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  1. Yes they did...they were waiting for the files being sent to them by ffg....and the pdf has already been translated.And i'm also waiting for it
  2. French version is on the way..only one i know of.
  3. Well maybe with GW pulling their stuff out we'll get more love for Rune Age
  4. It's like Rune Age...Great game...only one expansion....the game might not need another expansion..but new missions would be nice....So hopefully this game doesn't end up like Rune Age...these 2 games have great potential for expansions.!!
  5. Voodoo257

    New expansion ?

    I wish...this game is awesome...my group loves it!!...there's 2 games that I really love,Blood Bowl Team Manager and Rune Age...Both games don't get enough expansions!!
  6. "BBTM is at it's best in it's current form imo and I would just continue on this path of one expansion a year that bring new teams and a couple new awesome rules." I doubt we will see an expansion this year...Foul play was announced in March 2014....We are now in july and no announcements have been made...I really doubt we will see more expansions for this game.....I am hoping for POD teams......Hopefully FFG will surprise us soon
  7. I would also love to see an expansion..my group and I love this game...I would love new teams. Lizardmen,Norse,Amazons,Haflings and High elves would be great....I would also love a season variant.
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