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  1. Probe Droids, though technically they probably count as pre-battle.
  2. Greetings all, I'm seeking some clarification on the use of Standby. If a unit with Steady or Charge is on Standby is triggered, can that unit use its free move action to also perform its free melee attack action? e.g. 1 if a unit of Wookie warriors uses its move from standby and it moves into base contact with an enemy unit can it perform its free melee attack action? e.g. 2 could Snowtroopers use the free move and then perform its free ranged attack? or is the Standby action move or attack only? Also is there any rule saying that the unit that triggers Standby must be the target of the attack action? i.e. if the enemy unit ( e.g. Stormtroopers ) has used both its actions to move twice, could I decide to use the standby attack action to attack another unit at beyond range 2? or in example 1 above could the Wookies charge into contact with a different unit. Thanks.
  3. While bashing somebody into a rock is always a bit of fun, There are times when I've been able to Tractor Beam a lower PS pilot who is going to shoot Dengar you can sometimes barrel roll/boost them into range 1 of him and he can then get to shoot back at them with a -1 agility.
  4. I run my Dengar in this build the same way Gibarian, and quite like it as it is. For my upcoming regional I'm leaning towards running Asajj with Expertise, Latts Razzi, Burnout Slam and Shadow Castor. I think for the Asajj either Gyroscopic Targeting or the Title is a must but I've found running both too expensive for my liking. Up until recently I was running her with PTL and it does make her quite tanky, but another option I've thought about is running is equipping 2 Glitterstims on her. Also the Burnout Slam is a great option either use it in the first turn to make 2 5 moves or to be kept as an escape option for later in the game.
  5. My wishlist would be for the TIE Predator Miy'til Starfighter Stealth X
  6. Going by wookieepediea the X-wing laser cannons had 4 settings; The X-wing's laser cannons had various settings Single fire, where each cannon fired individually; Dual fire, where two cannons in opposite positions paired up and the pairs fired alternately; Quad fire, where all four cannons (one at each foil-tip) fired together, converging on the target; or Stutter fire, where many underpowered beams were fired in rapid succession Assuming that the first 2 are included in the;base; stats I would give them access to 2 modification cards; 1) Quad fire at range 1 you may roll an extra attack dice, and 2) Stutter fire at range 3 the target does not get an extra defense dice. Both would be a 1-2 point upgrade card My thoughts for a;Rogue Squadron title card would be "Your ship gains either;1 extra;modification or 1 Elite Pilot Upgrade. You cannot equip 2 of the same cards. You cannot equip this card if your pilot skill is 4 or less;
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