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  1. Why wouldn't you trigger the play ability?
  2. Having trouble looking up decks. Will often get an error, especially if the name has quotation marks.
  3. What abilities or actions would you see (or like to see) on such a ship? I mentioned earlier maybe a mod to add a pair of docking clamp. What else?
  4. In any case, I'm not wed to the idea of it being factionless, I just wouldnt expect to see three 1-pt epic ships wheb we have yet to see even one for S&V.
  5. My thoughts almost exactly, except for the 4-die primary. I was thinking weaponless, with maybe an upgrade to add a hard point.
  6. Allows you to run five ramming bases. Epic points are a way of effectively saying you can run two huge ships but only one corvette. Three is the cap thanks to Team Epic Dogfight (three points per player, any ship over 3EP would be unusable). One epic point ships would allow ramming bases to be spammed. As for"Possibly even with a special rule that it can't run over ships." ...what happens when it overlaps a ship it can't run over? If it can be blocked, why is it not a Large Ship instead? I don't see a problem with spamming ramming bases. Especially if they are slow, unwieldy without spending points to upgrade.
  7. I think thats what the Ghost and possibly Upsilon should've/could've been.
  8. A little small, but this might fit. Even had successors used by pirates. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Guardian-class_light_cruiser
  9. True enough, i am just theorycrafting after all. So throw out finding the 'right' canon ship then. What would a 1-epic-point ship look like? Play like? I suppose its my OCD talking (or something), but it just feels like there should be something to fill that point when you bring a Gozanti or GR-75 to an epic match.
  10. Don't the Imperials have some sort of Customs vessel that would fit?
  11. Probably about the right size, but more heavily armed than I was thinking.
  12. Other upgrade options include: -Docking clamps for 2 ships (with a point ceiling of some sort) -ability to ram Alternatively, it could be a large ship, and certain upgrades like the ones above MAKE it cost 1 epic point. Just thinking.
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