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  1. Thank you, The Quest championship from you was very good
  2. Thanks to Seastan for the organisation of this championship and one wish: can you make the same championship of unique allies? Thanks
  3. DukeWellington: Why not Fili and Kili? I like to play monosphere dwarf deck and I usually use them, sometimes I have Fili in first 6 cards and it is super to have 5 dwarfs in play after first round
  4. A: Spirit Pippin B: Fatty Bolger Dori and Bombur are good for defence, but these spirit hobbits are useless for me.
  5. A:Spirit Pippin B:Dwalin C:Bombur D:Fatty Bolger
  6. A:Spirit Pippin B:Óin C:Dwalin D:Dori E:Mirlonde F:Bifur G:Galdor of the Havens H:Fatty Bolger
  7. A:Thalin B:Spirit Pippin C:Frodo D:Elladan E:Balin F:Dwalin G:Tactics Théoden H:Brand Son of Bain I:Mirlonde J:Bombur K:Bifur L:Idraen M:Erkenbrand N:Galdor of the Havens O:Fatty Bolger P:Prince Imrahil
  8. A:Legolas B:Leadership Boromir C:Lore Faramir D:Spirit Pippin E:Frodo F:Dúnhere G:Glóin H:Elladan I:Balin J:Spirit Glorfindel K:Dwalin L:Gimli M:Elrohir N:Thorin Oakenshield O:Brand Son of Bain P:Dori Q:Lore Denethor R:Mirlonde S:Théodred T:Bombur U:Éowyn V:Leadership Aragorn W:Ori X:Idraen Y:Éomer Z:Rossiel AA:Galdor of the Havens AB:Beorn AC:Treebeard AD:Fatty Bolger AE:Prince Imrahil
  9. 1. Wastes of Eriador 2. Massing at Osgiliath 3. Helms Deep 4. Seventh Level
  10. 1. Wastes of Eriador 2. Trouble in Tharbad 3. Massing at Osgiliath 4. Encounter at Amon Dun 5. Stewards Fear 6. Siege of Cair Andros 7. Battle of 5 Armies 8. Druaden Forest
  11. 1. Wastes of Eriador 2. Trouble in Tharbad 3. Intruders in Chetwood 4. Massing at Osiliath 5. Stone of Erech 6. Morgul Vale 7. Into Ithilien 8. Mount Gram 9. Journey in the Dark 10. Journey Down the Anduin 11. Steward’s Fear 12. The Druadan Forest 13. Flight to the Ford 14. Battle of 5 Armies 15. Blood of Gondor 16. Encounter at Amon Dín
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