, so Soak would be applied.
  10. I think that there was an old Legends Jedi who was cloned and the clones were FS.
  11. Maybe Move with the... Hurl(?) upgrade? I haven't looked at the Force powers in a while, so I might be wrong.
  12. I'm pretty sure it was AoR based, but in the EotE forums somewhere.
  13. One of the AoR books (diplomat?) had rules for bases, and FH has homesteads and businesses.
  14. I'd say take the Stormtrooper stats and improve where you see fit.
  15. Depends on how far you are in your campaign and what you want them to be able to access
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